Thursday, March 3, 2011

55 Sri Lankans Evacuated From Libya To Return Island Soon

Around 55 Sri Lankans who are currently in Malta and Cyprus after being evacuated from Libya are due to arrive Sri Lanka soon according to the Foreign Employment Bureau.

A group of 33 Sri Lankans evacuated from Libya are in Cyprus and 22 are in Malta taken there by their employers through a special Charted Air Line soon after the uprising of Libya began according to the Bureau.

Professions Supplementary To Medicine Hold A Black Protest Campaign In Front Of The Health Ministry

The   Professionals attached to Government Professions  Supplementary To Medicine(PSM)  staged a Black Protest campaign by wearing Black Caps and holding Black Flags and Posters in front of the Ministry Of Health in Colombo today demanding  to fulfill six of their service demands.

The large number of Professionals belongs to the PSM compromising Government Pharmacists,Medical Laboratory Technicians(MLT),Radiographers,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists representing majority of Government Hospitals island wide have been taken part this two hour protest campaign held from 12 noon to 2 p.m today.The protesters arrived to the Ministry Of Health Premises from the Bandaranaike Building of the Colombo National Hospital which is situated nearby the Ministry.

The Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine has said that they will launch an island wide two day sick note campaign in 08th and 09th of March if the Health Authorities failed to give reasonable solutions for six of their service demands including the delayed Grade 1 Promotions of the PSM and the 25 percent special allowance granted to the Academics through the 2011 budget proposals to PSM as well.

Laugfs Gas Price To Be Increased

The price of the 12.5 kg Laugfs Gas Cylinder is due to increase by Rs.96 with the effect from today.According to the Consumer Protection Authority with the increased price the new price of the Laugfs gas cylinder will be Rs.1652.

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