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Customs Officials Have Destroyed Rs.30 Million Worth Contraceptive Injection Vials Brought To The Country Illegally

The Sri Lankan Customs Officials have today(23) destroyed 30,000

A Special Plan To Dispose Electronic Waste From Government Hospitals

A Special Plan to safely  Disposing  Waste of Electronic Devices Used by Government Hospitals will be implemented Next Monday(28) from Colombo National Hospital according to Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Electronic Waste known as harmful to human health as well as the  environment it should be disposed in special way dr.Mahipala has said.

Addressing a Media Seminar held today(23) at Health Education Bureau in Colombo he has further said that due to the disposing of electronic waste to the environment in unsafe manner people will be exposed to   respiratory diseases like Asthma ,genetic deformities,Cancers, and Kidney Diseases as the plastic compound used when making   Electronic devises contains metals like Lead,Cadmium,Arsenic and Mercury .

Health Ministry To Introduce Cows Milk To The Government Institutions Instead Of Milk Powder