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Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa Has Issued His Election Policy Statement

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ial Candidate of the New Democratic Front Minister Sajitha Premadasa has launched his Policy statement for the forthcoming Presidential elections during a function held at Kandy this morning (31).

after   handing over  the first copy of his policy statement to the Chief incumbent of Asgiriya chapter .Warakagoda thero ,Minister Premadasa has stressed   that he will review  all the agreements signed by government with foreign countrirs .

The 20-points of the P
1. Affordable prices and a high-quality life: Affordability of housing, education, healthcare, transportation and telecommunications, and improving wages Tor the private sector through high-quality jobs
2. Shelter for all: A home-owning society by 2025 and freehold land for permit holders
3. Universal pre-school for all: We will immediately extend tree education to pre-schools
4. Universal higher education: A university degree, a professional qualification, or vocational training for every school leaver
5. Universal healthcare: Free medicine, tests and care, with no hidden costs. A free medical check-up for all over 35 and increased benefits for pregnant mothers
6. Accountable leadership: A cabinet of ministers who are free of corruption and conflicts of interest. No relations will be given Government appointments
7. Zero tolerance on drugs and corruption: Swift legal proceedings and no parole or pardon for convicted drug traffickers
8. Zero tolerance on religious extremism and violence: Everyone will be free of fear in their homes and places of worship
9. Atoughand smart national security strategy: A National Security Council will be established by law, and the right people will be put in the right places
10. Dignity for the public sector: Scholarships for international exposure and legal assistance for public servants to defend their actions made in an official capacity
11. Government for the people: Documents, permits and licenses will be available online, or within a day
12. Financial markets: A new national development bank and a competitive tax regime to accelerate investments to Port City
13. Inspiring women: The Women's Charter will be implemented, 25% minimum quotas will be introduced for Provincial Councils, Parliament and the National List whilst ensuring safe public transport for women
14. Empowering small businesses: All businesses with a monthly sale of less than 4 million rupees, will be exempted from paying VAT
15. Empowering the farmer: Free seed paddy and fertilizer through farmer cooperatives
16. Environment and energy: Environmentally- acceptable community-centered solutions for the human-elephant conflict, effective waste management, and a switch to 100% renewable energy by 2040
17. Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation: A Rs. 10 Billion National Venture Capital Fund and a Rs. 10 Billion National Innovation Fund
18. A market-ready youth population: 'Centers of Excellence' at each Divisional Secretariat level to improve communication, language, technology and soft skills of the youth
19. Appreciation of migrant workers: Subsidized home loans, an increased duty-free allowance and legal assistance at embassies
20. Public transport: A multifaceted public transport policy through bus modernization, railway electrification, Light Rail Transit and a smart traffic management system
Download the election manifesto of the New Democratic Front at

අවංක අව්‍යාජ මිතුරෝ දුක සැප දෙකෙහිම එකිනෙකා හා රැඳේ ,අනෙකාගේ අඩුපාඩු සාදා ගැනීමට උදව් දේ -කිසි දින එකිනෙකා හැර නොයයි "

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A Warrant Has Issued To Arrest Former JMO Ananda Samarasekare Over Thajudeen's Murder Case

Colombo Additional Magistrate Shalani Perera has today (31)issued warrant to arrest former Chief Judicial Medical Officer (JMO)Professor Ananda Samarasekare over not appearing before the court as intimated today regarding the murder case of Rugger player Wasim Thajudeen .

The case was filed against Former Chief Judicial  Medical Officer Professor Samarasekare over hiding evidence of Thajudeen's murder case.

Professor Samarasekare is the third suspect of the Thajudeen case .Second suspect of the case Former Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Anura Senanayake had informed the court through his lawyer that he will not be able  to appear before court due to a surgary.

The case has been postponed u ntul

A Person Had Fallen Into A Canal In Moragahahena And Dissapeared

A 49 year old person had fallen in to a
Canal "Maha-Ela"in Koralaima area at Mohottigoda ,Moragahahena and dissapeared last night(30).

The dissapeared had been identified as a resident of Mohottigoda area .

Navy personal had launched a search operation to findout the missing .

Two Persons Arrested With A Stock Of Cannabis In Hambanthota

Image result for arrestedOfficers attached to Southern Naval Command and Special Police Task Force Personal in  Gonnoruwa area had arrested two persons whilst transporting  815 Grammes of Cannabis in a Three Wheeler  during a search operation carried out at a road near Hambanthota Hospital yesterday (30).

Two suspects who are of the ages 48 and 64 years  and residents of Kataragama and Hambanthota areas respectively were handed over to the Hambanthota police along with the stock of cannabis taken in to custody in possession of the suspects and the Three wheeler for further investigations ..  


