Thursday, April 21, 2016


General Amnesty Period Declared To Handover Illegal Firearms

A General Amnesty Period has been announced from 25th of April to 06th of May to handover all illegal firearms in possession with civilians according to Defense Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi.

The civilians can handover illegal firearms in their possession to the nearest police station,divisional secretariat or district secretariat the Defense Secretary has stated during a press briefing held yesterday(21) at the Media Center for National Security in Colombo.

A cash rewards of Rs.25,000 for T-56 weapons,Rs.10,000 for revolvers and pistols and Rs.5000 for Galkatas and Shot Guns will be offered for those who handed over the illegal firearms in their possession he has stressed.

After the Amnesty Period an island wide raids are due to carryout to seize illegal firearms it has been reported.


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Authorities Have Sent The Blood Samples Of Three Police Officers Attached To Laggala Police To Government Analyst

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The authorities have sent the blood samples of   Three Police Officers who were in duty during the firearms robbery occurred at Laggala Police to the Government Analyst.

The three police officers who were in duty during the robbery at  Laggala Police Station were interdicted last week.

Altogether an Assault T-56 Riffle and five revolvers were stolen from Laggala Police Station on 14th of April.

However later the stolen firearms were recovered near a water tank at Sandagala Temple in wellewela .


Around 130 Houses In Three Districts Including Colombo Had Been Damaged Due To Strong Winds

 Around 130 Houses in Colombo,Kurungala and Kegalle Districts  had been damaged due to the Strong  Winds experienced yesterday (20) in several places of the island according to  Disaster Management Center.

Accordingly  nearly 75 Houses in Kelaniya,Kotikawatta and Colombo,35 Houses in Kurunagala and 20 Houses in Kegalle had been partially damaged  due to the Winds the Center has stated.

Bagawanthalawa Police Have Arrested A Man Who Was Illegally Transporting 100 Bottles Of Liquor

Image result for arrest logoThe Bagawanthalawa (In Up Country) Police have today(21) arrested a person who was  illegally transporting 100 bottles of Liquor  in a Three Wheeler .

The police have made this arrest according to  information received it has been reported.

The suspect who is a resident in Bagawanthalawa is due to be produced before Hatton Magistrate Court.


Portrait of Maya at 16 by Maisie de Silva, 1942. from the catalogue of the Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings & Drawings, Oct. 20-23, 2000.

Four Treasure Hunters Were Arrested At Kaduruwela

The Police have  today (21) arrested Four Treasure Hunters who had illegally engaged in an  Excavation at   Kaduruwela in Polonnarauwa(In North Central Province).

Several Equipment used for the  Illegal Excavation  had also been seized   by the Police Officers in possession of four suspects  it has been reported.

One Killed And Another Injured Due To A Wasp Attack In Ella Area

One Person was killed and another injured and hospitalized due to a Wasp Attack occurred in Nahawilawatta at  Ella Area(In Uva Province) in wee hours of today(21).

Accordingly A Man was killed and a Female was injured and hospitalized as a swarm of wasps attacked them while they were plucking tea leaves at an estate the Police have stated.

The injured female was admitted to the Demodara Hospital for treatment  and  body of the deceased has also sent to the same hospital.


Veteran Sri Lankan Cinema And Tele Drama Personality D.B Nihalsinghe Passed Away

The Veteran Sri Lankan Cinema and Tele Drama Personality D.B Nihalsinghe passed away today (21) at the age of 77 .

The Veteran Film and Tele Drama Director,Producer ,Cinematographer and Editor Nihalsinghe was the founder General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of  Sri Lanka National Film Corporation and who introduced first Tele Drama 'Dimuthu Muthu"(1979) to the Sri Lanka Television.

"May he attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana"

Former Crimes OIC Of Narahenpita Police Who Was Arrested Yesterday Has Been Remanded Until 05th Of May

The Former Crimes OIC of Narahenpita Police Sumith Perera who was arrested yesterday(20) over hiding evidence in  the murder of former Sri Lankan Rugby Player Wasim Thajudeen has been remanded until 05th of May by the Colombo Additional Magistrate Nishantha Pieris.

The suspect was remanded after being produced before the court today(21) by Criminal Investigations Department (CID).


European Union Has Decided To Lift Fish Export Ban Imposed In Sri Lanaka

Due to the Reforms implemented on Sri Lanka's  Fisheries Governance System successfully the  European Union has today(21) lifted the fish export ban imposed in Sri Lanka since 2012 the Union has announced.

By announcing it's decision the European Union has stated that after a lengthy dialogue process Sri Lanka  has managed to  reform it's Fisheries Governance System successfully.

Sri Lanka has amended it's legal framework on illegal fishing activities ,strengthen it's sanctions and improved fleet control following the fish export ban imposed on the country by European Union it has stated.

With the decision taken by European Union today Sri Lanka will join the growing list of countries namely Papua New Guniea ,Philiphines,Korea,Fiji,Panama ,Belize,Togo,Vanuatu and Ghana which reformed their fisheries governance systems the European Union has revealed,

Sri Lanka was previously the second largest exporter of Fresh Swordfish(Kelawalla) and Tuna(Balaya) to the European Union Countries and Sri Lanka's fish mainly imported by   Netherlands,Germany,France,United Kingdom and Italy.

Meanwhile the European Unions's Fisheries Council is due to review European Union decision on lifting he fish export ban imposed on Sri Lanka during their next meeting it has been reported.

The Sri Lankan Minister Of Fisheries And Aquatic Resources Mahinda Amaraweera too announced this evening on the decision taken by European Union to lift Sri Lanka's fish export ban to european countries.Earlier the Media Coordinating Officer of the Minister has issued three different media statements on Tuesday regarding the European Union's decision.


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