Monday, January 22, 2018

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Prime Minister Of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong Had Arrived In Sri Lanka

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The Prime Minister Of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong had arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday(22) with a 35 member delegation for a three day official visit.
Singaporean Prime Minister is due to begin bil lateral talks with Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena today(23) and the two countries will be signed a free trade agreement after the talks it has been revealed.He will also hold talks with Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe and other senior leaders of the government.
Prime Minister Loong  due to leave Sri Lanka tomorrow(24).

Voting To Elect Four Members To The Sri Lanka Medical Council Has Coomenced

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The voting to elect four members to the Sri Lanka Medical Council has commenced this morning (23) and due to conclude   4 p.m tomorrow(24) evening.
Thirteen Doctors are contesting for the four positions of the Sri Lanka Medical Council and around 27,500 doctors throughout the island are eligible to vote it has been revealed.Voting will take place at seven centers located in the Medical Council premises in Colombo.
The voting of the first day had commenced at 9 a.m this morning and due to conclude at 4 p.m in the evening.The same time schedule apply for tomorrow's voting.
The elected members will be announced after counting of the votes by tomorrow evening.
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A Main Drug Smuggler Was Arrested In Polonnaruwa

Image result for arrestedPolice have arrested one of the main Drug Smugglers in the country "Bandiwewa Sudda" along with 10 Heroin Packets in his possession at Polonnaruwa area it has been reported.

Along with the Drug Smuggler Police have also arrested his daughter and another female .The arrests were made as per an information received by the Anti Narcotic Corruption Unit of Polonnaruwa District.

A Youth Was Killed After Colliding With A Train

Image result for suicideA 22 year Old youth was killed after colliding with a train near the Anuradhapura New Town Railway station last Saturday(20) it has been revealed.

The youth who was a 22 year old arrived in from Colombo collided with the train suddenly according to reports.The deceased was a resident of Mihinthale area.

Police are conducting an investigation to ascertain  whether the death was a suicide attempt or not.

Two Youths Were Killed Due To A Motorcycle-Lorry Collision

Two youths were killed  after a Motorcycle they were riding in colliding with a Lorry at Jule Junction in Walasmulla-Hakmana main road this noon(22).

Image result for accidentThe accident was occurred due to  inability of the Motorcyclist to control the speed of the Motorcycle  it has been revealed.

The deceased were residents of Galahitiya in Walasmulla area.

Around 137,000 Have Died In Sri Lanka Last Year Due To Non Communicable Diseases

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Around 137,000 Sri Lankans have died during last year(2017) due to non communicable diseases(NCD's) including Heart Diseases and Diabetes according to the Ministry Of Health.

Wrong life styles including poor food habits and lack of exercises are the main causes for spreading of Non Communicable diseases in the country the Ministry has stated.

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has urged  that there is a need to open a social debate over the increasing number of non Communicable Disease deaths in Sri Lanka.



Thirty Four Reports On Central Bank Bond Scam And Serious Fraud And Corruption To Be Tabled In Parliament Tomorrow(23)

Thirty Four reports  of the Central Bank Bond Scam and the Serious Fraud and Corruption  are scheduled to be tabled in Parliament tomorrow(23)as per a decision taken during the Party Leaders Conference  held today(22) at Parliament.
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The Party Leaders  Conference was held this morning(22) under the patronage of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.

Meanwhile as a request made during the conference to schedule the Parliamentary Debate on Central Bank Bond Scam to be held before 10th of February ,Party leaders are due to meet again tomorrow(23) evening to take a decision in this regard.

Lotus Road Was Closed This Noon Due To A Protest March Of An Unemployed Graduates Union

The Lotus Road in Colombo had been closed down this noon(22) for traffic due to a protest march launched by Unemployed Graduates Union.
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The protest march had arrived at Presidential Secretariat and after the discussions with Presidential Secretary Austin Fernando the protest had suspended according to the Union.

The Protest was suspended as the Presidential Secretary has promised the Unemployed Graduates Union representatives to arrange a discussion for them with the president Maithripala Sirisena during February .

Although Government has 63,000 job vacancies around 53,000 Unemployed Graduates are still jobless  according to the Unemployed Graduates Union.

Twelve Trade Stalls In Katharagama Were Destroyed Due To A Sudden Fire

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Twelve Trade Stalls near the Wedihitikande Premises in Katharagama were destroyed due to a sudden fire this morning(22) it has been reported.

As no institution or fire brigade contributed to douse the fire the residents of the area had doused it according to reports.Among the trade stalls destroyed due to fire are stalls selling fruits,sculpture,artworks and sweets .

The estimated value of the destroyed items is more than Rs.7 million the authorities have said.

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