Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Doctor Arrested For Selling Banned Drugs To His Patients

The Negombo Police has  arrested a MBBS Doctor today(20) who has sold banned pharmaceutical drugs to   drug addicts and running an abortion center near Negombo Area .this doctor has said to be sold Psychiatric Drug  "Sudole" which are widely used by some youth as an addictive drug without diagnosing the patients.the arrested doctor has also engaged in treating drug addicts it has been revealed.

The police has also found 15  national identity cards   belongs to men and women and a stock of banned drugs from  doctor's house .the identity cards believe to be belongs to women who came to doctor's abortion center seeking  abortions .

Two Persons Killed Due To Van -Three Wheeler Collision

Two persons had been killed and Three pestering had been injured due to a Van -Three Wheeler Collision at Habarana area last evening (18...