Monday, April 30, 2012

The Exam Fees Of PGIM Repeaters Increased By 100%

The Doctors who are following Post Graduate Studies at Colombo Post Graduate Institute Of Medicine claimed that the institute has been doubled the exam fees  of repeaters.According to this those who have paid rs.70,000 as exam fees now have to to pay rs.140,000 the sources said.

Around 5000 doctors are sitting on examinations held in Colombo Post Graduate Institute Of Medicine annually while around 200 sitting per exam.Out of the 200 only 10-15 candidates are passing the exam and others have to repeat the exam again it has been reported.

Meanwhile the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has agreed with the authorities to increase the exam fees of PGIM repeaters by 50% sources have revealed.

While criticizing the GMOA 's role in this issue PGIM Candidates said that under the circumstance where GMOA is not able to get an annual salary increment and the increase on Doctors over time payment this year ,majority of doctors are not in a position to pay higher amount of money as post graduate exam  fees.

Diabetic Drug Shortage In Government Hospitals

A large number of essential drugs prescribed for Diabetes including "Metformin" and "Insulin" are out of stock in most of the Government Hospital Diabetic Clinics these days according to hospital sources.Due to this situation Doctors prescribing patients to purchase these drugs from private pharmacies sources have added.

It has been reported that if Doctors in Government Hospital Diabetic Clinics prescribed the patients 8 drugs at least 5 or 6 drugs should be purchase from private pharmacies patients have revealed.However majority of Diabetic Patients are reported as not purchasing these drugs from pharmacies due to their poor economy.

Meanwhile most of these Diabetic Drugs which are out of stock at Government Hospitals are not available  in Medical Supplies Division (MSD) as well according to the sources.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bread Price To Be Increased By Three Rupees

Sri Lanka Bakery Owners Association has today (28th) decided to increase the price of 450 Gram loaf of bread by Rs.3 with effect from this Monday(30).The price of Wheat Flour was increased by Rs.8.50 few weeks ago and as a result Bakery Owners have decided to increased the price of bread.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bread Price To Go Up

Sri Lankan Bakery owners have decided to increase the price of  Bread following the price increase of Wheat Flour which came in to effect  yesterday(26).According to them the price of  loaf of bread will be  increased by Rs.3-5 withing next few days in view of the new Price of Wheat Flour.

Wheat Flour Price has increased by Rs.8.50 per Kilogram with effect from yesterday.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Routine Eye Surgeries At Colombo Eye Hospital Suspended

All routine eye surgeries performs in Colombo Eye Hospital have been suspended due to the broken roof attach to three theaters of the hospital it has been reported.According to Eye Hospital sources the roof attach to three theaters was broken since two weeks back and the theaters were closed as a result.

Due to this situation all routine eye surgeries including Cataract Surgeries of the hospital are suspended until further notice and only emergency eye surgeries are performs  at the fourth theater which  remains open.

When contacted a higher official of the Eye Hospital has stated that the broken roof of three theaters is now repaired and the cleaning process of the theaters are underway.The closed theaters will be re opened for surgeries within a week's time he added.

Sri Lankan Fishermen Kidnapped By Somali Pirates Returned Home

The group of six fishermen who were kidnapped by Somali Pirates and rescued by Spanish Forces returned to the Island early this morning.The fishermen were kidnapped by Somali Pirates six months back with their fishing boat and the pirates were demanding a huge amount of money from fishermen's relatives for their release.

 Spanish forces were rescued these fishermen from the pirates last week and sent them back home.

Wheat Flour Up By Rs.8.50

Government has increased the price of a Kilogram of Wheat Flour by Rs.8.50 with immediate effect it has been reported.According to the new price increase a Kilogram of Wheat Flour now stands at Rs.98.50.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Public Health Inspectors To Launch An Island Wide Strike From Tomorrow(25th)

The Public Health Inspectors (PHI) working throughout the island are to launch an island wide continuous strike     from tomorrow (25th) by demanding solutions for three of their service demands The Public Health Inspectors  Union  has announced.

Under this trade union action PHI's are due to boycott the attending of Dengue Control Activities and island wide raids as well according to the union."As Ministry of Health has failed to keep their promise on giving solutions for PHI's demands by 19th of April with the help of Finance Ministry we have no other option other than resorting to a  continuous trade union action"a Spokesman for the  Public Health Inspectors Union has said.

PHI's are demanding a Rs.15,000 Uniform Allowance,Fuel Allowance and Office Allowance for their profession.

Erythroprotein Injection Out Of Stock In Government Hospitals

"Erythroprotein "Injection recommended for treating Kidney related Anemia is out of stock in both Government Hospitals and Medical Supplies Division (MSD) these days according to Hospital Sources.This Injection was out of stock in Government Hospitals since one and half months and Kidney Patients who are prescribed this injection are severely affected due to this it has been reported.

