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TWO HEARTS BEAT AS A ONE:A man has been left with TWO HEARTS after surgeons discovered a donated organ was too small - minutes before a life-saving transplant

Nineteen Passangers Including Twelve Army And Airforce Personal Injured And Hospitalized Due To An Explosion And Fire In A Bus

Nineteen Bus passengers including 12 Army and Air force personal have been injured and hospitalized due to a fire occurred as a result of an  explosion in a Private Bus at Kahagolla,Diyathalawa this morning(21). The injured including a female were admitted to the Diyathalawa Hospital for treatment and most of the injured received injuries to their legs according to sources.

 The explosion and the fire occurred in a Bus traveling from Bandarawela to Diyathalawa and there are 07 Army and 05 Air force personal among the injured it has been revealed.

The injured Passengers arrived in another Bus from Jaffna and due to a technical default of the Bus engine the Passengers were transferred to the Bus where the explosion occurred at Bandarawela according to reports.

It is widely believed that a Hand Grenade carried by a Military member in the Bus may have exploded and the Bus caught fire as a result.


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WHO Warns Of Soaring Rates Of Measles In Europe


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An Urgent Economic Management Reforms To Be implemented From Next Week

An urgent Economic Management reforms needed by
the country are due to be implemented from next week through the National Economic Council according to the President's Media Division.

The decision on this had taken during the National Economic Council meeting held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena at President's office in Colombo today (20).The council which appointed by the President last year(2017) to take strong decisions to strengthen the national economy had met for the eighth time.

A Person Was Injured Due To A Gun Shooting In Borella

A person was injured and hospitalized due to a gun
shooting incident near the railway crossing  in Cotta Road,Borella this evening (20).

The injured who was shot while travelling in a Motor Car and received injuries to one of his hands ,had admitted to the Colombo National Hospital for treatment.

The injured  was a suspect who is on bail after remanding over a gun shooting incident at Obeysekarapura,Rajagiriya it has been revealed.

Ten Small Bombs Recovered From Muttur

Special Police Task Force personal had defused  40 mili
meter 10 small bombs recovered from under the Kilivedit bridge in Muttur area .

The mobile police officers had recovered the stock of bombs and informed on that to Muttur Police.Later the Special Police Task Force personal had arrived in the scene and defused the bombs .

Muttur Police have launched an investigation to find out who had thrown the stock of bombs in the area.

Cabinet Suspended The Programme On Distributing Free Tabs To A/Level Students And Teachers

A programme of distributing  Tab  Computers among
G.C.E A/Level students and Teachers had been suspended by the Cabinet as per the instructions of President Maithripala Sirisena during today's Cabinet Meeting due to the lapses of tender procedure adapted when purchasing Tabs according to sources.

The programme of distributing Tab Computers among A/Level students and Teachers had launched as per a concept of Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

President has raised a question during the Cabinet Meeting on whether the Tabs are important to A/Level students and whether providing modernized class rooms for the students important than purchasing of Tabs.

A Motor Car Fallen In To A Precipice In Ginigathhena While Chasing A Bus

A high speed Motor Car which chased a Sri Lanka
Transport Board (SLTB) bus to hand over a letter to the Bus driver had fallen in to a 30 foot deep precipice at pitawala,Ginigathhena on Hatton-Colombo main road today (20).

The accident occurred when the Motor Car chased a SLTB Bus travelling from Nuwara-Elita to Galle and no one was injured due to the accident according to the Ginigathhena Police.



A Person Was Sentenced A Rigorous Life Time Imprisonment Over Heroin Smuggling

Colombo High Court judge Gihan Kulathunge had
today (20)sentenced a person who was arrested with 2.39 grammes of Heroin in his possession ,A rigorous life-time Imprisonment after finding he was guilty of the charges.

Accordingly Colombo High Court judge had sentenced the accused Cyril Nanayakkara of Thotalange area who was arrested by the Special Police Task Force Personal over smuggling Heroin at Sedawatte in Colombo the lufe-Time imprisonment.

Two Youth Went Missing While Bathing In Kelani River

Two youth who went to bath in Kelani River at
Kapugoda in Kosgama area had disappeared after drifting  away by waves today (20).

Police along with the residents of the area had launched a rescue operation to find out the missing ,However no one has been rescued up to now according to the Police.

The missing youth are of the ages 19 and 20 years old and residents of  Akarawita and Salawa Watte areas it hss been revealed. 

A Frozen Lake With An Explosive Secret


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Thailand Experts Had Arrived In Sri Lanka To Create An Artificial Rainfall In Drought Hit Hydro Catchment Areas

artificial rain සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලThe Ministry of Power and Energy has decided to get an assistance from Thailand  to create an artificial rainfall  in  the hydro catchment  areas  around the main hydro power reservoirs of the central hills due to the severe drought prevailing in the Central hills at present.

A team of Thai experts who arrived in the country as per an invitation made by Sri Lankan authorities had today(20) visited the hydro catchment areas in Castlereagh and Maussakale reservoirs to search the ability of creating an artificial rainfall  in those areas as per a request made by Ceylon Electricity Board.

Due to the drought generating of hydro power  has been restricted as the water levels of the reservoirs stands as 59% at present according to reports.

Thailand had obtained a patent on creating an Artificial Rain decades ago it has been revealed.

A 15 Year Old School Boy Was Killed After Falling Down In To An Unsafe Well In Jaffna

suicide සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල
A 15 year old School Boy was killed after falling down into an Unsafe  well at  Chavakachcheri area in Jaffna last evening(19) while flying a Kyte with another  08 year old  boy it has been reported.

After the 08 year old  boy had complained over the incident to his family .residents of the area have rescued  the boy fallen in to the well and admitted him to the Chavakachcheri Hospital where he had succumbed to his injuries after admission.

Chavakachcheri Police are investigating over the incident.

Education Ministry Has Decided To Suspend The Leadership Training Programme Of School Principals After The Death Of A Female Principal

අදාළ රූපයThe Ministry Of Education has decided to suspend the leadership training and Workshop Programme implemented for School Principals of the country temporarily after a female principal of the Suchi National School in Hambanthota has died while participating a training programme held in Wariyapola,Kurunagala  .

The programme will be temporarily suspended until the inquiry of the sudden death of the female Principal who had died while participating an activity of the training by using a rope the Ministry has announced.The deceased had fallen to the ground after involved in a training activity due to the breaking of the rope it has been revealed.The funeral of the Principal was held yesterday(19).

Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam had ordered the Education Ministry Secretary Suli Hettiarachchi to conduct an inquiry over the incident.

The leadership training programme has been implemented in aim of improving the personal development and leadership qualities of the school Principals.

The deceased principal had earlier participated two leadership training programmes according to the reports.

Second Day Of The Parliamentary Debate On Bond Scam And Serious Fraud And Corruption Reports Postponed Until Tomorrow

අදාළ රූපයThe second day of the Parliamentary Debate on Central Bank Bond Scam and Serious Fraud and Corruption Reports held today(20) had been postponed until tomorrow(21) after 40 minutes  due to the unavailability of the Tamil and English translations of the reports.

The Parliament debate held today was restricted to 40 minutes due to this situation.The Parliament Debate was postponed after the Tamil National Alliance(TNA) MP M.A Sumanthiram had pointed out on the unavailability of the translated copies which was backed by Joint Opposition MP's Dinesh Gunawardane and Vasudeva Nanayakkare.


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