Monday, June 27, 2011

Surgeries In Hambanthota Hospital Become Standstill Due To A Fault In AC System

The Surgeries performed in  only Theatre at Hambanthota General Hospital (Southern Province) became standstill since few days due to the fault of Air Condition System fixed in the Theatre.Due to this large number of patients who are in the Surgery List and the Staff are facing difficulties according to the Hospital Sources.

Around 60 Surgeries have been performed at the Hospital Theatre daily and due to the halting of Surgeries the Emergancy cases are transfer to Matara General Hospital the sources further said.

Two Varities Of Margarines And Number Of Biscuits In The Local Market Are Under Fire Due To Not Carrying A Warning Label On Harmful Anti Oxident

Two varities of Margarines and number of Biscuits in the local market are identified as containing a harmful anti oxident E 319 which is harmful for Infants and Children under 3 years according to the Secretary of the Sri Lanka Public Health Officers Association  L.G Rohana.Although a warning label  stating  the product is harmful for children under 3 years should be in the carton or pack when selling food items which contain the above anti oxident is necessary, those producers have violated the procedure by not carrying such a label in their products Mr.Rohana has stressed.

It has been reported that due to not carrying a warning label infants and children too are consuming these Margarines and Biscuits which may have cause neuro and bladder related illneses among them.

Taking view on this situation the Public Health Officers Association has decided to take a legal action against these producers who violated the procedure by not carrying a warning label on their food products containing E 319 he added.Meanwhile Public Health Officers under the court rule given by the Rural Magistrate Court few days back have already launched an islandwide inspection on a locally made Margerine  which has  idenfied as selling without such warning label .

All these Food Products under fire are received the approval from the authorities to sell in local markets according to sources.When contacted a higher official of the Ministry Of Health has said that they will decide the future course of action against these food manufacturers after receiving the legal docuement related to the court order given against locally made Margarine.

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