Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lanka Indian Oil Company To Increase Diesel Liter By Rs.2

The Lanka Indian Oil Company (LIOC) is to increase the price of Diesel Liter by Rs.2 with effect from midnight tonight the LIOC has announced.The Price of Super Diesel Liter has also to be increase from One Rupee the sources have added.

According to this price increase the new price of  LIOC Diesel Liter will be Rs.,117.Before the price increase LIOC made a written request from the Minister Of Petroleum Industries Susil Premjayatha yesterday (30) to allow increase of Diesel Liter from Rs.13 and Petrol Liter by Rs.10  with immediate effect.

Meanwhile the LIOC Management has said that this price increase came into effect due to the company loss their profit through selling  of fuel .

Monday, May 28, 2012

25 Sri Lankans Died Daily Due To Tobabaco Related Illnesses

Around 25 people have died daily due to tobacco related diseases in Sri Lanka the resident representative of World Health Organization (WHO) in Sri Lanka Dr.F.R Mehrha has said to day(28th).The total number of  tobacco related deaths is11 percent of  total number of  non communicable disease patients Dr.Mehtha stated.

Around 350 deaths occurred daily in Sri Lanka due to non communicable diseases and out of  this number  214 are tobacco related deaths he stressed.

He made these remarks when addressing a Media Seminar on "World No Tobacco Day" held in Health Education Bureau ,Colombo today.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Several Areas Throughout The Island Experienced Earth Thremors Y'day(26th)

The Disaster Management Center (DMC)has  stated that earth tremors were reported from several districts in the Island including Nuwara Eliya,Hatton, Ratnapura,Badulla and Colombo around 9.52 p.m yesterday (26th) .The Center has also issued a warning stating that there is a possibility of  land slides in Five  Districts if rain continues during today(27th) as well.

Ratnapura,Kegalle,Kalutara,Galle and Matara Districts are identified as Risky Areas of having Land Slides DMC has said.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Minor Flood Situation In Colombo Due To Heavy Showers

Minor flood situation has occurred in Colombo and  suburb areas today (25th) due to  heavy showers fell since early morning.Most of the roads in Colombo especially in Northern Colombo were flooded as a result of heavy showers according to Meteorological Department.

A huge tree had fallen to  ground over a  space of 120 meters due to strong winds assisted by showers and as a result the transport system in Rattanapitiya Area has been disrupted.High level Road and Colombo Town Hall were the worst affected roads due to showers it has been reported.

As monsoon rainy season begins more heavy showers with lightning and gusty winds can be expected throughout the Island Met Department said.

Colombo District Court Removed Enjoining Order Issued Against GMOA

The Colombo District Court has today (25th) removed the enjoining order issued against Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) on 11th of May by preventing them of launching a strike action over Disturbance,Availability and Transport Allowance (DAT).

Colombo District Court has issued the enjoining order after considering a petition filed by two cardiac patients getting treatment at Colombo National Hospital citing the lives of patients are in danger due to not receiving proper treatment as a result of strike action launched by doctors  on 11th of May.The enjoining order was removed today after GMOA suggested the court to lift the order citing strike action is a trade union right afforded by constitution court sources said.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fifteen Health Trade Unions To Launch A Massive Protest Campaign In Front Of Ministry Of Health

Fifteen Health Trade Unions which are representing  more than 40,000 health professionals due to stage a massive protest campaign on 29th of May (Tuesday) in front of Ministry Of Health in Colombo  by demanding solutions for five of their service demands.The Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine ,Government Nursing Officers Union and Joint Front Of Paramedical Services are organizing this protest campaign.

If the demands are not meet by the officials through this protest campaign an island wide work to rule campaign will be launched in government hospitals soon according to Union Leaders.Granting a monthly Transport and Fuel Allowance of Rs.5000,Granting Communication Allowance for health professionals belongs to this category are among  five service demands these trade unions are seeking solutions.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Restoring Lost Civic And Democratic Rights Of General Fonseka To Be Discussed Soon"-MP Alles

The secretary of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Parliamentarian Tiran Alles has today(22) stated that although DNA Leader and former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka was released from prison yesterday (21) he has still not given the full civic and democratic rights and perks entitled to him as former Army Commander which were withdrawn  when he was sentenced for imprisonment.

