Friday, May 31, 2019



Athuraliye Rathana Thero Continues His Fast Began Yesterday (31)At Mahamaluwa ,Sri Dalada Maligawa

Parliamentarian Athuraliye Rathana
Thero who had begun a continuous fast near the Historical Sri Dalada Maligawa  last morning (31)demanding the removal of Governors Azath Sally(Western Province) ,M..L.A.M Hisbulla (Eastern Province)and Minister of Commerce Rishad Baduideen from their posts and appointing an independant Investigation Board to inquire on illegal sterilization charges levelled against Dr.Safi ,continues his fast for the second day today (01).

Rathana Thero Had began his fast yesterday around 10.15 a.meeting at the Mahamaluwa in Dalada Maligawa after participating  religious observances at the Maligawa.

Rathana Thero Had informed his demands and regarding the fast to President  ,Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers through letters it has been revealed .

Popular Radio Artist ,Cinema/T.V Actress Chitra Wakishta Has Been Passed Away

A Veteran popular Radio Artist ,Cinema and Television actress Chitra Wakishta has been passed away yesterday  (31) at the age of 83.

Late Actress became popular for her characters she has dubbed in popular Radio dramas like "Muwanpalassa "and "Vajira".She had acted in several popular Sinhale films like 'Golu Hadavatha""Yuganthaya "and "Parasathu Mal" and Tele dramas including "KopI Kade"(Coffee shop).Funeral to be notified later

May she attain supreme bliss of Nibbana".

All Male And Female Employees Of State Institutions Made Compulsory to Wear Shirt /Trouser /National Dress ,Indian /Kandyan Sarees Respectively When Report To Work

Ministry of Public Administration and
Disaster Management has directed all Male employees  in State institutions should wear Shirt /Trouser or a National  dress and females should wear  Indian or kandyan (Osariya)sarees when report to work as a step to ensure security in State institutions .

This step has been made compulsary in  state institutions through a circuler signed by the Secretary of Ministry of Public Administration And Disaster Management J.J Ratnasiri that  had been sent to all Ministry Secretaries ,Provincial Counci General Secretaries  and Department heads .

However those state institution employees who have an official dress like drivers ,Nurses, family health officers etc.can wear their official dresses to work the circular has stated.

According to the public administration circular 13/2019 issued in this regard dated 29-05-2019 ,pregnant mothers can wear a suitable dress as they like when report to work  and those who made their dress according to a religious custom can wear a cover in addition to the dresses mentioned above but exposing their faces .

Srate institutional heads are being advised to implememt these measures strictly. 

Presidential Election Will Be Held Between 15th of November To 09 th Of December -Election Commission Chairman

The Presidential Election will be held on a date between the period  09 th of
November to 09 th of December this year the Chairman of the National Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya has revealed.

The closest date the Presidential Election can be held is 15 th of November and if it takes longer the date  will be 07 th of December the Election Commission Chairman has stressed .

This information has been provided to The president ,Prime Minister and to the speaker he has stated whilst revealing if someone is trying to delay the election due to recent Easter Sunday attacks it will be a worst crime then the attacks .

Meanwhile President Maithripala Sirisena now in India has told Indian media today that Presidential Election in Sri Lanka will be held on 07th of December .


Thursday, May 30, 2019


President Had Denied Media Reports On He Was Aware Of Easter Sunday Attacks Earlier After One Month

President Maithripala Sirisena has
yesterday  (30)denied media reports saying the President was informed on the Easter Sunday attacks of 21st of April prior to the attacks.

President has denied the media reports alleged him for not taking any action to prevent the Easter Sunday attacks although he was informed on it earlier ,after more then one month since  publishing these reports .

Presidential Media Division has stated quoted the  president that even he was not informed on the intelligence reports received on the attack during a meeting with Police heads on 08 th of April .

Earlier president has not criticised these media reports as he was in Singapore at the time of the attacks .

