Thursday, January 30, 2014

Midwives Launched An Island Wide Strike By Demanding The Suspending Of Midwifery Training To Nurses

The Maternity/Child Care advisory services in rural areas and new born deliveries in labor rooms are badly affected due to the island wide continuous strike launched by Midwives today(30) according to the health sources.around 8700 midwives throughout the island launched this indefinite strike by demanding the suspending of midwifery training given to nurses.

The Health Ministry Officials have adapted a double strategy regarding the issue of midwifery training given to nurses and they have clearly given the approval for the training while trying to show to the public that  they are not supporting it the president of Government Midwives Union Mrs.Devika Kodituwakku has said.

Thousands of midwives have staged a satyagraha campaign in front of the Health Ministry in Colombo yesterday(29) by demanding the suspension of midwifery
training to the nurses.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fourty Essential Drugs Are Out Of Stock In Government Hospitals-All Ceylon Nurses Union

Around 40 essential drugs are out of stock in government hospitals these days causing severe difficulties for the patients according to All Ceylon Nurses Union.the drugs prescribed for high blood pressure,heart diseases ,Diabetes ,Allergies and Vitamins are among the drugs which are out of stock in government hospitals the nurses union has said.

The main causes behind the  drug shortage appeared at   beginning of this  year are due to the lack of money allocated for purchasing drugs and the higher prices of drugs the president of All Ceylon Nurses Union Mr.Gamini Kumarasinha has stressed.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Government Midwives Have Suspended Supplying Reports Of Maternity/Child Health To The Government

The Government Midwives have suspended of supplying reports relate to maternity/child health and family planning status to Ministry Of Health with effect from today(27)according to Government Midwives Union.midwives have withdrawn from supplying these reports by demanding to halt the midwifery training given to all newly recruited nurses of the government hospitals the president of Midwives Union Mrs.Devika Kodituwakku has said.

According to Mrs.Kodituwakku ,due to the midwifery training given to government nurses the service of midwives has been underestimated .through suspending supplying of reports of maternity/child health and family planning status it will effect collecting date of maternity /child
health sources said.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Professions Supplementary To Medicine To Launch A Continuous Strike From Next Week

The Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM's) attach to Government Hospitals have decided to launch a Continuous Island Wide Strike action withing next week by demanding fair solutions for eight of their service demands according to Joint Council Of Professions Supplementary To Medicine(JCPSM).

The General Committee of Joint Council which meet today(26) has decided to go with a strike over their demands and the executive committee of the council is to meet this coming Friday(31) to decide the date of launching the strike the secretary of JCPSM Saman Jayasekera has said.the Professions Supplementary To Medicine has compromising with Pharmacists,Medical Laboratory Technologists(MLT),Radiographers,Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists .

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Goveernment Nurses Are Eligible To Perform Aa Midwives-Public Servies Nurses Union

As Government Nurses who are  receiving  midwifery training also given the status of Midwives by Sri Lanka Medical Council(SLMC) they too are  eligible to work in hospital labor rooms according to Public Services Nurses Union.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

GMOA To Be Strict If Nurses Are Going To Perform Midwife's Duty

The Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has instructed all obstetricians and doctors in Government Hospitals to make complaints to their heads if nurses are  illegally involved in child birth activities at labor rooms .as section 54 of the medical ordinance has only provides either a doctor or a midwife to be there during a child birth in a labor room a presence of another  health worker other then a doctor or a midwife in a labor room is illegal GMOA has said.

If any MBBS Doctor or a Hospital Director has authorized a nurse to be involved in child birth activity at  a labor room GMOA will not protect their members in case of a  negligence GMOA Secretary Dr.Saman Abeywardena has said

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Police To Take Strict Measures Against Three Wheeler Drivers And Motor Cyclists Who Are Violating Motor Traffic Laws

The Police has decided to take strict measures against Three Wheeler Drivers and Motor Cyclists who are not following motor traffic laws with effect from today(23).the road accidents are in rise due to the breaking of road laws by three wheeler drivers and motor cyclists according to police.

Under the strict measures  going to implement motor cyclists advised have been advised to switch on their head lamps even during riding  day time to reduce the number of accidents.

