Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Government To Pass Important Legislations During next Few Weeks Under 100 Day Programme

Under the 100 day Programme  government is expecting to pass Right To Information Legislation and National Medicinal Drug Policy along with new laws to grant more powers to the Auditor General it has been reported.The Parliament has meet today the first time since the recently concluded Presidential Elections on 08 th of January.

During the sessions today the new Prime Minister of the new all party government Ranil Wikramasinha has gained the support of the majority of the Parliamentary MP's and the speaker Chamal Rajapaksha has given a chance to continue in his post further.The President Maithripala Sirisena too has been Participated the Parliamentary Sessions by showing a new trend in Sri Lankan Politics although the Executive President is not responsible for the Parliament.

State Aviation Minister To Cancel The Licences Of All Duty Free Shops At The Air Port

The  Minister of State for Aviation Faizar Mustapha has today(20) ordered for the cancellation the licences of all Duty Free Shops situated at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Air Port which are said to be functioning under political influence since 2001.The Minister has requested the authorities to call fresh open tenders for these duty free shops.

These Duty Free Shops are not having proper licenses as all these years  they were supported by Politicians  according to the State Minister.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...