MP Alles had also revealed that in near future  he hopes to discuss with President Mahinda Rajapaksha on restoring  full civic and democratic rights of General Fonseka.

Meanwhile General Fonseka had payed a visit to  Chief Incumbents of Asgiriya and Malwatta Chapters today(22).A large crowd gathered besides the roads on his route to Kandy to cheer him.

Monday, May 21, 2012

GMOA General Committee Members Opposed The Island Wide Strike Action Proposal

The majority of Branch Union representatives participated in the  Government Medical Officers Association's (GMOA) General Committee meeting held last Sunday (20) have rejected the Island Wide Strike Action proposal submitted by GMOA Branch Union of Colombo National Hospital it has been reported.Those Branch Union members opposing this proposal are in the view that GMOA should avoid of involve in any strike action till the Election is over on 30th of June this year.

The Colombo National Hospital Branch Union has submitted this strike action proposal after passed a resolution on this during there meeting held last Monday.

Meanwhile the Colombo National Hospital Branch Union of GMOA has decided to meet again on this Wednesday(23) to decide their future course of trade union action regarding the Government Doctors DAT Allowance.

The no confidence motion passed by GMOA Negambo Hospital Branch against GMOA'S current President Dr.Anurudda Padeniya was also tabled during Sunday's meeting but not go for a vote as Dr.Padeniya believed to be  having the majority support at the meeting.

Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka Was Released From Prison

SRI LANKA-POLITICS-FONSEKAFormer Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka who was in jail over the last two and half years was released this evening by the authorities.His release was the hot topic discussed  in most of the media outlets both local and international since last two weeks .

General Fonseka was released after  relevant papers of his release  signed by President Mahinda Rajapaksha were sent to Ministry Of Justice this morning.Before his release General Fonseka was discharged from Nawalaoka Private Hospital this  morning where he was receiving treatment for lung infection.

Meanwhile the Two Court Cases filed against  Former Army Commander were dismissed by Supreme Court this evening as  his lawyers withdrawn their appeals made against these cases.After these developments much awaited release of General Fonseka came in to effect this evening around 4.30 p.m.

Soon after got released General Fonseka told the people who gathered around Welikada Prison in Colombo that he will devote his life to the people.Fire Crackers were set off across Colombo by his delighted supporters .

The 61 year old General who was led  Sri Lanka Army to victory over Tamil Tiger Group LTTE by crushing them was arrested by government forces soon after 2010 presidential elections which he was contested as the opposition candidate.He was arrested on charge of corruption relating to  military procurement's  and sentenced 30 month imprisonment in September 2010.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

President Rajapaksha Has Signed General Fonseka's Release Letters

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has signed  necessary documents which enables the  release of imprisoned former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka on Friday Night (18th Of May) and left for Qatar last night (19th Of May ) for a visit  the Presidential Media said.After signed  documents  the president has handed over them to  Chief of President's Staff before leaving  sources have added.

The relevant Documents are scheduled to be sent  to Ministry Of Justice by Tomorrow(21) the sources further said.

Friday, May 18, 2012

General Fonseka Was Granted Bail

The Colombo High Court Magistrate has today (18th) ordered to release Sri Lanka's former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka  on conditional bail in the case of harboring Army Deserters during  his Presidential Election Campaign in 2010.The bail was granted after considering the bail petition submitted to the courts by General Fonseka.President Mahinda Rajapaksha too had agreed to release former army commander upon request made by DNA MP Tiran Alles.However the High Court has upheld General Fonseka's Foreign Tours and his passport too taken in to court custody.

