Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Global Ransomware Attack Causes Turmoil


Police Have Arrested A Nigerian National Over Attempting To Purchase A Land Through Fake Dollar Notes

Police have arrested a Nigerian National who
attempted to purchase a 71 acre land in Roomassala ,Galle for US Dollars 5 billion under   a 99 year lease period through providing fake dollar notes ,in Wellawatte area.

The suspect went to see the land owned by a businessman in Ahangama area after seen a paper advertisement published by the businessman regarding the selling of the land and attempted to purchase it through fake dollar notes police have stated.

Saba Ratawasiyeku Sathu Yuthukama

Pasugiyada Hadisi apada thathwayak hata gath pasu sama Sri Lankikayekuma hadawathinma e pilibandawa kanagatu wuyeya.peedawata path janathawata udaw padaw kaloya.Adatath eya esemaya.Ema apada tatwayen thawamath goda with nomathi thathwayak thula ehi katuka athdakem thawamath boho deneku thula pawathina bawa norahasaki.

Mewani wathawaranayakadi apa agaya kala yutte wipathata path wuwanta haki ayurin  adara upakara kala ayay.Apage trivida hamudawan ehidi sidu kala anupameya sewaway.Ese nomativa videshikayin pamanak usas kota salakamin thama rate ihatha kee kotas amathaka kalak men hasireema saba lankikayeku nokarana deyaki.

Madak sithanna manussakama athamun wethin  gilihi yanneda kiya.



Chairman Of SAITM Held Talks With Private Secretary To The President

Chairman of the SAITM Dr.Neville Fernando has today
(27) met with private secretary to  the President Maithripala Sirisena,Erik Weerawardena at the Presidential secretariet and held discussions on the future activities of SAITM.

Cabinet has today (27) given approval for a proposal to take over the  Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital to the government.

IGP Has Instructed The CID To Hold An Inquiry On A Statement Made By Former GMOA Secretary

The Inspector General Of Police (IGP) pujith
Jayasundare has instructed the Criminal Investigations Department
(CID)to  hold  an inquiry under the legal advise of Attorney General on a statement made by the former secretary of the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA)Dr.Naveen De Zoyza at a press conference  stating that the students may have take arms into their hands in future if the authorities are not providing solutions for their demands .

IGP has instructed the CID  to hold an inquiry on the statement made by Dr.Zoysa after receiving a complaint regarding it from a person .

Post Offices Throughout The Country Closed Down Due To The Postal Strike

Post offices throughout the country have been closed
down and postal activities were disrupted due to the Island Wide continuous postal strike launched by the postal workers since midnight yesterday (26) over several service demands.

Over 100,000 local and foreign parcels and letters have got accumulated in the Central mail exchange due to the strike according to sources.

Postal workers have launched the strike over several demands including  demanding halting the providing of post offices to tourist hotel projects and providing solutions for administrative problems in the postal service.


Boho denata mula amathaka wunath thamanwa peradee agayeemata ho lak nokala ayawa agayamin prakashayan damematanam amathaka nowe.Kenekuta karadarayak wu wita udaw karana manussakama pirunu minisun sitina rataka mewan athmartakamee wana aya sitina bawa sithematawat nohakiya.Meya mula mulumaninma amathaka kara damemak nowanneda.

Foreign-Many Firms Hit By Global Cyber Attacks


Colombo Chief Magistrate Issued Orders Banning Two Protests In Colombo-Two Protests Were Held Despite The Court Orders

Colombo Chief Magistrate has today (27)issued two
court orders banning two protests one demanding to release the students arrested over damaging Health Ministry properties and other against damaging HealthMinistry properties,However both protests have been conducted despite the court order.

Accordingly the protest march was held in Colombo this evening by the Inter University Students Federation demanding the release of it's convenor Lahiru Weerasekere and other student activists arrested over the damaging properties of Health Ministry.Due to the protest police have closed down the Galle Face road from lotus roundabout and requested the motorists to use an alternative routes.

Meanwhile in another development members of twenty five Health Professions have conducted a protest campaign in front of the Health Ministry opposing the Students invasion of the Health Ministry and damaging it's properties.

A 44 Year Old Father And Three Of His Children Including A Little Buddhist Monk Hanged Themselves?

A 44 year old father and his two daughters of the ages
10 and 16 and youngest  son a 14 year old young Buddhist monk mysteriously hanged themselves and killed  in Beraliathura area of Kamburupitiya,Matara last night(26)after the father setting up  fire to their house.

The neighbours have been recovered the bodies of the three children and father last night according to the Police.

Neighbours have suspected that the deceased father may have hanged their children before hanged himself .The eldest son of the family is a buddhist monk residing at a temple in Ratnapura and the youngest son who was also found hanged himself resided at the Bodiraja Temple in Embilipitiya of Ven.Dr.Omalpe Sobitha Thero.

The mother of the family left the house due to a family dispute it has been revealed,

It has been revealed during today's magisterial inquiry that the youngest daughter had phoned her eldest brother who is a Buddhist monk yesterday evening before the incident occurred ,and told him that their father was attempting to hang them.

A Grade 11 School Girl Has Critically Injured After Jumping From A FlyOver Bridge

Image result for pannipitiya flyover bridge
A Grade 11 school girl has been critically injured and hospitalized after jumping  from a flyover Bridge  infront of the Pannipitiya Dharmapala Collage this morning(27).

The girl had fallen on a Hood of a Van moving through the High Level road and sustained injuries to her back and neck areas it has been reported.

The injured Had been admitted to the Homagama Base Hospital and later she had been transferred to the Colombo National Hospital for further treatment.

Police have recovered the School Ty ,the Bag and  shoes of the School Girl who is a resident of Pannipitiya ,on the flyover bridge.The reason behind her suicide attempt not yet been determined.

Cabinet Approval Given To Taken Over The Neville Fernando Hospital To The Government

Image result for dr neville fernando hospital;
Cabinet has today (27) approved a proposal to taken over the Dr.Neville Fernando Sri Lanka -Russia Friendship Teaching  Hospital in Malabe under the government .

Earlier Minister Of Higher Education and Highways has announced that the Hospital will be taken over to the government soon.

Neville Fernando Hospital is managed by the SAITM and Government Medical Offciers Association and few other trade unions and Inter University Students Federation have demanded to abolish the Malabe Private Medical Collage governed by the SAITM.

Tick Saliva 'Gold Mine' Blocks Killer Heart Condition

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...