Patients Rights Group To Be Protested On Delaying Of Implementing National Drug Policy

Peoples Movement For Patients Rights (PMPR)has decided to launch people's protest by demanding implementation of long delayed National Drug Policy.under this  protest campaign  PMPR is to distribute leaflets contains the importance  of implementing  national drug policy in Sri Lanka at Colombo Fort Railway Station on this Friday evening 

The implementation of National Drugs Policy Act getting   delayed due to the  heavy opposition of some major drug manufacturers in the country PMPR has said.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hospital Radiographers In Western Province To Launch Four Hour Walk Out On Wednesday

The Radiographers attach to Government Hospitals in Western Province are to be launched a four hour walk out from 8 a.m to 12 noon on this Wednesday by demanding solutions for six of their service demands.according to Government Radiography Technologists Union during the four hour walk out on this Wednesday only emergency services will be maintained while routine tests carryout in government hospitals of western province will be cancelled.

If the authorities are not able to give solutions for their service demands during this week the Radiographers attach to government hospitals island wide will be launched a one day sick note campaign on 26th of this month the Radiography Technologists Union has said.

"GMOA Is Trying To Destroy Midwifery Training Of Nurses Through Midwives'-Public Services Nurses Union

The Public Services Nurses Union (PSNU) has today charged that the real reason behind  the opposition of Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) to the Midwifery Training given to Nurses is none other then   blocking  Nurses from obtaining university degrees .speaking at a press briefing held at PSNU Headquarters in Abayaramaya Temple in Colombo today(20)a senior nursing officer attach to PSNU Mrs.Amitha Padmakumara has said that GMOA is using Midwives as a weapon to prevent the midwifery training of nurses and they have no right to do that as midwifery training has given to nurses way back from 1886.

"Midwives should have realized that the GMOA is showing their support to them  in this issue for their own benefit and not because they really love midwives" she has stressed.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Police Special Task Force Has Arrested 23 Persons With 40,000 Kilo Grammes Of Refused Tea

The Police Special Task Force has arrested 23 persons with 40,000 Kilo Grammes of refused Tea prepared to be exported at two stores  in Polgahawela Area .the Special Task Force which has carried the raid according to the  information received through their intelligence unit first arrested a container contained 14,000 Kilo Grammes of refused tea and later arrested 20,000 Kilo Grammes of refused tea inside a ware house.

The arrested suspects were further interrogated according to the special task force.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Annual Midwifery Training For Government Nurses Has Commenced

The annual Midwifery Training for Government Nurses has commenced today(17) at around 18 centers attach to Government Hospitals despite the opposition from Government Midwives Union according to the Public Services Nurses Union(PSNU) .the training  will be held for one year period PSNU said.

The Midwives attach to Government Hospitals and MOH Offices have launched one day sick note campaign  and a protest campaign in front of the Health Ministry yesterday(16)by opposing the Midwifery Training given to government nurses.the striking midwives numbering 5000 were walked towards the official residence of president mahinada rajapksha the temple trees and conducted a protest there too demanding to stop midwifery training given to nurses.

Meanwhile commenting on midwives demand the president of public services nurses union venerable muruththettuwe ananda thero has said midwifery training has given to nurses since 1886 and midwives have no right to oppose the midwifery training given to the  nurses .

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Government Hospital Nurses To Stage A Protest Campaign In Front Of 600 Hospitals

The Government Hospital Nurses have decided to launch an Island wide protest campaign in front of around 600 hospitals this Friday(17) by opposing the demand of government midwives to remove labor training given to Nurses at present .

Thousands of Hospital Nurses will join this protest campaign scheduled to be held in front of hospitals from 12 noon to 1 p.m on Friday according to Public Services Nurses Union and Government Nursing Officers Union.

Meanwhile Government Midwives Union has announced that around 3000 thousand of their members are scheduled to be launched an island wide token strike tomorrow (16)and will hold a protest campaign in front of the Health Ministry this morning as a protest to
labor training given to government hospital nurses.

Cabinet Has Approved A Proposal Of Importing Dairy Cows To Uplift Local Milk Indsutry

The Cabinet has approved a proposal of importing 20,000 Dairy Cows from Netherlands in view of uplifting  the local Milk Industry.the Cabinet has approved this proposal of importing cows presented by President Mahinda Rajapaksha as the minister of Finance government sources said. .these cows will be importing to Sri Lanka under a  loan scheme provided by a Dutch Bank  according to  Sources.