Meanwhile it has been reported that General Fonseka will be released either during tomorrow's Victory Day Celebrations or on Sunday.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cabinet Approved General Fonseka's Release

Sri Lanka LogoThe Cabinet had given their approval to the President Mahinda Rajapaksha to release imprisoned former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka President's media spokesman Mr.Bandula Jayasekera has said today(17th).

Meanwhile the wife of General Fonseka Mrs.Anoma Fonseka too met President Rajapksha last night to discuss the release of her husband along with DNA MP Tiran Alles it has been reported.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DNA Parliamentarian Tiran Alles Met President Rajapaksha To Discuss General Fonseka's Release

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Parliamentarian Tiran Alles met President Mahinda Rajapaksha this morning to discuss the release of former Army Commander and the leader of DNA General Sarath Fonseka.It has been reported that both  MP and the President had discussed extensively on the release of General Fonseka who is believed to be released soon.

After today's discussions MP Alles has stated that General will be released unconditionally  during next day or too.MP Tiran Alles hold several rounds of discussions with President over last few months to get  his leader released.Meanwhile President Rajapaksha was told the editor of "The Hindu" two days back that General will be released soon but not given exact details on that.

General Fonseka who is currently serve in 3 years rigorous imprisonment at Welikada Prison,Colombo had already completed two and half years of his jail sentence.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Government To Reduce Annual Wheat Flour Consumption

The Government has aims to reduce per ca pita consumption of Wheat Flour from current 26 Kilo grammes per annum to 16 Kilo Gramme as Sri Lanka has achieved self sufficiency in Rice  this year according to Minister Of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksha.

GMOA Colombo National Hospital Branch Has Passed A Resolution On Launching An Island Wide Doctors Strike

The  Colombo National Hospital Branch of Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has today (15th) passed a resolution on launching an Island wide strike action of doctors from 21st of May (Monday) demanding increase of  DAT Allowance the GMOA sources have said.The resolution is due to produce before  GMOA membership when the General Committee meets on this coming Sunday (20th) the sources added.

The urgent meeting of GMOA general committee is scheduled to be summoned on this Sunday under the instructions of some Executive Committee members of the Union  as  main officers keep silent over the future trade union action to win DAT Allowance demand it has been learned.

The GMOA Colombo National Hospital Branch which met today became a battle ground as most of the participant Doctors accused and hooting over one of the main officers in GMOA who attended the meeting as a member of  GMOA National Hospital Branch.Most of  doctors out of around 400 participated the meeting blamed the said  officer over suspending of last Friday's  island wide strike action without consulting GMOA Membership. They also accused that the strike ended without getting any solution for their demand and on the other hand before Colombo District Court has issued an enjoining order preventing  strike.

Some doctors have criticized the whole Executive Committee of  GMOA by branding them as a flop team and urged them to step down immediately if they cannot function according to the likes of their membership.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dental Doctors Too In The War Path

The Government Dental Surgeons Association has said  today (14th) that they will resort to a continuous Island Wide Strike Action withing next few days if the government has failed to implement a newly  revised salary and allowance structure for doctors with immediate effect.

The Association along with other fellow Doctors Unions in the country has urged  authorities in the past the need to revised doctors salary and allowance structure ,but up to now no response has received in this regard the Dental Surgeons Association secretary Dr.Ananda Ratnayake has said.

GMOA General Assembly Have Decided To Launch An Island Wide Continuous Strike

The General Assembly of the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) had yesterday (13th)decided to resort a continuous Island Wide Strike action  to win their DAT (Disturbance,Availability and Transport )Allownce demand GMOA Sources have revealed.This General Assembly meeting was held with the participation of GMOA branch unions to get their suggestions on launching a future course of  action.

However when speaking to media today (14th) the President of GMOA Dr.Anuruddha Padeniya has said that a future course of  trade union action will be decided  after solving the enjoining order issue.GMOA has  still not received the above court order he stressed.The enjoining order was issued on  last Friday by Colombo District Court against    GMOA  by  preventing the union of  resorting any  trade union action till 25th of May.

