Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twenty Five Girl Students Were Hospitalized After Receiving Rubella

Around Twenty Five Girl Students attach to the Saint Thomas Girls School in Matara of the Southern Province were admitted to Matara General Hospital this noon after showing Allergic Symptoms for the Rubella Vaccine they received with one got admitted to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU).The girls were given Rubella Vaccine to prevent "Rubella "Disease or Commonly known as the "German Measles" and they felt Shocked after receiving it According to the Hospital Sources.

Matara Hospital Director Dr.Aruna Jayasekera told that the real cause of the incident is not known except the girls were showing Allergy to the the Vaccine.This Vaccine programme was organized by the Matara MOH Office.

Meanwhile the Higher Officials of both the Epidemiology Unit and the Ministry of Health were not aware of the incident as they were away from their Institutes for taking part in Seminars and Discussions.In such a Situation at least one of the Officials should have been there to inquire into the incident to Prevent such incidents in future Health Workers said.

Sixty Six Dengue Breeders In Colombo Faced Legal Action

Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council in Sri Lanka filed Court Cases against 66 Residents and Institutions In the City Of Colombo within first two and half months of this year for maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places.Out of these 25 Cases were filed against the residents and institutions of Modara Mattakuliya in the Colombo Suburbs according to Dr.Pradeep Kariyawasam the Chief Medical Officer of Colombo.

From January to Mid March this Year around 184 Dengue Cases were reported from the Colombo City with 3 Deaths Dr.Kariyawasam pointed out.All 3 Deaths were reported from the months of January and February he stressed.
According to the MOH of Colombo last year alone Colombo Municipal Council Public Health Department filed 164 Court Cases against those who are maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places.

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