Monday, March 8, 2021

Thailand Launched Yacht Quarantine For Tourists 

Dineka Hiru Basa Yana ....


31 Corona Dead Bodies Buried In Batticaloa

 Up to date  31 Corona dead bodies had been buried at new Burial grounds at Ottamawadi in Batticaloa district allocated for burial of Corona Bodies  according To officials .

Yesterday (08) 07 Corona dead bodies had been cremated in the area. 

Five Corona Deaths Reported Today (08)

 A total of 05 Corona deaths reported today (08)increasing the total number of Corona deaths reported so far in the country to 507 according to National Covid -19 Prevention Center .

Accordingly four Females and a male resided at Anuradhapura ,Hemmathagama ,Darga town ,Colombo -06 and had died due to the complications of Non communicable diseases they have suffered from  caused by Corona infection the Center had stated  .

The deceased were of the ages  72,19,,51,78 and 59 years old it has been revealed .Yesterday (07)another 05 Corona deaths had been reported yesterday 

Another 334 Corona Positives Had Been Reported Today (08)

 A total of 334 Corona Positives had been reported today (08) and 337 Corona positives reported yesterday (07) increasing the total number of Corona positives reported in the in country so far  to 86.039 according to National Covid-10 Prevention Center .

Accordingly All these positives were contacts of the previous Corona positives it has been announced .At the moment 3024 Corona positives are being treated at Government hospitals and treatment centers .

Thailand Launched Yacht Quarantine For Tourists