Friday, June 15, 2018

A Person Was Arrested While Transporting A Haul Of Heroin

Pujapitiya Police have arrested a person while transporting 12.350 Grammes of Heroin in a Three Wheeler at Pujapitiya in Kandy yesterday(15).

The suspect who is a resident of Batagolla deniya in Kandy is due to be produced before the Pujapitiya Magistrate Court in Kandy today(16).

Navy Have Recovered The Body Of One Of The Two Students Disappeared While Bathing In Negambo Seas

Sri Lanka Navy have recovered the body of one of the missing students out of two students who had drifted away by the sea waves while bathing in the sea area of Porathota  in  Eththukala,Kochchikade in Negambo ,this morning(16) while the  body washed   the shore at Kammalthota beach .

The body was recovered from the two kilo meters away from where he had a bath it has been reported.

The deceased who was a 16 year old resident of Daluwakkotuwa area  in Negambo was a grade 11 student studied at a school in Kochchikade area.

He had faced this incident while bathing with four of his school mates and suddenly he and another three have drifted away by the sea waves it has been reported.The residents of the area had rescued two of the students ,Howefer failed to save the other two.

Sri Lanka Navy divers are continuing their rescue mission in search of the other missing student.







A Person Was Killed After Ran Over By A Lorry In Piliyandala

A 62 year old person was killed and three others were critically injured and hospitalized after a Lorry  ran over them at a Cemetary in Piliyandala

The incident occurred after a group of persons were resting after digging a pit at the Cemetary and the  Lorry that ran over them was driven by one in tbe group it has been revealed.

Two Persons Including An Indian National Were Arrested With 200 Kilo Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

An Indian National and a Sri Lankan
National were arrested today(15)while transporting around 200 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in a Lorry at Welisara area according to the Police Media Spokesman's office.

The estimated value of the stock of Kerala Cannabis taken in to custody in possession of the suspects is around Rs.20.4 million .

The stock of Kerala Cannabis had been transported from Mannar to Colombo on the pretext of transporting fish by hidden among fish boxes it has been revealed.

The two suspects are Due To Be Produced before the court.

Sri Lankan Muslim Community To Celebrate Ramadan Festival Tomorrow(16)

As the new moon is being observed today(15) Muslim.Community in Sri Lanka will end their month long fast and celebrate Ramadan Festival (Eid -Ul -Fitr) tomorrow(16) The Colombo Grand Mosque has been announced.

According to the Sri Lankan calander the Ramadan festival falls today(15) and as a result Government and Bank Holiday was declared today.However as the new moon not been observed yesterday(14) Colombo Grand Mosque has decided to announce the festival date today.

Meanwhile Arab world including Saudi Arabia and rest of the world had celebrated Ramadan festival today .

Two Students Went To Bath In Sea Area In Negambo Went Missing

Two students went to bath with three of their friends have drowned and disappeared while bathing in a sea area at Eththukala in Kochchi
kade,Negambo this morning(15).

The drowned students who are studying in grade 11 of a school nearby went to bath a sea area behind  a hotel it has been revealed.Out of the five students went to bath only four have taken the bath and out of them two were disappeared  according to reports.

Police life saving guards along with the residents of the area have been launched an  operation in search of the missing  .

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A Parcel Which Contains Species Similar To Chameleons Was Taken In To Custody

Image result for chameleon like species recovers in katunayake
Airport Customs officers have today(15) taken into custody  five bags contains around 32 species similar to chameleons illegally sent to the country in the pretext of a Used Computer through an International  Postal courier service from Australia .
These species were brought to Singapore from Australia and from Singapore they were transported to the Katunayake Airport in Sri Lanka it has been revealed.
The parcel was sent to a person in Kalutara and however as the recipient's address  is incorrect and no one come  to collect the Parcel ,Then the Airport Customs Officers have opened the parcel and recovered the species there.
Although it's not clear whether these species are a threat to sri lanka and crops or they can breed the species and whether the species are poisonous ,sending the parcel here is violation of Wildlife and Trees Act according to the Customs.

Imprisoned Galagodaatte Thero Was Brought To The Prison-His Lawyers Submitted An Appeal

Image result for galagoda aththe gnanasaraThe General  Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena Organization Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero who had been sentenced to one year rigorous imprisonment  to be ended within six months over making death threats against the Sandya Eknaligoda the wife of disappeared Cartoonist Prageeth Eknaligoda , Was brought to the Welikada Prison last evening (14)  and he had refused to wear the Prison Jumper it has been reported.
The Homagama Magistrate Court had sentenced the Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero  a one year rigorous Imprisonment  to be served in six months and also ordered  him to pay Rs.50,000 as a compensation to the  Sandya Eknaligoda ,If the Thero not able to pay the amount his imprisonment will be extended from another three months the Court has stated.

Meanwhile the lawyers of the Galagodaatte Thero had today submitted an Appeal to the Homagama Magistrate Court to be forwarded to the Colombo High Court requesting the Thero to be acquitted and released it has been reported.



An Assistant Of Imprsioned Drug Kingpin "Wele Suda" Was Arrested In Piliyandala

Image result for arrested
Police Anti Narcotic Bureau officials have arrested a 35 year old  assistant of the imprisoned Drug Kingpin "Wele Suda" with 2 Kilo Grammes of Heroin in his possession at Maviththara area ,Piliyandala last evening (14).
The suspect was arrested during a raid carried out in his house and along with the haul of Heroin the Anti Narcotic Bureau officials have also taken in to custody 16 bullets,Locally made Revolver and Repeater  hidden in the house.
The estimated value of the haul of Heroin taken in to custody is more than Rs.20 million it has been revealed.

The suspect who is a smuggler that distributing Heroin since some time is due to be produced before the court.

A Male And A Female Were Committed Suicide In Habaraduwa

Image result for suicideA 54 year old male and a 28 year old female had committed suicide by jumping in front of a "Ruhunu Kumari" Train travelling from Colombo Fort to Matara at Hadiwatta area in Habaraduwa last evening(14) it has been reported.

The deceased male was a Three wheeler Driver resided in Ahangama area and the female was a Garment Factory worker resided in Habaraduwa it has been revealed.
The cause of the suicide has been identified as an Ex affair between the two deceased  according to the Habaraduwa Police which investigating over the incident.

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