Wednesday, August 15, 2018



Water Levels Of Six Reservoirs Reached Spill Level Due To Heavy Showers

Due to the heavy showers prevailing in the water levels of six Reservoirs have reached their spill level according to the Disaster Management Center.

Accordingly the Water levels of Canyon,Norton bridge, Upper Kotmale,Kotmale, Kukule Ganga and Maussakale reservoirs had reached spill level.

Meanwhile the Disaster Management Center has requested those living in low land areas around Kelaniya and MahawelI rivers to be vigilant over floods as the water levels of two rivers reaching spill level from few areas.

Colombo -Kochi Sri Lankan Airlines Flights To Be Cancelled Until.Saturday

Sri Lankan Airlines had suspended all Colombo-Kochi  flights until this Saturday (18)due to the closing down of Kochi  Airport in Southern India as a result of the floods drowned the  Airport .

Accordingly all Sri Lankan Flights flying from Colombo to Kochi  Airport in Southern India will be suspended until 2 p.m this Saturday it has been announced.Kochi Airport is due to be re-opened on Saturday according to reports.

As a result of the heavy showers the Kochi Airport is being flooded at the moment .

Meanwhile those who had purchased Air Tickets from Sri Lankan Airlines to  fly From Colombo to Kochi and Vice versa will get a chance to reach their destination through another South Indian city without paying a  additional fee the Airlines has announced. 

Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe Had Been Requested To Appear Before CID On 17 th

The Criminal Investigations
Department  (CID)had requested the former President Mahinda Rajapakshe to appear before the CID on 17 th of August  to record a statement over the abducting of the former Journalist attached to "The Nation"paper Keith Noyer.

The request was made through a letter signed by the Deputy Inspector General.Of Police (DIG) Ravi Seneviratne which was handed over to the official residence of former President Rajapakshe at Wijerama Road,Colombo -07 on laSt Sunday (12).

Six intelligence officials were arrested over the abduction and assault case of Keith Noyer on 22 nd of May 2008 and later they were released on bail.

The speaker Karu Jayasuriya and former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakshe had given statements already to the CID over the incident. 


A House Owner Was Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Soil Mound Collapse

A house owner had been injured and
hospitalized after a soil mound collapsed in to the Kitchen area of  his house located at Kuda Maskeliya area in Maskeliya in the wee hours of this morning  (15).

The injured who had gone to the rare part of his house to inspect the collapsed Soil Mound got himself buried under the Soil. Later he was  rescued and admitted to the Dikoya Base Hospital for treatment.

The incident had occurred due to the heavy showers prevailing in Western slope area of Central Hills .