One Injection vial of "Erythroprotein " costs  around Rs.3400 and above when buying in Private Pharmacies according to sources.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dengue Mosquito Density In Colombo And Gampaha Are In Increase

According to a latest survey the Dengue Mosquito Larvae Density in most parts of Colombo and Gampaha Districts belongs to Western Province have increased by 15 to 20 folds during last few months.The Dengue Larvae Density in Ja Ela,Wattala and Kelaniya Areas in Gampaha District and Dehiwala,Nugegods and Kolonnawa Areas in Colombo District have been increased rapidly .

Meanwhile The Ministry Of Health has instructed the Government Entomology Officers to carry out a survey on Dengue Mosquito Density, in Schools of Western Province with immediate effect.Twelve survey teams  were  appointed for this according to the Ministry

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sudden Fire At Kelanithissa Power Plant Has Been Probed

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has began an investigations on what caused the sudden fire erupted in Kelanithissa  power plant early this morning according to CEB Chairman Professor Wimaladarma Abeywickrema.A sudden fire erupted at the power plant around 4.30 a.m this morning has destroyed the main switchboard of the power plant's power generation machinery he said.

Due to this the machinery has currently been shut down but it will not effect the power supply the chairman has stressed.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Severe Syringer Shortage At Karapitiya Hospital

The Karapitiya Teaching Hospital in Southern Province has faced a severe shortage of Syringes these days according to Hospital Sources.Due to this shortage Doctors of the hospital  have recommended both indoor and out door patients to purchase these syringes from private pharmacies the sources further said.

PSM'S Suspended Their Trade Union Action Till 28th Of April

The Executive Committee of the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine has decided to day (19th) to give Health Ministry till 28th of April to provide solutions for their three service demands according to the Secretary Of the Council Saman Jayasekera.

Due to this the island wide work to rule and sick note campaigns which they have earlier decided to launch withing next few days are suspended till 28th he added.A meeting was held yesterday (19th) between Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena at the Health Ministry and during that meeting Minister has requested the PSM Union members to give him till 28th of April to solve  demands it has been revealed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ex-Co Of Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine To Finalized The Dates Of Their Trade Union Action Tomorrow(19th)

The Executive Committee of the   Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine (JCPSM) is to meet 12 noon tomorrow(19th) to finalized the dates of  Future trade union action of Government Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S), the secretary of the Joint Council Saman Jayasekera has said today (18th).

The Executive Committee  prefers to launch a continuous work to rule campaign and sick note campaign demanding solutions for three of PSM'S service demands he has stressed.The PSM'S have decided to resort trade union action as Ministry Of Health failed to meet their demands the secretary has further added.

The PSM'S compromising Government Pharmacists,Radiographers,Medical Laboratory Technicians(MLT'S),Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists involved  in an  island wide continuous strike action last month till an enjoining order issued by Colombo District Court prevents them by continuing the strike.

Monday, April 16, 2012

417 Injured Children Hospitalized During Sinhalese And Tamil New Year Holidays

Around 417 injured children including those injured due to put their hands in  to the  heated  Oil Pans were received treatment from Lady Ridgway Children's Hospital during Sinhalese and Tamil New Year Festival Season  from 12th to 15th of April according to Hospital Sources.Out of this number 296 Children were received OPD Treatment for their injuries and 121 were  hospitalized for further treatment.

Around 12 children  who have  received burn injuries after they put their hands in to heated oil pans prepared for making traditional new year sweet meats like Oil Cakes (Konda Kawum) and Kokis are currently receiving further treatment from Burns Unit of the hospital it has been reported .These Children are reside in Colombo and Suburb Areas and this is the first time  that a large number of children with such injuries got admitted to Children's Hospital.

Except Burn Injuries most other children who are  hospitalized were due to bruises and cuts received through accidental falls hospital sources further said.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

223 Injured Persons Got Admitted To National Hospital During Last 24 Hours

During the new year day from 7 A.M  yesterday(13th) to 7 A.M today (14th)around 223 persons who got injured due to accidents have been admitted to Colombo National Hospital according to hospital sources.When compared to New Year day last year there's a 4 percent increase of accidents during this year's new year festival the sources added.

During 24 hours from 7 A.M on last Thursday (12th) to  7 A.M on Friday (13th)   228 injured persons got admitted to National Hospital sources have further revealed. Meanwhile according to reports there's a sharp decline of fire cracker injuries this year.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Traditional Sinhalese And Hindu New Year Falls To Day (13th)

The traditional Sinhalese and Hindu New Year falls today (13th).The new year marks the moving of Sun to the house of Aries (Mesha) from the house of Pisces (Meena).According to Sinhalese Calender this new year day also marks the end of Harvest and Spring and this season calls as Bak Season.

