Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Seven Day Programme For Local Doctors On How To Communicate With Patients Began Today(12)

A seven day workshop and seminar programme designed for local doctors on How to improve Communication Skills of Doctors when communicating with Patients  titled "Doctor Patient Communications Skills in clinical practice-Towards patient centered care" began today(12) in Colombo and it will be concluded  on 19th of November according to the Head of the European Association For Communication In Health Professor Jonathan Silverman .

Professor Silverman along with American Professor On Family Health Professor Marcy Rosenbaum are conducting this programme .Around 50 selected doctors are participating this programme which jointly organized by European Association For Communication  In Health and the Faculty Of Medicine in  University Of Peradeniya.

CID Had Arrested Two Persons With A Foreign Made Pistol

Criminal Investigations  Department(CID)Officers had arrested two persons with a Foreign made  Automatic Pistol in their possession ...