Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Photos Of Physical Attacks Exchanged Between Two Factions Of Doctors

The other Photos of the Physical Attacks exchanged between two factions of doctors at the Colombo National Hospital are here.A large number of Police Officers were deployed at the Colombo National Hospital to prevent further violent clashes between the two factions.

Two Factions Of Doctors At The Colombo National Hospital Physically Attacked Each Other

A Brawl had ensued between two factions of doctors at the Colombo National Hospital this noon after around 15 former Executive Members of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) whose membership were annulled by the court have invaded the meeting conducted by around 175 doctors including Consultants  at Doctors Quarters premises in Colombo National Hospital .Around 25 consultants attach to the  the National Hospital were among the doctors gathered  there at the meeting when the incident occurred.

The brawl which had lasted around 40 minutes was settled with the intervention of the Police Officers hospital sources said.

The Group Of Doctors who invaded the meeting had manhandled some consultants and threatened them to stop the meeting by using obscene language the eye witness doctors  who were participated at the meeting have said.The former exco members of the GMOA had also broken the tumblers there in the tables and pushed the chairs it has been reported,Due to this  unexpected intervention of some of the former exco members of GMOA the meeting was abandoned and later it was held at the Neuro Surgery Unit Auditorium of the Hospital a midst the tight security of the police.

The reason behind the rude behavior of the former exco committee members of the GMOA is that due to the most of the doctors gathered at the meeting were  planning to form a branch union of the suspended GMOA at the Colombo National Hospital for solving their service problems.

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