Thursday, January 6, 2011

Health Minister Crticizing The Medical Officers Consuming Flour Based Food Items While Advising Public Not To Consume Them

Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena has criticizing  the Medical Officers attached to the Ministry Of Health who are advising the public not to consume food made from flour and sugary drinks prone to non infectious diseases like Diabetes.Heart Diseases and Obesity while serve and consuming such food after seminars and workshops.

Health Minister said that the Doctors should act exemplary  to public when consuming food.
He made these remarks when he was invited by the Director General of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis for tea after a programme held on "Non Infectious Diseases " in Colombo last Tuesday and witness the Tea Table prepared for the occasion.The table compromised with short eats made from flour like Rolls,Patty,Sandwiches and Icing Cake with  serving Sugary Drink

After witnessing the Tea Table and the Medical Officers Minister loudly said that Those Doctors who advised the public not to consume these food items now seen consuming it and left the place without consuming any food.After Minister left the scene the Medical Officers who are eating Short Eats served were seen stop eating.

WHO Donated A Stock Of "Tami Flu "Drug For Treating Children With H1N1

The World Health Organization (WHO) has donated 100,000 capsules of the drug" Tami flu" to Sri Lanka this morning to treat small children suffering from H1N1.WHO resident representative here Dr.FR Mehtha handed over the drug stock to Health Minister Maithrepala Sirisena which contained 30 and 40 mili gramme Tamiflu Capsules.

Earlier WHO donated Tami flu Capsules for the use of Adult H1N1 Patients to the Medical Supplies Division.Meanwhile the H1N1 Vaccine "Panvax" which distributed to Government Hospitals and MOH Offices to vaccinate risk groups are due to get expired tomorrow(07th) according to the Ministry Sources.

Government To Remove Import Duties Of Dairy Cows And Equipment

Government has decided to remove all import duties imposed in Dairy Cows and Dairy Equipments in the view of achieving self sufficiency in Dairy Products by the year 2016.

Cabinet Has Decided To vest Powers Of Appointing All.Foreign Mission Members To President

Cabinet has today (24)approved a Cabinet paper submitted by President Gotabaya Rajapakshe to  vest the powers of appointing  all  the Fo...