Friday, October 25, 2013

120,000 Sri Lankans Hospitalized Annually Due To Poisoning

Around 120,000 Sri Lankans have been hospitalized annually and out of them 1000-1500 have died due to poisoning Ministry Of Health has revealed.out of the total number of people getting hospitalized due to poisoning 55,000-60,000 have been poisoned due to insecticides and pesticides and 20,000 due to drug and other poisoning ministry has said.

Annually around 40,000-45,000 Sri Lankans are getting sick due to snake bites and 100 people have died due to the poisoning of snake bites.

In the view of to  educate as well as to making awareness among people on poisoning and the toxic substances which lead to poisoning Ministry Of Health with the help of National Poisoning Center in Colombo National Hospital have declared a National Week On preventing Poisoning from 28th of October to 03rd of educational programmes and seminars to make aware people on poisoning are scheduled to be held during this week.

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