Saturday, March 2, 2013

GMOA Parent Body Announced The Dissolvement Of Colombo National Hospital Branch-Branch Union Denied To Accept The Decision

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has announced that  the Executive Committee of the association has decided to dissolve the Colombo National Hospital Branch Union of GMOA with immediate effect.this decision has taken following the one day token strike launched by Colombo National Hospital Branch Union of GMOA on Friday based on irregularities of Doctors Transfers without informing the parent union GMOA spokesman has said.

The said strike which has ended this morning was against  GMOA constitution the spokesman has said.however a spokesman of GMOA Colombo National Hospital Branch Union has revealed that under the GMOA constitution any branch union can go for a 48 hour strike without informing parent union.the Colombo National Hospital branch union  will not accepted the unlawful decision taken by GMOA exco yesterday to dissolve the branch union spokesman has said."only the general committee of GMOA can take a decision in this regard not the exco" he stressed.

Meanwhile the GMOA Branch Union Of Colombo National Hospital which met this noon has decided to launch a token strike again on Monday(04) by demanding to solve doctors transfer problem.the time is to be decided at the urgent meeting of hospital doctors scheduled to be summoned at 8 a.m on Monday.several other branch unions of GMOA have also decided to support the Strike action of Colombo Branch Union it has been reported.

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