The new year will be dawn at the auspicious time of 7.20 p.m today while lighting of hearth is  at 7.42 pm .The auspicious time for exchange of money and gifts and per taking meals including traditional Milk Rice and sweet meets is at 10.28 p.m.Afterwards the worshiping of elders with traditional Betel Leaves and exchanging of meals among neighbors will take place.

After today the  oil anointing ceremony which is a part of the traditional Sinhalese New Year will take place  on 15th of April (Sunday). The final part of  New Year the leaving for  work falls on 16th of April (Monday).

Sinhalese and Tamil New Year Day and day prior to New Year are public,bank and mercantile  holidays in Sri Lanka. It is generally celebrated on 13th or 14th April every year while this year it falls on 13th of April.The timing of the Sinhalese New Year coincides with the new year celebrations of many traditional  calendars of South and Southeast Asia. The festival has close semblance to the Tamil New year Thai New year, Bengali New Year, and Oriya New Year festival in India.


Negambo Fishermen Stayed Away From Sea Today

Lack of preparedness followed by  Tsunami Warning issued yesterday, caused the  majority of  fishermen in Negambo area to avoid of going  fishing today (12th) it has been reported.After Tsunami warning was issued yesterday evening these fishermen have taken their fishing boats and equipment's to safer areas in view of protecting them according to these fishermen.

However the Meteorological Department has issued a special  warning for fishermen yesterday by requesting them to avoid on going fishing even the tsunami warning has lifted.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tsunami Fear Which Halted Life In The Country For Awhile

!Massive Earthquake and after shocks in Sumatra Islands

!Tsunami Warning has Issued 

! Transport System in Coastal Belt suspended

!Heavy Traffic Reported in main roads

! Southern Express Way has opened free of charge for all 
public and private vehicles

! People in coastal areas rushed to Highlands

! Tense Situation among public in Coastal Areas

As a  massive earthquake measured as 8.6 in Richter Scale was struck Sumatra Islands this eve a tense situation was occurred among public in many parts of the Island Soon after Meteorological Department of Sri Lanka has issued Tsunami Warning which has also applied to 25 other countries in the region as well.

After the massive earth quake Sri Lankan Met Department has expected a Tsunami will struck the island around 4 p.m Sri Lankan Time.Although it didn't happened as expected an equally powerful after shock measured as 8.6 in Richter Scale was reported from Sumatra three hours after the  major earthquake strucked.However no casualties have been reported.Some tremors have been reported in several parts of the island as well.

Meanwhile People lives in coastal areas of North,East,Western and Southern areas were advised to rush in to safe areas in highlands as a precautionary measure.As Tsunami Warning has issued, people lives in coastal belt areas have seen running with their children to safer areas.Almost all vehicles  were fully occupied as people who came to work in cities from coastal areas trying to reach their homes as early as possible.As a precautionary measure authorities suspended the Train Services in Coastal areas which has resulted a heavy traffic among other public and private vehicles.

Government has allowed to use southern express way free of charge for commuters following the Tsunami warning and ordered all medical staff attached to hospitals in Coastal areas who are in leave to report to their workplaces as soon as possible.

People in Coastal Areas were advised to stay  in alert on the situation till the warning have been lifted .Also authorities urged the Hotel Owners in coastal belt to ensure the safety of foreigners who are staying in these hotels.

However after awaiting several hours around 6.30 p.m local time the Met Department has announced the lifting of Tsunami Warning from Sri Lanka while urging people who fled to return their homes  without any fear.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

JVP Dissident Rebel Leader Kumar Gunarathnam Deported To Australia

The leader of the breakaway faction of leftist Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna(JVP) Premakumar Gunarathnam alias Noel Mudalige who was reported as missing since last few days was deported to his native country Australia early this morning due to violating immigration laws according to Police Sources.

Gunarathnam who is also an Australian Citizen was overstaying in Sri Lanka illegally for more then five months sources have further added.Gunarathnam along with another party activist Dimuthu Atygalla too reported as abducted by an unknown gang on last Saturday and Friday respectively.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Government Hospital PSM's Threatening To Launch TU Action After 19th Of April

The Government Hospital Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM's)have decided to launch an island wide continuous work to rule campaign and sick note campaign  after 19th of April demanding solutions for three of their service demands according to Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine .

The Executive Committee of the Joint Council which  met yesterday (09) has decided to launch this series of trade union actions after 19th the Council sources said.

The continuous island wide strike launched by Government Hospital Professions Supplementary To Medicine demanding solutions for 10 service demands on 13th of March  was forced to suspend on 22nd of March following the enjoining order issued by Colombo District Court.

