Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sri Lankan Dengue Control Programme A Total Failiure Says Government Docs Union

The Dengue Control Programme launched by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health to combat the spreading of the disease in the Island proved to be a total failure and there is a need to launch a National Strategy Campaign based on new scientific methods to combat the Dengue Menace successfully Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) of Sri Lanka urged in a letter sent to the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha.

Dengue Fever which caused by the Dengue Mosquito is spreading rapidly throughout the country as over 11,000 patients have been reported in this year up to now and the disease already claimed 146 lives.

In this letter to the president GMOA stressed the need to appoint a Presidential Committee to implement this National Strategy on combating Dengue and urged the President to intervene into this.The Dengue Control Campaign should be implemented under the supervision of Professionals and Scientists who are capable of addressing the issue and they should be given a free hand to take decisions GMOA further said.

Dengue Campaign should run without Political Influence GMOA stressed.

First Four Swine Flu Patients Fully Recovered From The Disease

The first four Swine Flu Patients reported from Sri Lanka who are belongs to the one family completely recovered from their illness and discharged from the Angoda Fever Hospital according to the Director of the Hospital Dr.Anura Senanayake.He said three of these patients were discharged today and the First Swine Flu Patient was discharged on last Saturday.

Now only the latest Swine Flu victim a ten year old Girl who returned from Australia as the first Four Patients along with Three suspected Swine Flu Cases are trceiving special treatment from the Hosital Dr.Senanayake stressed.

Meanwhile the checking of the Air Passengers returning from Swine Flu hit countries continues further according to the Air Port Health Authorities.

Two Sri Lankan UN Staff Members Detained By The Security -Colombo UN Office

United Nations Office in Sri Lankan Capital Colombo says two of it's local Staff Members were detained by the Sri Lankan Security Authorities.UN Office further said that these two staff Members were seems to be missing two day s ago but later found Out that they were detained by the Security.

UN Office contacted the Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Justice Ministry over the arrest of these Two Employees says that they are concerned over the safety of their Staff Members.But according to UN Office it still not been told the basis of their arrest.

Meanwhile France today criticized the arrest of two Sri Lankan UN Staff Members.

CID Have Arrested Two Persons Over Addresing A Press Briefing On White Abductions

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials have last night(13)arrested two persons at a cafe in Mahara area over  participating ...