Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Northern Provincial Council Wants Direct Flights From Palaly/Trinco To India

The Northern Provincial Council has passed a resolution yesterday (18) calling for the  commencement of direct flights from Palaly and Trincomalee to India.the resolution has also requested to name Kankasanturai Port as a commercial port and recommencement of the ferry service from thalaimannar to Rameswaram port.

The resolution was presented to the council by M.K Shivajilingam and seconded by K.Sharweshwaran.

Parliament Unanimously Passed Resolution On Covering 80% of Cigerrete Packs With Picture Warnings

The Parliament has today(19) unanimously passed the resolution on printing pictorial health warnings covering   80% area of the cigarette packs .a foreign tobacco company went to courts last year opposing the health ministry's suggestion  to cover 80%  area of the  Cigarette Packs with pictorial health warnings.

Australia-Victoria's Corona Cases Are On The Rise -Most Affected Areas Has Been Revealed