Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rs.2.45 Million Worth Drugs Expired At The Medical Supplies Division

A Large stock of expired Medicinal Drugs and Surgical Items worth Rs.2.45 Million are stored at the Stores of Medical Supplies Division(MSD) at present according to the Health Ministry Sources.The quantity of these expired drugs stored are 1.15 Million.These Drugs are at the Stores almost since a Year and they were Imported For the Use of Government Hospitals.

A Large stock of Disposable Syringes,Blood Administration Kits,Blood Bags(Various) are among the Expired Stock of Drugs and Importing of Low Quantity Drugs,Lapses in Estimating the Drug Items need for the Institutions,and Lack of qualified man power to handle the Drug Orders are the main reasons for this situation Health Ministry Sources added.

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