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Shuri Castle: Fire engulfs 500-year-old world heritage site in Japan

"අවංක මිත්‍රත්වයකට අනවබෝධයක් නිවැරදි කර ගැනීම කල් දැමිය නොහැකිය "

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Facebook chief rules out banning political adverts


State Minister Wasantha Senanayake Has Challanged The UNP Leadership To Remove Him From His Ministerial Portfolio

Image result for wasantha senanayakeState Minister Of Foreign Affairs Wasantha Senanayake who is under threat of suspending  his Party membership of   governing United National Party (UNP)  according to Party Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, has challenged the Party Leadership  yesterday (30) that If can remove him from his Ministerial Portfolio .

State Minister Senanayake  has stated during a press briefing held yesterday (30) at Slave Island ,Colombo that he will never resign from the Ministerial Portfolio he holds at present  .

UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has stressed last Tuesday (29) that State Minister Wasantha Senanayake will be removed from the party and his State Ministerial Portfolio too will be removed as soon as possible over violating discipline of the Party and attending a rally of Presidential Candidate of Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna Gotabaya Rajapakshe .

Minister Wasantha Senanayke had also joined the illegal Government formed by former President Mahinda Rajapakshe during  October Last year under the blessings of President Maithripala Sirisena .Since then he became famous for changing parties for his own benefit according to Political circles .

A Person Was Arrested With 360 Mili Grammes Of Heroin Yesterday (30)

Image result for arrestedPolice Officers attached to Organized Crimes Prevention Unit of the Tangalle Police Division had yesterday )30) arrested a 47 year old Person  with 360 mili grammes of Heroin in possession at Hambanthota Fisheries Harbor whilst involving in Narcotic smuggling . 

The suspect who is a resident of Mayurapura ,Hambanthota was arrested in previous occasion too it has been revealed .

He is due to be produced before  court .

Twitter To Ban All Political Advertising

Hospital Services Paralysed Due To A Sudden Strike Of PSM's

Hospital services including issuing drugs in OPD Pharmacies ,,Laboratory tests,Radiography Tests including Scan and X ray and Dengue control activities in the field had paralyzed this morning (30)due to an Island Wide one day token strike launched by Proffessions Supplementary to Medicine (PSM) and para medical officers demanding solutions for three of their service demands.

The strike which started at 8 a.m this morning is scheduled to be ended  tomorrow(31) morning at 8 a.m.

PSM's and  Para Medical officers have launched this strike demanding solutions for three service demands including  granting  seperate wage catagory for Graduate PSM's amd. Nurses .

Although Health Minister has promised to provide solutions  for these demands  earlier ,up to now  nothing has happened  according to PSM's and Paramedical officers .


A Wild Elephant Was Collided With A Police Jeep -Angry Elephant Attacked The Jeep

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A Police Jeep carrying   three police officers attached to Kahatagasdigiliya Police was severely damaged  after it colliding with a Wild Elephant at Namalwewa area in Mihinthale whilst on the way to duty work  of a public  rally of the Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa in Madawachchiya in wee hours of this morning (30)

The Wild Elephant had suddenly crossed the road and collided with the Jeep and the angry Elephant had attacked the Jeep it has been revealed .

No one was hurt due to the incident .Two female Police Officers and a Male Police Officer were travelling in the Jeep at the time of the incident .

Residents of the area have later chased away the Elephant to the Jungle .

Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests


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Southern Province Governor Ordered To Close All Schools In Hambanthota And Mulatiyana Tomorrow(31)As Well

Southern Province Governor Hemal
Gunasekare has today (30)ordered the Provincial Authorities to close down all schools in Hambanthota District and Mulatiyana Education Zone in Matara District tomorrow (31)as well due to the landslide and flood threats  occureed as a result of heavy showers .

Southern Province Governor has made this order after completing an inspection tour in dissaster hit areas of Hambanthota and Mulatuyana today (30).

All schools in Hambanthota District and Mulatiyana  Education zone had been closed today (30)according to the order of Southern Province governor .

Many roads in Hambanthota District and Mulatiyana are still under water as heavy showers prevailing in .

Nilwala River Is Overflowing

Transport activities   of  many villages in Matara District have been   paralysed  as the   Akuressa -Pitabaddara road is being submerged from panadugama area due to the overflowing of Nilwala River .

Transport   activities  in many villages from Akuresssa to areas including  rotumba ,pasgoda and panakaduwa areas  had disrupted as a result  it has been reported .

The river is overflowing and passed  it's spill level of 5.8 meters and the water level has  reached 6.04 meters by  this morning aa a result of heavy showers prevailing there  since last week.

