Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Chief Prelate Of Asgiriya Chapter To Be Selected On 07th Of April

Image result for buddhist fanThe New Chief Prelate (Mahanayaka Thero)of the Asgiriya Chapter in Siam Section is due to be selected on 07th of April 2016 it has been announced.

The election to select the new Chief Prelate of Asgiriya Chapter to succeed the late most venerable Galagama Sri Aththadassi Thero who passed away on 09th of March  is scheduled to be held at 4 p.m on 07th of April according to sources.

Visiting South Korean Buddhist Delegation To Build A Hospital For Buddhist Monks In Sri Lanka

A Visiting South Korean Buddhist Delegation to the island  has decided to build a 34 room fully equipped Hospital  for Buddhist Monks In Sri Lanka at Kiriwaththuduwa in Piliyandala (In Western Province) Area.

The visiting South Korean Buddhist Delegation led by Bhikkuni Nong Hang  who is the head  of Ulshan Vaadey Bhikku Hospitals   in Korea had met with Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena today(20) and discussed on the proposed Hospital for Buddhist Monks.

President Sirisena has thanked the South Korean Buddhist Delegation for building a Hospital for local Buddhist Monks and stated it will help to strengthen the long standing ties between South Korea and Sri Lanka further.


A Sudden Fire Has Destroyed An Electronic Equipment Repair Shop At Kirulapana

Image result for fireA Sudden Fire occurred at a Electronic Equipment Repair Shop at Kirulapana(In Colombo) today(20) had completely destroyed the shop according to the Police.

The Kirulapona Police  with the help of  Fire Brigade attached to Colombo Urban Council and residents in the area managed to douse the fire .

The cause for the fire not yet been revealed and the Kirulapana Police are conducting an Investigation on the incident.


Three Acres Of Land Belonging To Estate In Akurassa Had Destroyed Due To A Fire

Image result for fireAround Three Acres Of Land had destroyed due to a sudden fire occurred at a Estate in Akurassa Area(In Southern Province) today(20).

The Police and the Fire Brigade officers in Matara arrived at the scene have  managed to douse the fire before spreading it further it has been reported.

The cause for the fire not yet been revealed.


Police Have Arrested A Man Along With A Stock Of Satinwood Transported Without A Valid Permit

The Toxic Narcotic Flying Squad Officers attached to  Tangalle Police Division have today(20)arrested a 64 year old man who transported a stock of Satinwood(Burutha) illegally without a valid permit.

The Police have detained the man and Rs.300,000 worth stock of satinwood along with the tractor which used to transport the satinwood at Ihalagoda in Middeniya.

The suspect is now in  detention at  Middeniya Police.

A Mother And Her Infant Son Died After Fallen To A Well In Jaffna

A Mother and her infant son had reported as fallen to a Well near their residence in Palai,Jaffna and died according to the reports.

The Police have recovered the bodies of 32 year old Mother and her one month old infant son from the well after received  information on the incident.

The Post Mortum Examination has revealed the cause of the deaths of Mother and Infant as drowning in the well.

The Police have launched an investigation on the deaths of Mother and Infant according to sources.

Tenerife Hotel In Spain With Around 1000 Guests Had Been Locked Down After An Italian Doctor Tested Positive For Corona Virus