Sunday, November 20, 2016


Health Ministry To Stop Ayurveda Doctors From Prescribing Western Medicines For Patients

Minister of Health,Nutrition and indigenous Medicine
Dr.Rajitha Senarathna has requested the local Ayurveda Doctors not to prescribe western medicine for their patients and only stick with Ayrveda Medicine.

"Ministry Of Health will take every step to completely stop the  prescribing of western medicines by Ayurveda Doctors "the Minister has stressed.

The  Trade Unions of Western Doctors  too recently accused that some local Ayurveda Doctors are prescribing western medicines illegally  along with Ayurveda Medicine to their patients .

Indian Touch Heal Therapist Dr.Sashikanth Seth Is In Sri Lanka With A New Home Remady To Cure Joint Pains

An Indian veteran touch heal therapist Dr.Shashikanth Seth currently is in Sri Lanka to conduct seminars on his latest home remady prepared to cure joint pains including knee pain.

Due to this new home remady prepared by using a special herbal powder,salt and castor oil knee pain can be cured and even able to avoid a possible knee replacement surgary Dr.Seth has stated.

Dr.Seth is also treating patients with Diabetes,Kidney,Gastritis and Mental Disorders through the touch heal therapy which includes  dyaan yoga meditation.

To  find  about the affects of new home remady and touch heal therapy call his mobile number 0777 114 332  or to the Sunshine Hotel in Bambalapitiya where he is staying.

Four Out Of The Five Students Carried Away By Sea Waves In Galle Have Rescued

 Four of the five students who were carried away by
sea waves while bathing in the sea at Induruwa,Galle(Southern Province) today have been rescued according to the  Police.

Howeverer the auhorities were  not able to rescue one student who carried away by sea waves .

Police have launched a search operation to find out the disappeared student.


Sri Lanka Navy Arrested 11 Indian Fishermen With Two Trawlers In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy with the help of coastal guards have
arrested 11 Indian Fishermen while illegally fishing in sri lankan waters near the Delft Island.

Along with the Indian Fishermen Sri Lanka Navy officers  have also taken into custody two fishing trawlers .

The arrested fishermen along with their trawlers were handed over to the fisheries officials in Jaffna for future course of action.

An Australian Female Was Arrested With Kerala Cannabis In Ella Area

Police have arrested a young Australian female with three grammes of Kerala Cannabis at Ella (In Badulla)
area it has been reported.

Ella Police are investigating on the incident.

Colombo Crimes Division Has Launched An Investigation On The Papiliyana Textile Warehouse Fire

The Colombo Crimes Division has launched an
investigation on the fire erupted in a textile warehouse belonging to the Fashion Bug shop chain at Papiliyana, Boralesgamuwa yesterday (19) which destroyed the warehouse completely.

It has taken few hours for the fire brigade belonging to Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Municipal Council to douse the fire erupted yesterday evening, as there were reports on water shortage to use for dousing the fire . There was a 12 hour water cut implemented in the area at that time.

Police are due to use CCTV footage to identify the cause of the fire it has been reported.

Foreign-India's Cash Crisis: Five Key Questions

One Person Was Killed And Another Injured Due To A Gun Shooting Incident In Kandy

One person was killed and another injured and
hospitalized due to a gun shooting incident occurred at Bebilagolla area in Kandy this morning.

The injured person was admitted to the Kandy Teaching Hospital for treatment.

An unidentified group arrived from a car had shot at two victims who were stand in front of the Bebilagolla Mosque this morning it has been revealed.

Police have arrested a suspect believed to be involved in the incident at Kabalagastenna area this evening with a gun.



Four Foreigners With Two Kilo Grammes Of Heroin In Their Possession Arrested In Mount Lavinia

The Police Narcotics Bureau officials had today (20)
arrested three Maldivian Nationals and a Pakistani National with two kilo grammes of Heroin in their possession  at the Mount Lavinia Sea Coast.

The value of the haul of Heroin arrested is around Rs.20 million it has been revealed.

Police Narcotics Bureau officials are conducting further  investigations on the incident.

Two Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized Following A Motor car-Rail Bus Collision At Kelani Valley Rail Track

Two persons were injured and hospitalized due to the
motor car they were travelling in collided with a Rail Bus  travelling to Kosgama near the Wataraka Railway Station at a railway crossing in Kelani Valley Rail track this evening.

The two injured were admitted to the Homagama Hospital after being rescued through breaking the Motor car door as the car dragged away around 20 meters with the collision.

Although a gate keeper there at the railway crossing the gate was not closed at the time of the accident it has been revealed.

Veteran Stage,Cinema And Tele Drama Actor Wimal Kumar De Costa Passed Away

Veteran Stage.Cinema and Tele Drama actor Wimal Kumar De Costa  Passed away this evening in Colombo South (Kalubowila) Hospital  at the age of 68 .

The actor who made his name in Cinema through comic and character roles has developed breathing problem and after admission to Colombo South Teaching Hospital. he has passed away it has been reported.

Bambaru Awith,Eya Dan Loku Lamayek,Ektam Ge,Damayanthi, Ahas Gawwa,Maruwa Samaga Wase and Pujithayo were some of  the memorable films late Wimal Kumar De Costa acted during his career.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...