Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fifty Lorries Carrying Food Items To Mulathivu And Kilinochchi Returned After The LTTE Attack

Fifty Lorries Carrying Food items for the Civilians in Mulativu and Kililnochchi Districts returned to Vavuniya after LTTE attacked with Artillery's and Claymore Mines Government Sources said.

Ministry Of Health Instructed Authorities To Remove 60 Milk And Milk Products Containing Malamine From The Market

Director General Of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis today Instructed all Provincial Health Services Directors and Urban Council Authorities to Remove 60 varieties of Imported Milk and Milk Products from the Local Market which are confirmed to be contained the Industrial Chemical "Malamine" which is responsible for 4 Infant Deaths in China.Large Varieties of Chinese Made Biscuits,Cakes,Confectioneries,Liquid Milk,Yoghurt,Snack Food,Frozen Desserts,Powdered Milk,Cereals,Processed Foodstuffs,Products with Dairy Components including Infant Formula are banned and begun to remove from the Local Market from today Ministry of Health Says.
These Products are Imported from New Zealand, Singapore,Malaysia,Belgium,Germany,France,Korea,Japan,Netherlands
Hongkong,Austria,Australia.USA,Canada,Switzerland,Macau.Some of the Popular Brands Like Cadbury Chocolates,Snickers and Munchee Lemon Puff with real Lemon Flavour are among these banned products.Four Infants Died and more then sixty thousand infants suffering from kidney Stones in China due to the Infant Milk Powder Contained with "Malamine" which is use to increase protein Levels.

95 Percent Of The Tested Baby Food In US Contained Toxic Metals foods-arsenic-lead-toxic-metals-wellness/index.html?