Sunday, December 11, 2016


Minor Floods Occurred On Colombo-Awissawella Road Following a Bursting Of A Pipeline

A minor flood situation has occured at hewagama on
Colombo-Awissawella main road yesterday (11) due to a bursting of a major pipline it has been reported

Due to the situation around ten houses and few shops in the area had drowned by two to three feets of water it has been reported.

The Major pipe line  had bursted by two feets  and
minor floods occured as a result of  the incident soruces said.

Special Police Task Force Personal Had Arrested Three Persons While Illegally Transporting A Stock Of Teak Timber

Special police task force personal attached to
Udawalawe Camp had arrested two persons while transporting a stock of six teak timber logs without a valid permit  from a lorry yesterday (11) at panamura area.

The Police task force personal had carried out the raid as per a tip off received by them.

The two suspects along with the stock of teak timber had been handed over to the wild life office in Embilipitiya for future course of action.


A Person With A Stock Of Locally Made Weapons Arrested At Achchuweli

Achchuweli Police have yesterday (11) arrested a
person with a stock of weapons in his possession at a house in Western Puththur in Achchuweli area(Northern Province).

Police have also taken into the custody a stock of weapons  including two locally made swords ,a hammer fixed with iron balls and a iron bar in  possession of the suspect.

The suspect had been  identified as the owner of the factory which  manufactured   these weapons.

Former Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapakshe Left USA After Court Granted Him Medical Leave

Former Economic Development Minister Basil
Rajapakshe who are being faced many charges of fraud and corruption at  local courts  had left USA yesterday (11) after the Colombo High court granted him three month medical leave to go USA to get medical treatment it has been reported.

Accordingly the former Minister  will be stayed in USA until next March.He is a resident of Los Angales USA.

Highest Daily Income Of Nearly Rs.10.76 Million Recorded From Southern Expressway Last Saturday

The highest daily income recorded during last five
years  by the Southern Expressway was on  Saturday last (11) at the begining of four day long weekend with a record income of nearly Rs.10.76 milloon according to the authorities.

This income was recorded by the Southern Expressway on that day through 60,000 vehicles running up and down .

Meanwhile a record number of 38,000 vehicles had been moving up and down on Southern Expressway during last friday (09).

Few Passengers Injured Due To A Bus Crashed Into A House

Few passengers were injured as a bus they were
travelling in crashed into a house near an oil refinery at Ahungalle (Southern Province) today (11).

However residents of the house escaped without injuries it has been reported.


Police have Arrested Three Persons While Transporting Cattle Illegally At Weeraketiya

Tangalle Special Police Task Force Officers  have today
(11) arrested three persons while illegally  transporting cattle nine in number from a small lorry  at Weeraketiya in Northern Keppetipola area(Southern Province).

According to the Police Officers the three suspects had transported the cattle including six buffaloes,one cow and two bodies of dead buffaloes without a valid permit.

Weeraketiya police are conducting further investigations on the suspects.

Borella Cemetary Has Been Named As Dudley Senanayake Roundabout

Borella (Colombo) cemetary roundabout has been
named as Late Dudley Senanayake Roundabout as per  the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena.

President has also unveiled a statue of Late Prime Minister Senanayake at the roundabout.

Late Dudley Senanayake(1911-1973) who was elected four times as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka(1952-1970) ,popular as an honest politician who didn't amass wealth  through  fraudulent and corrupt activities during his tenure at office as Prime Minister. When he demised it has been revealed that he had only less than Rs.500 in his bank account.
(Life information  provided by Mrs.L.Marambe)

Navy Arrested 29 Local Fishermen While Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy had arrested 29 Sri Lankan fishermen
 while fishing illegally in Sri Lankan waters off Silwathurai by using illegal equipment including banned fishing nets  .

Navy had also taken into custody illegal equipment including six banned fishing nets,six dinghi boats and five diving face masks during the raid.

The arrested fishermen along with equipment handed over to the fisheries director's office in Mannar for future course of action the Navy had stated.


Tajikistan President Due To Visit Sri Lanka Tomorrow

of Tajikistan (Formerly Soviet Union ) Emomali Rahman is due  to arrive Sri Lanka tomorrow(12) for a three day state visit according to the Government.

During his visit the Tajikistan President will meet  President Maithripala Sirisena , Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe  and Speaker Karu Jayasuriya and hold bi lateral talks.

He is due to sign several agreements with Sri Lankan authorities and  scheduled to meet  Sri Lankan Business Community .

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