Sunday, September 7, 2008

Burning Problems of Sri Lankan Consumers increased further as the prices of food items goes high

In addition to the increasing Gas Prices sri lankan consumers are suffer further due to the day to day increase of Essential Commodities including Rice and Mysore Dhal which is commonly used food item here.At present the price of Mysore Dhal stands at Rs.218 per Kilo the highest price recorded ever.Consumers are reportedly avoid buying of Mysore Dhal due to the price Merchants said.
Due to the price increase of essential commodities like Bread,Rice ,Dhal,Vegetables,fish and Meat the income of an ordinary person becomes insufficient to buy the food items and fulfill their other essential household needs.
According to the consumers they can't buy the Rice and Bread the main food items of the sri lankans due to their prices are on increase.The price of the Loaf of Bread is Rs.40 and the prices of varieties of rice are also high.The 400 grammes of Milk Powder Pack is sold between Rs.260-275, the prices of all varieties of Short eats are also increased Market sources said.
Although The Consumer Protection Authority make an arrangement to caught the merchants who are selling essential food items like Rice for higher prices then usual authorities still not able to stabalise the prices of essential food items selling in the Market.

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