Monday, January 15, 2018

Salt-heavy diet increases the risk of Alzheimer's by starving the brain of oxygen, new study finds


A Person Was Arrested With Three Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

A person was arrested by the Mannar Police with
three Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in his possession while preparing to transport the haul of Cannabis from Mannar to Anuradhapura by Bus on Sunday night (14).

The estimated value of the haul of Cannabis taken into custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.200,000 it has been revealed.

The suspect is a resident of Thalawa,Anueadhapura.

A Motorcyclist And A Pillion Rider Were Killed Due To A Head On Collision Of Two Motorcycles

A Motorcyclist and a pillion rider were killed and
another Motorcyclist was critically injured and hospitalized after a head on collision between two Motorcycles in Nindawela,Kuliapitiya area.

The three critically injured were admitted to the Kuliyapitiya Hospital where a Motorcyclist had succumbed to his injuries and a Pillion ride had succumbed to his injuries after transferring to Colombo National Hospital.

The deceased were residents of Nindawela,Kuliyapitiya area.

Black Death Spread By Humans Not Rats

An Officer Attsched To Karachchi Pradeshiya Sabha Was Fined With Rs.30,000 Over Taking A Bribe

Kilinochchi District Judge A.A Anandaraja had today
(15)imposed a Rs.30,000 fine over an officer attached to Karachchi Pradeshiya sabha who had taken Rs.5000 from an owner of a beauty parlour in Kilinochchi.

The suspect was arrested by the Bribery Commission officials while accepting the bribe from the Beauty parlour owner at the parlour last week as per an information provided by the Beauty Parlour owner.

The suspected officer had taken the bribe to provide a concession to the annual tax paid by the Beauty parlour ito maintain it ,it has been revealed.


Beat Stroke By Banging A Drum-A Study Suggests


Two Lanes Of The Southern Expressway Had been Closed Down This Morning Due To An Accident

Authorities have closed down two lanes of Galle-
Colombo Southern Expressway for traffic today (15)after a Container Truck travelling from Kottawa to Galle had crashed in to the security fence of the middle of  Expressway early this morning.

Due to the accident a front part of the Container Truck had fallen in to the opposite lane of the expressway and authorities have closed down the lanes to Galle and Colombo as the result.

No casualties have been reported due to the incident.

A Tense Situation Occurred In A Super Luxary Jaffna-Colombo Train After A Train Engine Caught Fire

A tense situation has occurred among local and
foreign passangers travelling in a super luxary train running from Jaffna to Colombo this morning (15)as one of train's  engines  caught fire at Chavakachcheri area.

The passangers of the  train quickly vacated the train as the fire began to spread while the engine driver and his assistant had stopped the train safely and informed the authorties over the incident.

After being informed the fire trucks arrived at the scene and doused the fire with the help of residents in the area.After dousing the fire the train lately returned back to Jaffna it has bern revealed.

Authorities believes that the fire may have occurred as a result of a technical default of the train engine.

Jaffna railway authorities had begun an inquiry to find out the cause of the fire. 

Supreme Court Has Informed The President That He Can Hold Presidency For A Five Year Period

The Supreme Court has last evening (14)informed the
President's office that the term current President Maithripala Sirisena can hold the Presidency is five years.

Accordingly his term will be ended by the year 2020.

The Supreme Court had examined the duration of President can hold his post after President Sirisena had requested the Court to let him know whether he can hold a six year period or five year period as president.

The examination was conducted by a five member judge panel appointed by Chief Justice Priyasad Depp which was chaired by Chief Justice himself.

President Sirisena had contested the Presidential Election on 08th of January 2015 for a six year term, however due to the 19th amendment passed in Parliament in May 2015 presidential term has been reduced to five years.


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