Monday, April 24, 2017


There's A Threat Of Spreading Malaria Again In The Country Due To Risk Groups-Health Ministry

There's a threat of spreading Malaria again in the
country through the  foreign tourists,gem businessmen and other businessmen according to the Ministry Of Health.

Due to this blood samples of  the risk groups especially the foreign workers attached to the Foreign firms in sri lanka  are taken to test on Malaria oftenly the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Jayasundara Bandara.

Addressing a Media briefing held in Information Department ,Narahenpita yesterday (24) Dr.Bandara has stated that every possible meassure has been taken by the authorities to prevent Malaria spreading again in the country .

Today (25)is World Malaria day.

Twelve Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Fight Between Two Groups. Of Youth In Jaffna

Twelve persons were injured and hospitalized after a
fight occurred  between two groups of youth in Thunneli ,Jaffna(Northern Province)yesterday (24).

The fight was  occurred over a birthday party organized for a friend by a youth and another group opposed it .

No one has arrested over the incident upto now it has been reported.

Nelliyadi Police are investigating on the incident .

Strengthen The Base Of The Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain To Prevent Further Collapse -Japanese Experts

Strengthen the base of the Garbage Mountain in
Meethotamulle and make it according to the gravitation before the arrival of next rainy season to prevent a further collapse of it the visiting Japanese Technical Experts have stated in their report prepared after a probe conducted on the Meethotamulle Garbage Mountain collapse.

The report was handed over to the President Maithripala Sirisena by the head of the expert team M.Namahata this morning (24).

The ten member Japanese Technical Expert Team had visited the collapsed Garbage Mountain site and probed on the incident .

Meanwhile the rescue operations in the collapsed Garbage Mountain site  still continues it has been reported.


Chairperson Of The Child Protection Authority Dr.Balendre Has Resigned From Her Post

The chairperson of the National Child Protection
Authority Dr.Natasha Balendra has resigned from her post citing personal reasons .

Soon after her resignation President Maithripala Sirisena has appointed Attorney Marini De Livera as the new Chairperson of the Child Protection Authority .

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Trade Unions Called Off Their Strike

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Joint Trade Union
Alliance which launched an island wide continuous strike since midnight yesterday (23) had called off the strike short while ago following a promise made by Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe to solve the demands of the Joint Trade Union Alliance.

Following the duscissions held with Prime Minister Wikramasinghe regarding the strike the Joint Trade Union Alliance Of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has decided to called off the strike and resume the work with effect from midnight tonight it has been reported.

Heavy Queues Have Been Seen Infront Of Oil Filling Stations Island Wide Due To The Strike Of Petroleum Workers

Heavy Queues have been seen infront of the oil filling
ststions island wide to purchase fuel  since this morning as Ceylon Petroleum Corporation(CPC) workers attached to seven trade unions have launched an island wide continuous strike since midnight last night (23).

The striking unions demanding solutions for three demands including suspending the signing of a deal pact with India to handover oil tanks in China Harbor (Trincomalee) to Indian Oil Company .

The striking workers had staged a protest campaign infront of the Oil Refinary in Sapugaskande this morning (24) by demanding solutions for their demands .

Meanwhile according to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation authorities not a single Oil Bowser leaves from.the Kolonnawa Oil Refinary since this morning to distribute fuel to the Oil filling station belonging to the Petroleum Corporation as a result of the strike.

Although the oil filling stations belongs to petroleum corporation run out of fuel Oil filling stations belongs to Indian Oil Company (IOC) sells fuel as usual .Heavy  vehicle  queues  had been seen infront of IOC oil filling stations throughout  the island tourchase fuel it has been reported.

A Fisherman Was Killed And Five Others Were Injured Due To An Explosion In A Boat

A fisherman was killed and five other
fishermen were injured and hospitalized due to an explosion occurred in a multi day boat they were in anchored at Hambanthota Port(Southern Province) today(24).

The injured were admitted to the Hambanthota Hospital for treatment .
The explosion was caused due to a Gas Cylinder explosion it has been revealed.

Kenya, Ghana and Malawi To Get First Malaria Vaccine

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...