Friday, September 29, 2017

Lanka Indian Oil Company To Increase Prices Of Diesel And Petrol

Lanka Indian Oil Company has planned to increase
prices of both Diesel and Petrol in October according to the Company.

Due to the changing prices of fuel in the world market government should reduce the tax imposed on fuel or allow to increase the prices of fuel the company has announced.


Prescribing Drugs To The Patients By Generic Name Has Been Legalized And Will Be Implemented Soon-Health Minister

Prescribing drugs to patients by  Generic names has
been legalized under the National Drug Policy and it will be implemented here soon according to the Minister Of Health Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

When the law is being implemented patients will receive the right of requesting doctors to prescribe medicinal drugs under the Generic name not the trade name as usually done minister has said while addressing the Professor Senake Bibile commemoration held at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo last Tuesday (26).

Countries like USA had implemented such laws on prescribing medicinal drugs to the patients by Generic name  and recorded 85% success rate and by purchasing medicinal drugs through Generic names patients are able to get them for cheeper prices as well Minister has stressed.

Galle Court Issued A Court Order To A Group Of Buddhist Monks Banning Protest Campaigns Infront Of Bussa Detention Center

Galle Magistrate court had issued an interim order to a
group of Buddhist monks belonging to "Sinhala Ravaya" organization last evening (29) banning holding any protest campaign infront of the Bussa  detention center where the families of Rohingya refugees of Mayanmar staying in.

The court order had been issued to a group of Buddhist monks including the president of Sinhala Ravaya ,venerable Akmeemana Dayaratne as there are reports that they are planning to conduct a protest campaign infront of the center today (30)similar to the one they have  conducted when the refugee families were resided in Mount Lavinia.

After the protests in Mount Lavinia the Rohingya refugee families have been moved to the Bussa Detention center for protection by the police.

Water Board To Impose A 15 Hour Water Cut In Negambo Based Areas

The national water supplies and drainage board has
decided to impose a 15 hour water cut in and around Negambo area from 11 a.m on on monday (02)to 3 a.m on Tuesday (03) due to an essential  maintainance work in Bambukuliya water purification center .

Accordingly the water cut will be imposed in Negambo urban council area,Katunayake Airforce base,Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport,Katunayake Investment Trade Zone,Katunayake Airport Base and Pitipana areas .

The water board has advised the public in these areas to use water carefully without wasting due to the water cut.

A 63 Year Old Person Arested With 10 Grammes Of Kerala Cannabis

Morawaka police have arrested a 63 year old person
with 10  grammes of Kerala cannabis in his possession at Morawaka area.

The stock of kerala cannabis in possession of the suspect prepared to distribute among school children according to the police.

Morawaka police are investigating on the incident.

Foreign- US Health Secretary Resigned Over A Plane Scandal

Colombo Crimes Division Had Arrested A Person Over Attacking Rohingya Refugees In Mount Lavinia

Colombo crimes division officers have today
(29)arrested a strong  activist attached to Bodu Balasena Organization over attacking a house where a group of "Rohingya"refugees of Myanmar resided in at Mount Lavinia and damaged it ,at Bambalapitiya..

The 34 year old suspect who is a resident of Moratuwa had recently contested for the general  elecction under the Bodu Balasena ticket it has been revealed.


Residents Of Jaffna And Women Organizations Have Organized A Hartal In Jaffna Tomorrow

Residents and womens organizations in Jaffna have
called a Harthal campaign tomorrow (30)by demanding the arrest of state minister Vijayakala Maheshwaren and lawyer Thamilmaran over helping the main accused of Jaffna school girl vidya's rape and murder case Swiss kumar to escape while he was in police custody.

A large number of posters with photographs of State Minister Maheshwaren and lawyer Thamilmaran are being pasted on walls in Jaffna regarding the Hartal campaign according to the armed forces.

Two Youths Have Been Critically Injured Due To A Bus-Motorcycle Collision

Two youths have been critically injured and

hospitalized after the motorcycle they were riding in had been run over by a high speed private bus travelling from sanchimale to hatton at Buttergala area on Hatton-Sanchimale main road today (29).

The injured were admitted to Dikoya base hospital and
later transferred to Kandy Teaching Hospital it has been reported.

The high speed bus had collided with the motorcycle and the motorcycle had dragged away with the bus for few feets due to this.

Hatton Police have arrested the Bus driver regarding the accident.

Two Youths Have Been Critically Injured Due To A Bear Attack

Two youths have been critically injured and hospitalized due to a Bear attack in yala Nationa
l Wild life park today (29).

The injured were admitted to the Hambanthota Base Hospital for treatment.

The youth are residents of Kataragama area.

Colombo District Court Rejected A Petition Seeking To Reinstate The Former President Rajapakshe As SLFP Chairman

Image result for court order
A petition filed by a former Boralesgamuwa Urban Council  Mayor by requesting to reinstate former president Mahinda Rajapakshe as chairman of Sri Lanka Freedom Party(SLFP) has been rejection without taking into hearing  by the Colombo District Court today(29).

The petition has stated that the Chairman of SLFP should be a member who had contested the presidential election under the party ticket .

However as the respondents of the case the secretary to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Duminda Dissanayake and former party secretary Anura Priyadarshana Yapa had made objections to the court by stating the petition cannot take for hearing under the powers of current president as he is named as one of the respondents of the petition ,Court has decided to reject the petition. 

How Long Should We Wash Our Hands?

From Yesteryear Sinhala Cinema-

A Song Sung By Sujatha Attanayake for the yesteryear Sinhala Film -"Allapu Gedara" screened on 1965-09-17.

Main Actor : Joe Abeywickrama
Main Actress : Clarice De Silva
Director : M. Masthan
Producer : K.Gunarthnam

The Antibiotics In Your Fast Food

The world is running out of antibiotics, WHO says (CNN)Our favorite fast foods could come back to bite us, according to a report released Wednesday -- and it's not just the extra calories.

The new report grades the 25 largest US fast food chains on where they stand on antibiotics.
The results are a mixed bag: For the third year in a row, the only two As were awarded to Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera Bread. More companies passed this year than ever before.
But 11 of the top 25 chains received an F, having taken "no (discernible) action to reduce use of antibiotics in their supply chains." 
Nine companies didn't respond to the survey at all, just like last year.
"These drugs have historically been given to animals that are not sick, to accelerate weight gain and prevent disease in crowded and unsanitary industrial farming conditions," wrote the authors, who come from six public interest groups including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Consumers Union and the Center for Food Safety.

79 Corona Positives Had Been Discharged From Hospitals Today (02)

A total of 79 Corona positives had been discharged today (02) from Hospitals after full recovery it has been reported . Accordingly th...