Saturday, May 9, 2015


Government To Dissolve All Local Government Bodies On 15th Of May-Minister Amaratunge

The Government has decided to dissolve the local government bodies on 15th of May according to the Minister John Amaratunge.The term of local government bodies which is scheduled to be completed by the end of March was extended until 15th of May due to the political situation in the country at that time Minister has stressed.

The Cabinet has today decided not to extend the terms
of local government bodies after 15th of May.

Government will appoint a special committee to inquire on the fraudulent activities that  occurred in some local bodies after they are dissolved Minsiter Amaratunge has said.

President Had Ordered To Stop Deforestation And Clearing The Lands Surrounding Wilpattu National Park

A Section Of The Wipattu National Park
President Maithripala Sirisena has today(09) ordered to halt the deforestation and clearing the lands that surrounding the Famous Wilpattu National Park.President has also instructed the authorities to take legal action against those who are involved in deforestation and clearing land surrounding the national park.

During last few days The  Bodu Bala Sena Organization has continuously accused that the Minister Rishard Badurdeen is engaged in clearing the forest in Wipattu to settle Muslim People there.However the Minister has denied of any involvement on the issue and challenged that  if someone proves he has been involved on this he will be resigned from his ministerial post.

Meanwhile President Sirisena has also instructed the secretary of the Environment Ministry to probe on the complaint.Per the instructions of the president sirisena the  Ministry Of Environment has decided to investigate on the deforestation and clearing the lands near Wilpattu Parthe ministry sources have said.


Corruption- MP Sajin Vaas Has Been Informed To Be Appeared Before CID On Monday

The MP of the opposition United Peoples Freedom Alliance(UPFA) Sajin Vaas Gunawardene has been informed to appear before the Criminal Investigations Department(CID) on Monday(11)  to provide a statement regarding certain missing  vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat.

The CID has questioned the MP Gunawardene on last February over corruption charges leveled against him including earning luxurious assets and properties during the previous government.He was also charged of purchasing luxurious vehicles including helicopters.

Former Chief Operating Officer Of RADA Was Remanded Regarding Cheating Money From Tsunami Housing Funds

The Police Special Investigations Unit has today(09) arrested and remanded the former Chief Operating Officer of  Sri Lanka Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) Saliya Wikramasuriya over an allegation leveled against him on cheating Rs.169 million from Tsunami Housing Funds.He was remanded until 12th of May by the Colombo Fort Magistrate after produced him before the Magistrate Court.

The money that the former Chief Operating Officer of  RADA has cheated have been received to build houses for the people in North and East who lost their homes due to the Tsunami that struck ed Sri Lanka on 2004.

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