Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Ministry Of Health To File Legal Cases Against 2105 Premises Which Maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places

The Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine has taken steps to file legal cases against 2105 premises in the island which maintaining Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places and issue red notices to 25,618 premises which are having risk of breading Dengue Mosquitoes during the National Mosquito Control Week implemented throughout the Island from 29th of March to 04th of April.

During the Mosquito Control Week 630,992 premises have been checked and 135,080 premises have been identified as having mosquito breeding places it has been reported.

Most of number of Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places have been found from Construction Sites and Schools the Health Ministry has stated.

The final report of the National Mosquito Control Week has been issued to the media during a press briefing held at Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday(05) morning.


Director General Of Health Services Informed The Private Company Which Handling Cleaning Service Of Kurunagala Hospital It Will Be Black Listed If Not Clean The Hospital Properly

The Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala has informed the Private Company which handling cleaning service(Janitorial Service) of the Kurunagala Teaching Hospital that the company will be black listed if it fails to  carry out cleaning work of the hospital properly.

The Hospital Garden of the Kurunagala Hospital has become a breeding ground for Dengue Mosquitoes and the Hospital Premises too not cleaned enough Dr.Mahipala has stressed.

Therefore if  the private company which handling the cleaning work of Kurunagala Teaching Hospital not carryout their duties properly the company will be black listed Dr.Mahipala has stated.

Usage Of Narcotic Drugs In Northern Province Is Rapidly Increasing -Northern Province Health Minister

The usage of Narcotic Drugs in Northern Province is rapidly increasing at present according to the Minister of Health in Northern Province P.Sathyaligam.

Although the war which prevailed for decades in Northern Province  ended, due to the mental pressure the people are suffering in the province  as a result of non settlement  of their day to day problems the usage of drugs in North is on the increase the Minister has stated.

Deaths of Relatives,Disappearance,,Loss of Expectations ,Family and Economic Problems have caused the mental pressure of the people in North the Northern Provincial Health Minister has revealed.


A Fund To Be Initiated To Grant Financial Aid To Cover Health Needs Of Senior Artists-Education Minister

A Fund to be initiated to provide financial assistance to cover the health needs of all the Senior Artists in the country according to Minister Of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

The proposed fund for Senior Artists will be initiated by utilizing the funds of Central Cultural Fund and under the Fund financial aid will be given to senior artists to cover their hospital  and medical treatment bills when  they fall sick Minister Kariyawasam has stated.


President Sirisena Has Given Approval To Grant Rs,4.68 Million Compensation To Rathupaswela Victims

President Maithripala Sirisena has given his approval to grant Rs.4.68 Million  as compensation for the victims of Rathupaswela(In Western Province) who were suffered from an assault of security personal at  a protest campaign held during the previous government.

President Sirisena is due to present compensation money to 24 persons who are fully/partially disabled or admitted to hospitals in Gampaha for treatment following the assault against them and to a 9 other persons belonging to Mahara Divisional Secretariat on 08th of April.

A committee appointed regarding the Rathupaswela Incident has recommended the government to pay compensation to 33 victims of Rathupaswela assault.

Joint Opposition Group Has Handed Over A No Confidence Motion Against Minister Patali Champika Ranawake

The Joint Opposition Group in the Parliament has today(05) handed over a no confidence motion against Minister of Mega Police and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawake regarding his  attempt to evade arrest in an accident occurred at Rajagiriya recently by  critically injuring a youth which involved the Minister.

Forty Two MP's representing the Joint Opposition have signed the no confidence motion which was handed over to the Parliamentary Speaker Karu Jayasuriya according to reports.


Four Persons Including A Mother And Daughter Were Arrested At Aguruwathota For The Charges Of Possession And Distribution Of Heroin

Aguruwathota Police have today(05) arrested four persons including  a Mother and Daughter in connection with possession and distribution of Heroin at a house in Horagasmulla,Aguruwathota(In Western Province) .

Police have also recovered 920 Packets containing 200 Grammes of Heroin inside the house according to Police.

The suspects have been engaged in packing Heroin in to a small packets when the arrests were made.

Two Indian Fishermen And The Trawler They Were In Arrested While Illegally Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy with the help of  Sri Lanka Coast Guard Officers have arrested two Indian Fishermen who were illegally fishing in Sri Lankan waters and the fishing trawler they were in at South West of Delft Island(In Northern Province) last night .

The Navy have handed over the arrested Indian Fishermen and their fishing trawler to Department Of Fisheries And Aquatic Resources in Kankasanthurai(In Northern Province) for future course of action according to Navy.

First Meeting Of The Constitutional Assembly Has Began At Parliament Today(05)

Image result for sri lanka parliamentThe first meeting of the Constitutional Assembly has began  today(05) at Parliament for the  purpose of formulating  a new constitution for  Sri Lanka.

Accordingly Parliament has converted to a Constitutional Assembly for the first time and all Parliamentary Members became members of the Constitutional Assembly.

A resolution for the appointment of  Constitutional Assembly was passed in Parliament few hours ago.

Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe has been appointed as the chairman of Operations Committee of the Constitutional Assembly during the meeting of the Assembly.

The assembly is due to decide the sub committees that will work on constitutional making process and will elect members for those committees it has been reported. 

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