Speaking at the Press Briefing held today (14th)the GMOA President has said that their  union is currently working towards removing the enjoining order against GMOA .He refrained from mentioning the trade union action decision taken by General Assembly meeting yesterday but stated that a future course of action will be taken after removing the enjoining order.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Galle Road To Be Closed For Victory Day Rehearsals

The road from Galle Face Roundabout to Old Parliament Building will be closed from time to time between 6.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m from tomorrow (14th) up to 18th of May (Friday) due to victory parade rehearsals the Police  have announced today(13th).Police requested the motorists to  use   alternative routes in view of these rehearsals.

The victory day parade marking the third anniversary of defeating terrorist group LTTE is to be held at  Galle Face Green on 19th of May(Saturday) under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksha.Sri Lankan Army had defeated the LTTE on 16th of May 2009 marking the end of civil war in Northern Sri Lanka which spanned three decades.The Government had declared victory over LTTE on 16th of May in 2009  whilst the LTTE admitted their defeat to Sri Lankan Army on 17th of May that year.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

GMOA To Summon A General Committee Meeting Today (13th)

The Government Medical Officers  Association (GMOA) is to summon an urgent General Committee meeting at noon today(13th) to get views from their membership on the future course of action can be taken to win DAT (Disturbance,Availability and Transport Allowance) demand.

This meeting is summoned after GMOA Executive Committee led Island Wide Strike held last Friday became a total failure due to majority of Doctors were refrained from participating in the strike.Only 20% of doctors were reported as participated the strike .

Friday, May 11, 2012

GMOA Suspended Their TU Action-An Enjoining Order Issued Against The Strike

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has announced this evening that the Island Wide Strike action launched by them this morning has been suspended with effect from around 3.30 p.m following the discussions held between GMOA Members and Health Ministry officials on DAT Allowance (Disturbance,Availability and Transport Allowance).However GMOA exco members have refused to comment on the said discussions and  results .

Meanwhile Colombo District Court has been issued an enjoining order this noon by preventing GMOA for resorting any trade union action till 25th of May.

Majority Of Government Doctors Said "No" To GMOA'S Strike Action

Although the  Government Medical Officers Union (GMOA) has announced an Island Wide Strike from this morning  the majority of Government Doctors were reported as staying away from the strike and continue their normal work as usual.According to break away faction of GMOA's General Committee around 80 percent of GMOA member Doctors didn't follow the strike action today whilst only 20 percent have joined the strike,

Doctors in most of the major government hospitals were refrain from strike action today and those hospitals where doctors have participated the strike have seen with an empty OPD's and Clinics  the hospital sources said.GMOA had yesterday announced that  the island wide strike to be launch from 8 a.m this morning to demand an increasing of Disturbance,Availability and Transport Allowance (DAT) of Government Hospital Doctors  to Rs.29,000 from Rs.15,000.

During the special meeting summoned by GMOA at Colombo National Hospital  this morning the top Exco Members have been informed the fellow  members to end the strike by 4 p.m in the evening whether the demand was met or unmet by the authorities.

It has been learnt  that the majority of doctors have refused to join today's  strike due to the inefficiency of  GMOA 's executive committee when handling  their matters.

Meanwhile GMOA executive Committee has said that today's strike was very successful  .

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Transportation Of Sand Without Permit To Be Allowed

The  transportation of sand without permit to be allowed from 6 a.m to 6 p.m daily The Ministry Of Environment has stated .The Minister Of Environment Anura Priyadarshan Yapa has revealed this to Parliament today(11th).

GMOA Has Decided To Launch An Island Wide Doctors Strike From Tomorrow (11th)

Government Hospital Doctors have decided to launch an Island Wide Strike from 8 a.m tomorrow (11) morning by demanding to increase their Disturbance,Attendance and Transport Allowance (DAT) by Rs14,000 according to the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA).At present the Government Doctors are receiving Rs.15,000 as DAT Allowance.