Under this cabinet proposal 4500 dairy cows to be imported from foreign countries and from this around 2000 cows already have been imported from Australia sources have added.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Midwives To Launch An Islandwide Strike And Protest On 16th

All Midwives attach to Government Hospitals and MOH Offices are due to launch an island wide strike on this Thursday(16) according to Sri Lanka Midwives Union.the striking midwives are scheduled to meet in Colombo on Thursday morning at 10 a.m and due to hold a protest campaign in front of the Ministry Of Health.

The Sri Lanka Midwives Union is conducting this strike and protest campaign by demanding  stop giving  Labor Training for Government Nurses.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Twenty Seven Health Catogories To Launch A Four Hour Strike On Thursday

Health Workers belongs to 27 grades in hospital sector are due to be launched an island wide four hour strike on this Thursday(16) from 8 a.m to 12 noon by demanding solutions for nine of their service demands according to All Ceylon Health Workers Union.the hospital minor staff,lift operators,telephone operators ,Staff Assistants are among the health categories that scheduled to be participated the strike action.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Air Port Customs Officials Detained Three Indian Nationals With Illegal Cigarette Cartons

The Customs Officials have today(12) detained three Indian Nationals who brought 400 Cigarette Cartons Illegally to the country at Katunayake ,Bandaranaike International Air Port .the detained cigarette cartons were worth Rs.1.2 million according to Customs Sources.

Investigations are underway on the incident  Sources have

Government Has Dissolved Western And Southern Provincial Councils

The Government has dissolved both Western and Southern Provincial Councils with effect from midnight tonight(12).

Chief Ministers of Western and Southern Provincial Councils Prasanna Ranathunge and Shan Wijelal De Silva respectively have sent written requests to the Provincial Governors yesterday(11) regarding the dissolving of their councils and accordingly the governors of two councils have dissolved them with effect from midnight tonight.

According to government sources the elections for the two councils are scheduled to be held on 29th of March this year.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Investigations Of Fradulent Drug Company Registration Has Blocked?

The Forum Of Health Professionals Against Corruption has alleged that the health authorities are trying to block the inquiry conducting on fraudulent registration of a drug company under one day service to supply essential Cancer Injection Vials to Maharagama Cancer Hospital.

According to the Forum the inquiry conducting under the instructions of President Mahinda Rajapaksha has still not yet finished although the deadline of inquiry has already passed.the inquiry report has  scheduled to be handed over to the health secretary .

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tense Situation Occurred At US Embassy Due To A Protest Campaign

A tense situation has occurred near US Embassy in Colombo this noon when a group of protestors belongs to an organization called "National Organization Collective "have protested against the visit of special envoy of American State Department Stephen J Rapp who has stated that thousands of civilians were killed in 2009 due to shelling of Sri Lankan Army in Northern Province.

US Special Envoy Rapp has also issued some photos to the "Twitter"what he claimed as  the killing of civilians due to shelling of Army in 2009.

Police Inspector Has Been Arrested For Accepting Rs.75,000 Bribe From A Person

A Police Inspector attach to Fort Police Station has been arrested by bribery or corruption commission today(09) for accepting Rs.75,000 from a person who is not behaved well to not take any legal action against him.the errant Police Inspector has taken Rs.12,000 out of the promised Rs.75,000 from the person who behaved badly  and got arrested by bribery commission officers while accepting the remained Rs.63,000 from the Said person.

Even the errant Police Inspector has taken the national identity card belongs to the person who behaved badly to cover his acts it has been revealed.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nurses,PSM'S And Para Medical Officers Have Staged A Satyagraha Campaign In Front Of Health Ministry

Around Three Thousand   Nurses ,Professions Supplementary To Medicine(PSM'S) and Para Medical Officers were staged a Satyagraha Campaign in front of Ministry of Health in Colombo this noon by demanding fair solutions for six of their service demands.the health professionals have marched towards the ministry of health from nearby Colombo National Hospital this noon and staged the satyagraha for two hours.

Due to this protest campaign one side of the deans road in Colombo has been shut down for motorists for nearly two hours it has been reported.

If the demands are not meat withing next two weeks another island wide continuous strike will be launched before end of this month according to Joint Council Of Nurses,Professions Supplementary To Medicine and Para Medical Officers .

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