Thursday, June 22, 2017

University /Medical Students Invasion Of The Health Ministry Building : Photos Of Some Of The Damaged Properties In The Health Ministry

Grenfell Tower-Eleven High Rises Fails Fire Risk Tests


Two New Mosquito Varities Introduced To Reduce Dengue Mosquito Density

The Borella Medical Research Institute has introduced
two varities of new mosquitos which are eating Dengue Mosquito Lavae in view of reducing the Dengue Mosquito density in the country.

The mosquitoes known as "Toxorhynchites Splendens " or elephant mosquito can eat around 400 Dengue Mosquito Lavae at once it has been revealed.

A Motor Vehicle Completely Destroyed Due To A Fire

A Motor vehicle was completely destroyed and two
other vehicles were damaged due to a fire erupted in one of the vehicles in Dematagoda area early morning of  today(22).

A fire had erupted in a motor car running in on Dematagoda this morning due to a technical default and the fire spread to another motor car and a van near by it has been revealed.No one has injured due to the incident.

Dematagoda Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.


Strike Launched By GMOA Is A Politically Motivated One -Health Minister

The island wide  strike launched by the Government
Medical Officers Association today (22)as a protest against the attack on student protestors yesterday is a clearly a politically motivated action according to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Government will take an action which will be not taken previously  against the strike and public too will be responded against this unfair strike soon  he has stated during a press briefing held in Government Information Department at Narahenpita today.

Government Medical Officers Association has launched an island wide strike from 8 a.m to 12 noon today  and later decided to continue the strike against attacking the student protestors at the Health Ministry.Some of the OPD's and clinics in government hospitals have been paralyzed due to the strike.

However other hospital activities functioning normally as the specialist doctors have reported to work .

Maligakande Chief Magistrate Has Ordered To Remand Tampitiye Sugathanande Thero Over Damaging Health Ministry Properties

Maligakande Chief Magistrate has today (22)ordered
to arrest and  remanded the convener of the Inter University Bhikku Federation Tampitiye Sugathanand a Thero who was  injured and admitted to the Accident Ward of Colombo National Hospital during yesterdays attack in Health Ministry Premises until 05th of July .

The suspected Thero has been ordered to  remand by the Magistrate after seeing him in the ward over forcibly entered to the Health Ministry premises yesterday and damaged properties there.

A Doctor Had Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Fight Erupted Among Few Doctors On SAITM

A doctor had injured and hospitalized after a fight
erupted between a group of doctors on SAITM Issue this evening (22)during a Tea break of  an intelectual seminar held at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo regarding the SAITM issue it has been reported.

The injured doctor had been admitted to the Accident ward of Colombo National Hospital .

Two doctors attached to the Government Medical Officers Association reported as attacked the injured doctor after an argument occurred  on SAITM issue developed into a fight.

Maradana police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Students Attached To Five University And Medical Faculties Conducted Protest Campaigns Against Yesterdays Attack

Students attached to the  two medical faculties and
three universities have conducted protest campaigns today (22) in colombo and outstations against the yesterdays attack on university and medical students protested in the Health Ministry premises.

Accordingly the colombo Medical Faculty students action committee has organized a protest campaign against the attack in Town Hall this evening and karapitiya Medical Faculty Students organized a protest campaign in Galle.

A  students attached to Peradeniya,Kotte Sri Jayawardenapura and Sabaragamuwa Universities have prorested in front of their universities against the attack.Due to the protest campaign held in Town Hall a heavy traffic reported from the area.

Greek Rubbish Strike Causes Stink


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The Closed Lane Between Kokmaduwa and Imaduwa Of Southern Expressway Has Reopened

Related imageThe closed lane from Colombo to Matara near the 114 th Kilo Meter Post between Kokmaduwa and Imaduwa of Southern Expressway has reopened today (22) for motorists according to the sources.

The lane was closed recently due to a landslide occurred in the area.

Police To Take Legal Action Against Those Who Guided The Student Protestors To Enter Health Ministry Building

Image result for police sri lankaPolice are due to take a legal action against the student protestors who have entered the Health Ministry Building forcibly last evening According to Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

Meanwhile Police Media Spokesman Deputy Inspector General Of Police(DIG)Priyantha Jayakody has also stated that a legal action will  be taken against those who have guided the student protestors to enter the Health Ministry building and damaged the Government property .Police are using the CCTV Cameras in Health Ministry premises to identify the relevant persons he has stressed.

Around 2000-3000 Student Protestors Who Entered The Health Ministry Building Yesterday(22) Damaged Rupees Millions Worth Ministry Properties-Dr.Sunil Alwis

Image result for health ministry suwasiripayaAround 2000 to 3000  University and Medical Students  had forcibly entered the Health Ministry Building at "Suwasiripaya" Colombo-10 yesterday (21) and  damaged  properties belonging to  the Ministry worth millions of rupees including of damaging 16 Ministry Vehicles parked in Health Ministry premises at that time according to the acting Director General Of Health Services Dr.Sunil De Alwis.

Speaking at  a press briefing held in Government Information Department in Narahenpita this evening(22) Dr.Alwis has stated that the exact value of the damage done to the Health Ministry Property not yet been estimated.

The group of University and Medical Students have entered the Ministry Building  at a time they were not given a discussion on any issue and they behaved in a violent manner and damaged two steel gates in the second floor of the Health Ministry and broken glasses of windows too Dr.Alwis who was in his office in the ground floor of the Health Ministry has stressed.

"Suddenly the students entered the Health Ministry Building through four corners and when doing so   damaged a fence in the Ministry premises as well.They have stayed in the Ministry building around three hours by shouting slogans.Afterwards the riot police was called to control the situation in view of protecting the Ministry property "he has stated.

Riot Police asked the students to leave the premises and as they refused and behaved in a violent manner Police officers have used batons and tear gas to chased them away from the building and after the students ran out of the Ministry Building water cannons were fired at them Dr.Alwis further stated.

Addressing the briefing Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne has stated that the Inter University Students Federation and a representatives of a political party are behind the student protestors entered the Health Ministry Building and Police will take a legal action against the protestors.

Police have not provided sufficient protection for the Ministry at the time of the incident Minister has stressed.


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