A 38 Year Old Person Had Sentenced To Death Over Keeping 9.06 Grammes Of Heroin In Possession

Colombo High Court Judge Gihan
Kulatunge had today (30)sentenced a 38 year old person to death over keeping 9.06 Grammes of Heroin in possession and smuggling them.

The accused who had found guilty over the charges was arrested by the Colombo Crimes Division on 17 th of May 2017 at Rajagiriya with 9.06 Grammes of Heroin in possession .

The accussed is a resident of Bandaranayakapura area in Rajagiriya and Attorney General had filed indictments against him in court .

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

UNP Has Suspended The Party Membership Of State Minister Wasantha Sensnayake

Governing United National Party(UNP)
has suspended the party membership of State Minister MP Wasantha Senanayake with immediatte effect according to UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam .

The State Minister portfolio of MP Wasantha Senanayake is also due to be removed from him shortly it has been announced .

The undue  behaviour of State Minister  Senanayake shown  in the past and present by changing parties and betraying party policies caused this action it has been reported .

"Hash Cake "Accidentaly Served In A German Funeral


Voting Period Of The Presidential Election Has Been Extended By One Hour

National Election Commission has
decided to extend the voting period of the forthcoming Presidential Election scheduled to be held on 16 th of November by one hour according to the Commissioner General of National Election Commission Saman Shri Ratnayake .

Accordingly the voting period of the Election will be extended  7 a.m to 5 p.m instead of 4 p.m as earlier scheduled he has stressed .

This decision has been taken after discussions held with all political party representatives thinking the voters will need more time to cast their votes as the poll  card is longer then previous ones due to the higher  number of candidates contesting the election .

The Gazette Notification regarding  the extension of voting period is scheduled to be issued midnight tonight(29).

A Female Had Been Sentenced Life Imprisonment Over Keeping Heroin In Possession And Smuggling Them.

A 36 year old female had been
sentenced rigorous life time imprisonnment by the Colombo High Court Judge Sashi Mahendren over keeping 6.33 Grammes of Heroin in possession and smuggling them.

The accused female was arrested by the Anti Narcotic Bureau on 01st of October 2012 at Obesekarapuea ,Rajagiriya with 6.33 Grammes of Heroin in possesion .

Attorney General has filed indictments against her over keeping Heroin in possession and smuggling them .

Southern Province Governor Has Ordered Authorities To Close All Schools In Hambanthota District And Mulatiyana Tomorrow(30)

All schools in Hambanthota District
(Southern Province)and Mulatiyana Education Zone  in Matara District have been  ordered to close down tomorrow(30)by the governor of Southetn Province Hemal Gunasekare due to landslide and flood threats occurred as a result of heavy showers prevailing  there.

Southern Province governor has today (29)ordered provincial Education authorities to close down all schools  in Hambanthota District and Mulatiyana Education Zone tomorrow .

Due to the heavy showers prevailing ,all main roads ,By roads ,Low land areas and houses in Hambanthota District are being submerged it has been reported. 

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Origin Of Modern Humans Traced To Botswana


Two Year Old Indian Boy Sujith Wilson Who Trapped In A Borewell For Three Days Dies

Rescuers Race To Save A Toddler Trapped In 88 Foot Well In India

"නිර්මල වූ මිතුදමක ,එවන් වූ ප්‍රේමයක පවතිනුයේ එකම පැතුමකි ,ඒ කිසි දින වෙන් නොවේවා යන්නයි -එකම අදිටනකි ,ඒ සුළු අනවබෝධයක් බැඳීමට බාධාවක් කර නොගැනීමයි "

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Heavy Showers Submerged Many Areas In puttalam

Due to the heavy showers prevailing in
most areas in Puttalam District including wannathivu and Rathmalyaya areas had been submerged following the overflowing of many rivers in the district it has been repóorted .

As a result of heavy showers 04 sluice gates of Thabbowa Reservoir had been opened as water level reached it's spill level .

In Southern province transport activities had been disrupted as the rough sea waves and sand flowing to the Galle-Matara road today (28).

Trincomalee District too received heavy showers since  few days according to reports .

Airport Security Arrested A Sri Lankan Attempted To Smuggle Gold

Security officers attached to
Katunayake Airport have arrested a Sri Lankan who had attempted to smuggle a stock of Gold weighing 01 Kilo and 198 Grammes to Chennai India at the departure lounge of the Katunayake Airport last Sunday evening (27).

Security officers have recovered the stock of Gold hidden in the luggage of the suspect during a search .The suspect had arrived in Airport to fly Chennai ,India from a Indian Airways flight it has been revealed .

The suspect Mohommad Anwer along with the stock of Gold had been handed over to the Airport Customs for further investigations .