Finance Ministry Began Probe On Alleged Rs.I Billion Financial Fraud Occurred During Purchasing Surgical Gloves

The Ministry Of Finance has conducting an investigations on the alleged Rs. 1 billion financial fraud occurred during local purchasing of Surgical Gloves to Government Hospitals last year (2011) the ministry sources said today (09).

According to sources the Finance Ministry has began  inquiring on the amount of surgical gloves Hospitals bought last year and the  money they spent on that .

Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners Called Off Their Scheduled Strike

The Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners Association has called off their planned two day  strike scheduled on today (09) and tomorrow(10) after the authorities have agreed to increase their fee rates as requested  the association has announced.

During the discussion held between   Petroleum Minister and Private Bowser Owners Association yesterday the minister has agreed to met their demand.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners to Resort Trade Union Action In Next Two Days

The Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners Association has threatening to  resort to trade union action on 09th (tomorrow) and 10th of April if their demand on increasing fee rates are not met by  Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) soon.According to Association they are going to suspend transporting of  fuel on those days if the demand is not met by then.

The secretary of the Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners Association Shantha Silva has said that following the recent fuel price increase their association had requested the CPC to increase their fees .But still not received a response from them he said.

If the demand is not met by the authorities in time ] 600 bowsers under the association will suspend the transporting of fuel on 09th and 10th of April as scheduled he stressed.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

UPDATE-Health Services Trade Union Alliance Alleged Rs One Billion Financial Fraud During Purchasing Of Gloves

The Health Services Trade Union Alliance (HSTUA)has alleged that around One Billion Rupees financial fraud was occurred during purchasing of Normal and Surgical Gloves for Government Hospitals  last year (2011).According to the President of HSTUA Saman Rathnapriya around 0.95 billion rupees had spent for purchasing of these gloves for the hospitals in year 2010 and that amount has  increased to Rs.2 billion rupees last year due to the said fraud  he stressed.

This financial fraud was occurred during local purchasing of Gloves by violating normal tender procedure he had revealed.Although the tender of purchasing gloves for government hospitals has been awarded to a particular drug company last year they do not supplied the required gloves properly to the hospitals but supplied them to same hospitals through local purchasing system for higher prices ratnapriya has stressed.

Therefor the Alliance wants Health Ministry to probe in this huge financial fraud and bring those responsible for the fraud in to justice he said.The Health Services Trade Unions Alliance had  handed over a written appeal  on 29th of March to the Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena on this regard he further said.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Essential Injection "Erythroprotien"Out Of Stock In Govt.Hospitals

An essential Injection "Erythroprotien" which has prescribed  for  Patients with Kidney Infections is out of stock at the moment in both Government Hospitals and Medical Supplies Division(MSD) according to Medical Sources.The said injection is very expensive in the private sector as one injection vial will cost more than Rs.3000 according to sources.

The Medical Supplies Division has already make an order to import the  said injections under the recommendations of Government Hospital Consultants it has been reported.

Live Debate On Whether Rs.7500 Is Enough For A 3 Member Family To Survive One Month

The Much awaited debate on Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena's claim that under present living conditions  Rs.7500 is enough for a family of 3 persons (Rs.2500 per person)to survive for one month by taking three meals per day is to be held tonight (03) live at a local private T.V Station in Colombo.Education Minister him self with Opposition MP Ravi Karaunanayake scheduled to participate this live debate which will be telecast over Derana T.V tonight from 9.45 p.m on wards.

After Minister Gunawardena has stated Rs.7500 is enough for a family of 3 to survive one month period several people including intellectuals,Opposition MP's  and ordinary people in the country  criticized the minister by saying under present living conditions it  is impossible for a family to live with the mentioned sum of  money for one month.As criticisms on his statement began to flow in Minister Gunawardena said he is ready to debate on the issue with anyone who have passed A/Levels with Economics and has a degree on the subject.

Three persons including the leader of New Leftist Front Dr.Wickramabahu Karunaratne,MP of Leftist JVP Sunil Handunetti and Opposition UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake were expressed their willingness to take the minster's challenge to debate on the issue .However Minister has selected Opposition MP Karunanayake to debate with him on the issue.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Government Hospital PSM'S To Resume Their Suspended TU Action By Next Week

The Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine had decided to resume their suspended trade union action withing next week if the health ministry has not given solutions for  their 10 service demands before  this Thursday (05th) a spokesmen to the council has said.

According to the spokesman the Joint Council had already informed this decision to the Ministry Of Health via a letter on Saturday (31st of March).The Executive Committee of the Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To The Medicine had unanimously decided to resume the trade union action which they have suspended two weeks back due to a court enjoining order.The enjoining order issued by Colombo District Court preventing Government Hospital Professions Supplementary To Medicine (PSM'S) by involve in continuous strike ended last Saturday.