However former Defense Secretary HemasirI Fernando who was resigned from the post after the attacks  following President's request has stated earlier that he had informed the president  on the reports received on the attack prior to the incident .


Little More Than 300 Complaints Received Against Dr.Safi Yesterday (30)-Investigation Board Carried Out Investigations Amidst Disturbances

Although no medical test has been
carried out to prove the allegations levelled against Dr.Mohommad Siyabdeen Safi who is under the custody of Criminal Investigations Department  (CID) around 105 mothers had been complained against the doctor over illegal sterilisation to Kurunagala Teaching /Dambulla Hospitals ,and Dambulla, Sigiriya and Galewela Police stations yesterday (30)bringing the total number of complaints received against the doctor so far to little more than 300.

Around 97 mothers had been complained against Dr. Safi to the Kurunagala Teaching hospital yesterday whilst 08 mothers complained to the Dambulla Hospital.

Meanwhile Health Ministry Secretary Wasantha Perera has stated yesterday that the six member investigations board appointed to probe on the allegations against Dr..safi not able to carry out their investigations due to influence of some sections of the Kurunagala Hospital.Some officers of the hospital had removed their evidences given to the board it has been revealed .

However the Investigations Board is due to handover the interim report of the investigations to the Health Secrerary shortly .

Seven Persons Including Five Children Injured And Hospitalized Due To Three Wheeler-Motorcycle Collision

Seven Persons including five school
children have been injured and hospitalized due to a Three Wherler-Motorcycle Collision at Muyhthiyan kattu area of Oddusudan ,Mulathivu last evening  (30).

The injured had been admitted to the Mulathivu Hospital for treatment according to Mulathivu Police.The condition of a Child travelling in the Motorcycle is critical Police have stated

Four of the injured children had been travelling from the Three Wheeler after their Tution classes and one was travelling in the Motorcycle at the time of the incident. 

CID Is Probing On More Than 1800 Telephone Numbers Related To 09 Easter Sunday Bombers

Criminal Investigations Department
(CID) is currently investigating on more than 1800 telephone numbers  used by 09 Easter Sunday bombers and those  who had called them to findout more on the persons involved in the Easter Sunday attacks.

CID has already identified some contacts of the 09 suicide bombers Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare has stated during a press briefing held in Colombo yesterday (30).

87 Suspects including 09 females arrested ovet Easter Sunday attacks  are being under the detention of CID and Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) Police Media Spokesman has revealed.



Due To Poor Cigarette Tax Policy Sri Lanka Has Lost Nearly Rs.100 Billion Income During last FIve Years

Due to the lapses of  Tax system imposed on Cigarettes  by the  Ministry of Finance Sri Lanka has lost nearly Rs.100 billion worth income during last five year period  accordance to The executive director of the Alcohol and Drug information center (ADIC) PubUdu Sumanasekara .

The huge amount of income loss faced  by the government  due to the small percentage of tax imposed on Cigarettes and as the percentage is not affected to cigarette smokers much the Tobacco company has also increased the price of Cigarettes from a certain percentage and selling it to smokers so the income of the company can be increased He has stressed .

Addressing a Media Seminar held yesterday (29)at Sri Lanka Medical Association auditorium in Colombo on World No Tobacco day  falls tomorrow (31) The executive director of ADIC has stressed that if the Sri Lankan government recieves the large amount of income which has lost during last five years through that can make projects like moragahakanda ,Southern Expressway and Katunayaka Expressway Pubidu Sumanasekara  has further stated .

Traffic Light System To be Implemented On Solid And Half Solid Foods From 01st of June

Traffic light system indicating the sugar,salt and fat content in Solid and Half Solid food items is scheduled to be implemented with effect from 01st of June according to Ministry Of Health.

Under this Implementing traffic light system in these food items manufactured after 01st of June is compulsory .

Accordingly Green, Orange and Red circles will be printed in the wrappers of Solid and Half Solid food items indicating low ,medium and maximum sugar/salt /fat contents respectively the Ministry has stated .

