Sunday, May 28, 2017

A MI-17 Helicopter Crashed In Baddegama

A MI-17  Helicopter belongs to Sri Lanka Air Force engaged in relief work in flooded areas in Galle,had  crashed in Baddegama area this morning (29).

However as the pilot of the Helicopter managed to landed the Helicopter into a deserted area no casualties have been reported .All crew members in the Helicopter escaped unharm Air Force has stated.

President Maithripsla Sirisena had contacted the pilot of the Helicopter and appreciated them for distributing goods among flood victims in affected areas.

Five Flood Affected Districts. Do Not Have Electricity And Water -In Matara A Fuel Shortage There

Due to the adverse weather power supply to more  than 300,000 residents in the districts of Galle, Matara, Ratnapura,Kegalle and Kalutara had been cut off it has been revealed.

Authorities have taken steps to provide electricity to 6000 to 7000 residents in Matara through Madu River it had been reported.

In Matara District one of the worst flood affected  District 60,000 residents out of 70,000 residents there do not have water and there is a severe  fuel shortage also Authorities have stated .

Even those who are  not affected due to floods have no food to eat as all the shops and trade stalls are currently closed  as a result of the floods

Around 155 Houses Of Nurses Have Been Submerged Due To Floods

Houses of 155 nurses have been submerged due to
thefloods prevailing in most parts of the country according to the president of Government Nursing Officers Association Saman Ratnapriya.

Most of these houses located in Ratnapura district he has stated.

Although facing difficulties due to the current adverse weather ,around 300 nurses are willing to visit centers where the  displaced persons are ,in affected areas to provide their services he has further stated.

Meanwhile Ayagama Hospital in Ratnapura District had closed due to the floods it has been reported.

Sri Lankans Rushed To Help The Victims Of Floods/Landslides