A Person Was Arrested With 6000 Illegal Foreign Cigarette Sticks

A person was arrested by the Special
operations Unit of the Colombo Excise Department with 6000 foreign Cigarette sticks smuggled in to the country from Dubai without paying taxes at Galoluwa area in Minuwangoda yesterday (27).

The suspect was later released on bail and scheduled to be produced before Excise Commissioner General shortly to charge a  fine it has been revealed .

The estimated value of the stock of Cugarette Sticks taken in to custody in possession of the suspect is around Rs.300,000 it has been revealed .

A Female Was Killed And 10 Others Injured Due To Jeep-Van Collision

A 45 year old Female had been killed
and  10 others had been injured and hospitalized after a  Jeep travelling from Anuradhapura to Trincomalee colliding with a Van arrived in from Trincomalee near Ambagahawela Junction in Mihinthale this morning (28).

The injured including five persons travelled in Van and six persons travelled in Jeep including the driver had been admitted to the Anuradhapura General Hospital for treatment where a critically  injured female had succumbed to her injuries .

Mihinthale Police have arrested the Jeep driver in connection with the accident .

Ella-Wellawaya Road To Be Closed Further -Rocks Fallen To The Road And Those Are At Risk Of Falling To Be Removed

Badulla District Secretariet has today (28)decided to temporarily closed down the  Ella-Wellawaya Road which has been closed since last friday further during a meeting held at District Secretariet under the patronage of District Secretary Damayanthi Paranagama .

The decision has been taken due to the risk of falling rocks within the  20 to 25 Kilo Meter area of Ravana Ella further to the road it has been revealed .

According to the National Building Research Organization (NBRO)  the rocks that had fallen to the Ella -Wellawaya road last week had fallen from a height of 150 feet and there's a great risk of falling rocks in that area further .A permanant solution should be found for this problem NBRO officials  had  stressed during the meeting .

Officials  of Road Development Authority are due to begin removing the fallen rocks from the Ella -Wellawaya Road tomorrow(29)and the District Secretary Damayanthi Paranagana had advised the Road Development Authority hand over the duty of removing large rocks in the mountain area which are at risk of falling according to reports .

Earlier auhorities have closed down the Ella -Wellawaya road last friday until saturday morning after rocks had fallen to the road following a landslide occurred in the area .

Half Of All Breakfast Cereals, Yoghurts And Ready Meals Sold In Europe 'Contain Too Much Sugar, Salt Or Fat For Children'

Sunday, October 27, 2019



A Heroin Smuggler "Kudu Dilipa" Was Arrested By STF

  • Special Police Taskforce Personal have
    arrested a large scale Heroin smuggler and organized criminal Dilip Tharanga allias "Kudu Dilipa 'during a search operation carried out at his residence in Nagahamulla area ,Kolonnawa last Saturday(26) with a foreign made revolver ,An air pistol and three swords in possession .

The 29 year old suspect has a court case pending regarding keeping heroin in possession .He is due to be produced before the Courts .

A Person Was Killed After Colliding With A Motorccycle

A 65 year old person was killed after

 colliding with a Motorcycle whilst crosssing the road through pedestal crossing infront of Dharmadutha Buddhist center at Galewela on Thrincomalee -Ambepussa road last Saturday evening(26).

The deceased has been identified as a resident of ihala bambawa area in Galewela .

Police have arrested the Motorcyclist over the incident .



Ambulance Driver And His Assistant Were Critically Injured After An Ambulance Had Fallen A Precipice

The Ambulance driver and his assistant
had been critically injured and hospitalized after the Ambulance belonging to the Agarapathana -Dayagama Pradesheeya Sabah which they were travelling in  toppled down a 150 feet deep precipice at Nanu-Oya -Bangalahatha area today (27) .

The incident occurred whilst the Ambulance was on the way Pradesheeya Sabah after transporting few patients to Nuwara-Eliya General Hospital from dayagama in wee hours of this morning .

Ambulance driver was unable to control the Van when he attempted to rescue a wild animal crossing the road and as a result the Ambulance had fallen down the precipice it has been revealed .

Sea Water And Samd Flowimg To The Galle -Colombo Road

Sea water and sand flowing to the Galle
-Colombo main road from Thelwatte and Kahawa areas due to the rough seas prevailing in these days it has been reported .

Due to this situation motorists and pedestrians are facing enormous difficulties according to reports .

Officials of the Road development Authority along with the police officers  are  currently removing the sand flown to the road from a backo mechine .

Meanwhile Meteorology Department has annoumced that 150 mili meter rain wil be experienced in North ,Eastern ,North Central and Uva provinces as well as in Hambanthota District.

41 st Death Anniversary Of First Sinhala Cinema Actress Late Rukmani Falls Tomorrow (28)

For more details on Late Rukmani Devi visit

How Sri Lanka successfully curtailed the corona virus pandemic