A Gazette Notification regarding implementing traffic light system on Solid and Half Solid food items has been released on 12th of April it has been revealed .

Food manufacturing companies have reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health regarding implementing this system in view of reducing the spreading of non communicable diseases in the society .

However Health Minister Dr.Rajitha. Rajitha Senaratne has given a Three month concessionary period for small and medium food manufacturers to implement this traffic light system in their products according to request of the nanufacutters as they need a time to get checked the content of Sugar, Salt and fat content in their products through a Laboratory. 

Overweight And Obesity Among School Children Are On The Increase -Nutrition Division Head

overweight and Obesity which lead to non communicable diseases (NCD)among School children are on the increase according to The director of Nutrition Division in Ministry of Health Dr.Lakmini Moragodathanna .

Accordingly 6.1 percent of School Children attached to Grade 6 to 12 are overweight and 2.9 percent are obsessed She has stressed .

Addressing a Media Seminar held today (30)at Health Promotions Bureau in Colombo regarding the  National Nutrition Month falls in June Dr.Lakmini has stated that due to wrong food choices and physical inactivity among School children the risk of being overweight and obsessed is high .

According to the newest survey carried out in 2016 it has Been revealed that majority of School children . western Province are overweight and obsessed.

Overweight and obesity caused non communicable diseases like diabetes ,heart diseases ,High Blood pressure, Cholesterol ,Bone related diseases she has stressed.

Addressing the seminar Head of the Nutrition Unit of Medical Research Institute in Colombo Dr.Renuka Jayathissa has said the "BMI Value (weight divided by the height  )of the children should be measured up to the 18 years of age to minimize overweight and Obesity among children .

The Deputy Director General Of Health services (Public health -2)Dr.Susi Fernando has stressed the need to minimise overweight and Obesity. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2019



Around 80 Mothers Complained Against Dr.Safi Today Over Illegal Sterilisation -No Test Carried out Today As Well

Another 80 mothers had been  submitted complaints  today(29)against
Dr.Seigu Mohommad Siyabdeen Safi  a Senior Doctor attached to the Kurunagala Teaching hospital over illegal sterilisation bringing the total number of complaints received by the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital  over the issue to 200 .

However no test regarding the sterilization has been carried out so far by the hospital authorities as stated earlier.

Meanwhile around 11 mothers had been complained against Dr.safi to the Dambulla Base Hospital where he worked earlier.

Meanwhile trade unions of the Kurunagala Hospital had decided not to give evidence before the six member Investigation Board appointed by the Health MinistRy to probe on allegations levelled against Dr.Safi .

Finance Ministry Media Director Was Arrested Over Keeping A Stock Of Cartridges -Later Released After Questioning

The Media Director of the Ministry of
Finance Mohommad Ali Hassan has been arrested by the Police today  (29)over keeping 93 cartridges used for Bore-12 type Firearms in his house at Malwana ,Biyagama area Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare has revealed .

The stock of cartridges had been recovered from Media Director Hassan's house during a joint search operation carried out by Army and Police this morning.

However he was released after being questioned regarding the incident this evening according to Police Media Spokesman .

During the investigations it has been revealed that the house belonging to Media Director s father in law who had used a licensed fire arm.

However further investigations are  being carried out regarding the incident with the advise of Attorney General SP Gunasekare has stressed .

Temporary Ban Imposed On Issuing Explosives To Industries Had Been Lifted

Government had today (29)lifted the 
temporary ban imposed on issuing explosives to Industries based on Excavation work and  quarries  following the security situation of the country

Accordingly State and Private companies based on excavation work and quarries  can purchase explosives they have need through an authorization of District Secrerary from the State owned commercial explosives, firearms and cartridges  purchasing unit government has announced.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019




A Private Hospital Worker Was Remanded Over Keeping A Stock Of Explosives In Possession

Colombo Additional Magistrate ShaLani
Perera has yesterday (28)ordered to Remand a Hospital worker attached to a Private Hospital in Colombo-05 (Narahenpita)who was arrested with more than 14 Kilo Grammes of Explosives in possession until 10th of June .

