Saturday, October 21, 2017

Foreign-World Health Organization Chief Rethinking Robert Mugabe's Appointment


Former Deputy Minister Geethanjana Gunawardane Hospitalized Due To An Accident

Former Deputy Minister and Deputy Speaker
Geethanjana Gunawardane had received minor injuries  and Hospitalized after his vehicle colliding with another vehicle at Kosgama on Awissawella-Colombo road.

Police had arrested two youth in the vehicle which collided with a former Minister's vehicle and also taken into custody four kilo grammes of Cannabis recovered from their vehicle.

The suspects are due to be produced before the Awissawella  Court today (22).

Object Recovered From The House Roof In Dikwella Revealed As Not A Part Of A Meteor

The foreign object recovered from a house roof in
Dikwella yesterday (21)revealed as not a part of the meteor believed to be exploded last wednesday (18)in southern skies according to the two teams attached to the Astronomy and Space science Unit of Colombo University investigating on the object.

Professor Chandana Jayaratne the Director of the Unit has stated that there is no connection between the object recovered from the house roof and meteor as there was a difference between the time which meteor believed to be travelled through the southern skies and the time the object fallen on to the roof.

Teams from Arthur C Clark center,Disaster Management Center in Matara also arrived in the house in Walasgala,Dikwella where the object was recovered yesterday for an investigations.

Two Workers Were Killed Due To A Road Accident In Katunayake

Two workers involved in Grass cutting were killed
after colliding with a motor car which turned to left after loosing the control of the vehicle at Katunayake Express highway yesterday (21).

The critically injured workers had succumbed to their injuries on admission to Colombo National Hospital.

The deceased were residents of Ja Ela area according to the police.

Police had arrested the driver of the car who lost the control of the vehicle due to fallen a sleep, regarding the incident.



A Female Has Drowned In Kawanthissapura Canal

A 45 year old female has drowned in Kawanthissapura
Canal in Serunuvara area while bathing it has been reported.

The female has died after admitting to the Serunuvara Hospital in critical condition.

Transport Activities Of Hatton-Colombo Road Return To Normalcy After Removing Sand Collapsed Into The Road

The transport activities of Hatton -Colombo road
which blocked due to the collapsed sand mount yesterday morning (21) has return to normalcy five hours after the incident as a result of  clearing the road.

Due to the  landslide occurred in Millagahamula ,Ginigathhena area on Hatton-Colombo  road around 2.30 a.m yesterday a sand mount had collapsed in to the road and blocked the road completely.


Six Persons Arrested While Transporting A Stock Of Jack Timber Illegally

Pitabaddara Police have arrested six persons while
transporting a stock of Jack timber illegally without a license at Darangala,Pitabaddara area this morning (21).

Police have also taken into the custody the tractor used to transport the stock of Jack timber.The suspects are residents of Morawake area.

Foreign-Robert Mugabe's WHO Appointment Condemned As An Insult




A Sri Lankan Fisheries Boat Rescued Seven Indian Workers In A Vessel Who Got Stranded In Sri Lankan Seas

A Sri Lankan fisheries boat had rescued seven Indian
workers in a vessal which stranded middle of the sea 80 nautical miles away of Beruwala for five days it has been reported.

The Sri Lankan fisheries boat "Shan Putha" which rescued the group of Indian workers brought them and handed over to the Galle Naval base this morning (21).

After handing over the medical officers in the camp had checked the health status of the seven indians who got stranded in the sea after depart from palai port in India to supply food and other items to yachts belonging to their institute.

A Piece Of A Foreign Object Suspected As A Part Of Meteor Recovered From A House Roof At Dikwella

Representatives of Arthur C Clerk center ,Disaster
Management Center in Matara and Geological Mine excavating Institute had arrived Dikwella area(Southern province) this evening (21) to inspect a foreign object suspected as a part of meteor which reported as exploded in southern skies on last wednesday (18)with a big sound,recovered from a roof of a house at walasgala area belonging to provincial news reporter.

The object recovered from the house roof is around 2 inches wide it has been revealed.

The house owner heard something fallen into his roof on the day that the object believed to be a meteor travelled through the skies and exploded ,however he only checked his roof today and recovered the item it has been reported.

After recovering of the object police protection is being provided to the house according to Dikwella Police

A Sudden Sinking Of A Field Reported In Meegahakivula Area

Sudden sinking of a field had been reported in
Maligathanna area at Meegahakivula divisional secretariat  in Badulla district this morning (21).

Around 15 feet diameter large crater has been created in the middle of the field as a result and National Building Research Organization (NBRO). has launched an investigation on the sinking.

Authorities have restricted the residents of the area from  visiting the site as it will be dangerous to do so due to the cave.

Meanwhile the landslide warnings issued to several districts including Ratnapura,Nuwara Eliya and Kegalle still valid as heavy showers still prevails in many parts of the country according to authorities.


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