According to GMOA ,the strike decision has been taken by their Executive Committee today (10) after considering the growing demand of their members to fight for DAT Allowance increase which the government had  promised on the year 2008."In 2008 Government had promised the GMOA to increase the DAT allowance by Rs.14,000 and Pay Rs.29,000 but up to date that promise never implemented " GMOA Exco member Dr.Nalin Ariyarathne has said.The 10 day period given to authorities by GMOA to fulfill that promise also completed by tomorrow he stressed.

Meanwhile the Colombo District Court has  extended the enjoining order previously issued against GMOA by preventing of launching strike action till 05th of June.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UPDATED-Sri Lankan Medical Administrators And Medical Officers Unions Have Protested Over An Unqualified Medical Administrator

The Sri Lankan Medical Administrators Union and Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) have  made a written request  from  Health Ministry secretary to remove the unqualified medical officer who has occupied in the post  of Acting  Director of Territory  Medical Services at the Health Ministry since last two years and replaced him with a suitable candidate.

According to the unions the said medical officer is not suitable for the post as he is not having the required qualifications that needs to become a medical administrator.The service minute of 2007 of the Sri Lankan  Medical Administrators has clearly stated that a Medical Administrator should work in the capacity of deputy medical administrator for 3 years before becoming a senior medical administrator.However the said administrator has not having such qualifications according to Ministry Sources.

All Government General and Teaching Hospitals and Medical Specialists are functioning under the confused post of Director Of Territory Medical Services.Meanwhile Sri Lankan Medical Administrators Union is scheduled to discuss their future course of action regarding this irregular appointment during  their General Assembly Meeting to be held on  24 th of May.

Due to the inefficiency of the said Acting Director there  are around 28 senior grade and around 200 deputy grade posts attached to  Ministry Of Health have been vacant from some time Ministry sources added.Due to this Most of the hospital administration is in crisis the sources have revealed.The Public Services Commission (PSC) too has informed on this situation Ministry Sources have further said.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strong Winds And Lightning Destroyed More Than 200 Houses And Claimed 2 Lives

Strong winds and lightning have destroyed more than 200 houses throughout the island and claimed 2 lives this morning according to Disaster Management Center.Matale,Wilgamuwa and Polonnaruwa Areas were the worst affected areas the Center announced.

Meanwhile around 80 shanties located at Uva,North Central and Eastern Provinces were partly damaged due to the gusty winds supported by Heavy showers experienced in those areas yesterday evening it has been reported.As a result of this around 300 people were displaced the Disaster Management Center has said.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Buddhists Celebrating Wesak Festival To Day(05)

Millions of Sri Lankan and  other Buddhists around the world celebrating  Wesak Full Moon Poya Day today (05)which marked the Birth , Enlightenment and Demise of Lord Buddha .To mark the Wesak Poya day Temples around the country have organized various  religious activities since this morning and large number of Buddhist devotees are reported as participating these activities.

A Large number of Pandols and Wesak Lanterns which are showing various events of Lord Buddha's life will be open this evening coincides with thousands of dansala's (alms giving centers) situated throughout the island.In Colombo City  alone around 100 Dan sala's are scheduled to be open this eve.

Due to Wesak Festival both tomorrow (06) and the day after (Monday) are declared as Public,Bank and Mercantile holidays.


Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine Postponed Their Scheduled Exco Meeting

The joint council of professions supplementary to medicine (JCPSM) have decided to postpone their executive committee meeting scheduled to be held on last Thursday (03) to decide the dates of their trade union action  till next Wednesday (09) following a request made by Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena .Minister had asked the Joint Council during a meeting with them on last Thursday to give him two more working days to give solutions for their demands it has been revealed.