The hospital worker who is a resident of Rathgama,Bussa area and stayed at a house in Debare road,Narahenpita had been arrested by the Narahenpita Police two days ago over keeping a stock of explosives in possession during a search operation  .

The suspect has told the police during questioning that he had kept the Explosives to explode a huge rock in his land it has been revealed .



President Gave A New Appointment To Eastern Province Governor Hisbulla Whilst Other Political Leaders Demanding His Removal

President Maithripala Sirisena had
appointed the controversial Eastern Province Governor A.L.A.M Hisbulla as the co chairman of the District coordination committees in Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara Districts .

This Appointment has been made to speed up the development activities in Eastern province according to President.However Eastern province governor has been given the new appointment at a time most political leaders are requesting the removal of him as the governor of Eastern.province over supporting Extremism

The next meeting of the Trincomalee District Coordination Committee under thr co chairmanship of Governot Hisbulla due to be held on 10th of June at the auditorium in  Trincomalee Government Agents office .

At present Deputy Minister of Ports and Shipping M.A.M Maharoof and Tamil National Alliance Leader R.Sampanthan are functioning as Co chairman' of Trincomalee District Coordination committee.

Hospital Directors To Get Permission From Health Secretary Before Conducting Media Briefings /Revealing Facts To Media

Acting Director General Of Health
Services Dr.Lal Panapatiya had yesterday (28) advised All Medical Administrators attached to Government
Hospitals and units under the Health Ministry to get permission from Health Secretary Wadantha Perera when  revealing facts except techincal matters  to the media .

This restriction will apply with immediate effect according to Dr.Panapatiya. Accordingly Hospital Administrators should be requested permission from Health Secretary prior to holding media briefings to the media he has stressed.

Action will be taken against those who do not follow this restriction acting Director General Of Health Services has stated 


Three Persons Arrested With A Stock Of Robes And Swords At A Primary School Premises

Three persons including a Principal
had been arrested alomg with around 41 robes worn  by Buddhist Monks, A Stock of Robe materials ,03 Swords and 03 luggage  in Muslim primary school premises at Bandaragama area yesterday (27) during a Joint Search operation  carried out by security forces .

Out of the stocls taken in to custody 07 robes ,03 swords and 03 lugage had been recovered from the primary school premises .Other stocks including 34 robes,A Bible  and Robe materials had been recovered whilst  hidden in a wood shed at the primary school premises.

The  joint search operations carried out by Police stations in Panadura and Army commando's yesterday  (27).

All Police stations in Panadura area had been participated the Joint search operations .

Around 132 Complaints Received By Kurunagala And Dambulla Hospitals Against Dr.Safi -No Test Carried Out Yet To Prove Allegations

Around 119 complaints had been
received by Kurunagala Teaching Hospital and 13 complaints received by  Dambulla Base Hospital from mothers against Dr.Seigu Siyabdeen Mohommad Safi over  illegal sterilisation according to Hospital authorities.

However up to now no test had been carried out on these mothers who had complained  that after Dr.Safi performing CeaserIan Operations to them they have no babies it has been reported.Earlier Hospital authorities have stated that the tests on complainant mothers to see whether they were subjected to illegal sterilisation will be carried out yesterday  (27)at Kurunagala Hospital .

The complaints received by Dambulla police from mothers against Dr.Safi had been forwarded to Police for further investigations.

Dr.Safi whof was arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department  (CID)on Friday night over earning Rupees billions worth assets in suspicious means are now in under the custody of CID..

Health Ministry Secretary Appointed A Six Member Committee Including Two Senior Gynaecologists And A Community Physician To Probe On Allegations Leveled Against Dr.Safi

Health Ministry Secretary Wasantha
Perera has today (28)appointed a six Member Investigation Board headed by a Director Of Ministry Of Health Dr.Anil Samaranayake to investigate on the arrest of Senior Doctor on Gynaecology and obsertrics section of the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital Seigu Siyabdeen Mohommad Safi (42)and the allegations levelled against him on illegal sterilisation after CeaserIan Operations.

The Six member Investigation Board comprising of Dr.Anil Samaranayake (Oresident),Retired professor Senior Gynaecologist(Vog) Lakshman Senanayake ,Senior Gynacogist Dr.U.D.P Ratnasiri,Community Physician attached to Family Health Bureau Dr.Sanjeewa Godakandage ,Director of Health Ministry L.A Basnayaka and senior Investigation officer of the Ministry S.L Gunasekare it has been revealed .

Health Secrerary had advised the Investigation Board to hand over her the interim report of the investigations carried out regarding Dr.safi within one week and the full investigation report with statements and analysis in one month period. ..

Health Secretary has also instructed the Sri Lanka Medical Council to begin an independent inquiry against the Dr. safi.

A separate investigation is underway regarding an allegation levelled against the doctor on changing a bed ticket of a mother in Kurunagala Teaching Hospital to hand over her baby to another faction.

Meanwhile all Branch unions of Health Department in Kurunagala Hospital have today formed an Organization joint Kurunagala Hospital Protection Organization and hand over a letter to the hospital Director that their unions will avoid giving statements to the newly appointed Investigation board.They have launched a protest against the investigation board Infront of the Kurunagala Hospital with the participation of residents of the area ,Buddhist Monks and some mothers.

A Harthal has been launches by business community in Kurunagala today demanding authorities to hold an urgent inquiry over the allegations leveled against a Dr. Safi.

Monday, May 27, 2019



Water Board Suddenly Imposed A Seven Hour Water Cut in Several.Areas In Colombo

National Water Supplies And Drainage
Board had today (27)suddenly imposed a seven hour water cut from 1 p.m to 08 p.m  in several areas of Colombo including Maharagama and Pannipitya due to the sudden collapse of main pipe line supplying water from Labugama and Kalatuwawa reservoirs .

Accordingly seven hour water cut had been imposed in Maharagama,Kottawa,Pannipitoya ,Rukmalgama ,Homagama ,Meepe and Padukka areas .

However no prior notice had been issued regarding the water cut .

Court Ordered Nine Copper Factory Workers Charged Over involved In Easter Attacks To Provide Statements To Terrorism Investigations Division From Tomorrow (28)

Colombo Additional Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage has today  (27)ordered the 09 suspects attached to the Copper Factory in Wellampitiya owned by one of the Suicide bombers
who launched attacks on Easter Sunday,to give statements to Terrorism Investigations Division  (TID)from tomorrow (28)until 01st of June over the Easter Sunday attacks  after being produced them before the court.

Additional Magistrate has also sentemced the 10th suspect attached to the same copper factory K.Rajendren allias Abdulla imprisonment until 10 th of June.

The nine suspects attached to Copper factory were released on bail earlier as Wellampitiya Police which arrested suspects not able to provide required proof to the court.

Meanwhile Terrorism Investigations Division has today informed   the Court that investigations carried  out over the Copper factory workers taken under the supervision of TID from Wellampitiya Police. 

Four Member Special.Investigation Board Will Be Appointed To Probe On Dr.Safi -Hearth Minister

Four Member Special Investigation
Board comprising of Three Gynaecologists  (VOG) and a number of Sri Lanka Medical Council will be appointed to investigate charges against Dr Mohommad Siyabdeen Shafi a senior doctor attached to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital according to Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne .

This Investigation Board will conduct an investigations coincides with the investigations carried out by Criminal Investigations Department  (CID)against the doctor Minister has stressed .