Therefore The Council has decided to postpone their executive committee meeting till next Wednesday the secretary of Joint Council of professions supplementary to medicine Saman Jayasekera has said.Professions Supplementary To Medicine has already decided to launch a work to rule campaign in government hospitals and only the date of launching need to be decide he stressed.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Prices Of Gas,Milk Powder And Cement Goes Up

The Government has increased Gas,Milk Powder and Cement prices with effect from midnight tonight(04).The price of both Litro and Laugfs Gas cylinders are increased by Rs.350 and Milk Powder Prices goes up by Rs.61 per 400g Packs and Rs.161 per 1 KG pack it have been revealed,The price of a cement pack has increased by Rs.70.

The consumer affairs authority has given the approval for these price revisions.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Government Imposed A Tax On Imported Milk Powder

The Government has decided to impose a tax of 15% maximum or Rs.92 per a Kilo Gramme of imported Milk Powder except Infants Milk Powder according to Ministry Of Finance.

631 Dairy Farmers Thrown Away 12,000 Liters Of Milk In To A Drain After Milk Powder Companies Refused To Purchased Them

Around 631 Dairy Farmers in Hatton Area had thrown away 12,000 Liters of Cow's Milk yesterday (02)  in to a drain after Private owned Milk Powder Companies refused to purchase their milk due to excess stock they are  having it has been reported.Dairy Farmers thrown the Milk in to a drain and some have seen taken a bath from the milk as a protest on not purchasing their milk.

The sole income of these Dairy Farmers derived  by selling  milk to Private Milk Powder Companies.Due to this situation the government owned Milco Dairy Product Company has today (03)decided to buy Milk from these dairy farmers for higher rates although the Company is having a excess stock of milk.

Meanwhile the minister of economic development Basil Rajapaksha has proposed today (03) to implement a programme on Milk Glass per Student in Government Schools as a step to protect dairy farmers.Through this programme the aim is to improve the nutrition of School Students as well as strengthening the hands of dairy farmers the minister has said.For this programme the ministry of economic development will allocated necessary funds to purchase milk from dairy farmers.

100 Dan Sala's (Alms Giving Centers) To Be Open In Colombo For Wesak Festival

Around 100 Dan Sala's (Alms Giving Centers) built in Colombo City alone for the Wesak Festival this year falls on this Saturday (05) and Sunday (06) according to Chief Medical Officer in Colombo Pradeep Kariyawasam.All these Dan Sala's are already registered in Colombo Public Health Department and the Department officials attached to six provincial MOH Offices in the City began inspecting the hygienic conditions of these Dan Sals's from today  Dr.Kariyawasam has stressed.

Under this inspection  health officials will pay attention to the environment where these Dan Sala's are situated,The way the meals are prepared,way of serving the meals to public and personal hygiene of  workers preparing meals he added.The Colombo Public Health Department has already advised the Dan Sal Organizers to serve food like rice and noodles warm,use pure drinking water,use plastic cups when serving drinks like Tea,Coffee and Soft Drinks and cover the food items that have prepared.

Labour Ministry Requested Private .And Mercantile Sectors To Declare 07th Of May As A Holiday

Labour Ministry has today (03) requested from all heads of Private,Semi Government and Mercantile sector Offices to declare 07th of May (Monday) as a Holiday for their employees.This holiday is granting in view of Wesak Full Moon Poya Day which falls on this Saturday (05th) and the additional Wesak Holiday falls on following Sunday (06th).

Wesak Festival is celebrated by Buddhists all over the world to mark the birth, enlightenment and demise of Lord Buddha.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Professions Supplementary To medicine To Launch An Island Wide Work To Rule Campaign

The executive committee of the Joint Council of Professions Supplementary To Medicine will summoned a meeting tomorrow (03) to decide the dates of launching an island wide work to rule campaign in Government Hospitals the Joint Council sources have revealed.

The proposed work to rule campaign will be launched demanding solutions for three service demands of Government Professions Supplementary To Medicine(Government Pharmacists,Radiographers,Medical Laboratory Technicians(MLT's),Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists ) the sources added.

The Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine has given Ministry Of Health  a period of time till 28th of April to give solutions for their demands as requested by the Ministry but due to Ministry's failure to keep the promise Council has decided to launch the trade action the sources further said.

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