Addressing the mesia at Temple Trees in Colombo Health Minister has stated that charges levelled against Dr.safi over performing illegal sterilisation on women at Kurunagala Hospital. However even performing a CeaserIan Surgery is a"VOG there who is the surgeon and assistant doctors , Nurses and attendants too participating for the surgery .So if something like illegal sterilisation occurred  after the surgery the whole team should be responsible "Minister has said .

Minister has also accepted that he is responsible for submitting a cabinet proposal to appoint Dr.safi to Dambulla Hospital after the doctor who had resigned from his career to contest the 2015 general elections had appealed to re appoint him as a doctor following the election defeat.

D safi was not charged on any offence then and if he found guilty over medical negligence he will be punished according to law Minister has said.

Five Thowheeth Jamaath Suspects Arrested In Horowpathana Area Had Been Remanded

Kabithigollawa District Court had today
(27) remanded the five suspects arrested in Horowpathana area over having close relationship with Extremist Organization Thowheeth Jamaath and it's leader Mohommad Zahran Hashim until 04 th of June after being produced before the Court .

The five suspects who had been arrested in Horowpathana were also charged of delivering extremist preaches to public in several areas including Anuradhapura and Trincomalee areas .They had been distributed Lacks of Rupees among Muslim community in these areas during preaches according to Police.

A principal of an Arabic school and a sub teacher are among those remanded today .

Sunday, May 26, 2019



A Person Was Killed After Colliding With A Mail Train

A 61 year old person had been killed
after colliding with a night mail Train travelling from Kankasanthurai to Colombo last night (26)at Iranamadu in KilinochchI area .

The body of the deceased who was a resident of Iranamadu area brought to Mankulam Train station and then sent to KilinochchI Hospital for the post mortem. 

Health Ministry To Introduce E Procurement Procedure To Speed Up Purchasing Of Drugs And Medical Devices

Ministry Of Health has decided to
introduce E -procurement procedure to speed up purchasing of Drugs and Medical devices to the Government Hospitals.

Earlier it was taken 09 months to purchase Drugs and Medical devices to Government sector through the current procurement procedure which the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne had  reduced to three months after assuming duties as Health Minister according to the Ministry.

Due to the E-Procurment  procedure that time period can be reduced further Ministey has stated .A group of Health Ministry officials is  due to  received a training in China regarding E procurement procedure before implementing it here.

Countries like India and Malaysia had been managed to minimise fraud and corruption occurred during purchasing Drugs and Medical Devices through the E-Procurement procedure Ministry has stressed .

National Drug Authority Had Increased Prices Of 64 Drugs By 14 Percent

National Drug Regulatory Authority
had  increased the prices of 64 Drugs by 14 percent with effect from 11th of May 2019 due to rising of Sri Lankan Rupee against the  US dollar up to Rs.183 according to the Ministry Of Health.

Prices of 64 Essential Drugs including "Metformin "prescribe for Diabetes, "Atovastatin "for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure drugs "Amlodipin ","Losarten" and Amoxacylin had been increased accordingly and a Gazette Notification has been issued by the Drug authority regarding the price increase.

Health Minister Dr .Rajitha Senaratne has stressed that the prices of these drugs will be reduced soon after the decreasing the value of a Rupee against US Dollar .The new prices of the mentioned drugs should be displayed in all pharmacies and Food and Drug Inspectors will carry out inspections in pharmacies to monitor this ,minister has stressed .

Although the prices of these drugs had been increased through a Gazette Notification Drug companies have increased prices of essential drugs since this January due to the depreciation of Sri Lankan Rupee against the  US Dollar .





Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero To Fight Against Extremism

General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena Organization Venerable Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thero Has today (26) told media at Kandy that he will begin the fight against to defeat extremism in the country.

Galagodaatte Thero Has stressed that after releasing on Presidential pardon he first thought of preaching Dharma lectuses and doing something to Buddha sasana ,But after seeing the faces of youth around him he thought of beginning his previous campaign on fighting against extremism .

Some youth around me told they felt as their father had been  released from jail  after hearing my  release Galagodaatte Thero Has revealed  

Police Requested Public To Hand Over Any Complaint Regarding ArrestEd Kurunagala Doctor On Illegal Sterilisation

Police have today (26) requested the
public to hand over if there are any complaint regarding the Senior Doctor attached to Kurunagala Teaching Hospital Seigu Siyandeen Mohommad Saffi who is now in the custody of Criminal Investigations Department  (CID) on illegal sterilisation done during the CeaserIan Operations as alleged by some sections.

The 42 year old doctor who was arrested by the Kurunagala Police on Friday night (24) at his house in Kurunagala over earning assets in suspicious means had been handed over to the CID Last night for further questioning.

The Kurunagala Hospital Doctor Saffi is not a VOG but a Senior Doctor attached to Gynaecology and Obstetrics section of the hospital .During a Radio interview he has revealed that he has performed around 8000 CeaserIan Operations during his career.

Navy Have Arrested Two Persons With A Stock Of Kerala Cannabis

Image result for arrestedSri Lanka Navy have today (26) arrested two persons with 126.695 Kilo Grammes of Kerala Cannabis in their possession during a search operation carried out at Udayapuram in Mannar (Northern Province).

Two suspects along with the stock of Kerala Cannabis taken into custody in their possession had been handed over to Pasalai Police for further investigations.

Pasalai Police are conducting an investigations over the incident .

Complaints Made Against Governor Hisbulla And Minister Baduideen Handed Over To CID

Two Complaints made against
Eastern Province Governor A.L.A.M Hisbulla and Minister of Industries And Trade Rishad Baduideen to  the Police Headquarters over encouraging Terrorist activities and contempt of court charges had been forwarded to Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for further investigations Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare has today (26) announced.

Accordingly two  complaints  handed over to the Police Headquarters  against Eastern Province Governor  Hisbulla over contempt of court and Minister Baduideen against encouraging tterrorism by the General Secretary of "Ravana" Balakaya(Force) Iththakande Saddhathissa Thero and a complaint made against Governor Hisbulla by the Executive Director of the Buddhist Information Center Agulugalle Sri Jinannanda Thero had been forwarded to the CID by the Acting Inspector General Of Police (IGP)SP Gunasekare has stressed.

The complaints had requested to implement law against the Minister Baduideen and Governor Hisbulla it has been revealed.

Real Face Of Extremism In Sri Lanka -In Sinhala

Saturday, May 25, 2019



A Person Was Arrested With 2.24 Kilo Grammes Of Heroin In Possession

Police officers attached to Wellawatte
Anti Corruption Unit have arrested a person with 02.24 Kilo Grammes and 150 Mili Grammes of Heroin in possession near the flyover bridge in Orugodawatte today  (25).

The estimated value of the Heroin taken in to custudy in possession of the suspect is more than Rs.20 million it had been revealed .

The suspect has been identified as Mohommad Rahim Mohommad Roshan a resident of Mahabuthgamuwa ,Angoda .


Trustee Of Arabic National School in Madampe Arrested With Zahran's Preaches In Possession -Hand Grenade Recovered From Battaramulla

The Trustee of the Arabic National
School in Madampe ,Puttalam area had been arrested by the Sri Lanla Army today (25)over storing the extremist preaches of Thowheed Jamaath leader Mohommad Zahran Hashim in his laptop .

Laptop of the suspect also taken in to custody for investigations .

Army personal have made this arrest during a house to house search operation carried out in selected areas of Colombo ,Gampaha ,Kalutara, Puttalam and Kurunagala Districts today.

During the search operations a hand Grenade left at pipe  road in Koswatta,Battaramulla had been recovered and the Army Bomb Disposal Squad had defused it .

During the search mission in Mattegoda area a uniform and a Cap similar to Army Uniform and the cap had been recovered and 09 persons were arrested and 20 swords had been taken in to custody during search operations carried out in Kurunagala District .

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...