Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Study Finds More Evidence That New Corona virus Is Linked To Bats


A Place Is Being Allocated In Front Of Presidential Secretariet For Protests

A separate place Infront of the
Presidential Secretariet in Galle Face road is being allocated to hold protests according to reports .

Although no official statement has been made by either the Presidential Secretariet or the government in this regard a Board  is being already placed in the space allocated at a car park used by Former Presidential Secretariet staff  stating  as "Agitation site " in all three languages Sinhala ,English and Tamil it has been reported.

It is believe that this decision to allocate an area in front of the Secretariet had been taken in view of minimising the traffic congestion and road closures occurred due to protests.


A Heavy Traffic Congestion Reported In Several Roads Of Colombo Due To A Studemt Protest

Heavy Traffic congestion had been
reported in liberty junction in Colpetty and surrounding roads a well as many  roads in Colombo this Evening (05)due to a protest march of a group of HNDE students  (National High technology Diploma ) .

The Protesters had matched towards the presidential secretariet in Galle Face demanding solutions for their issues .However Police have closed down the road in front of the Secretariet due to the protest .

Former Defense Secretary HemasirI Fernando And IGP Pujitha Jayasundara Had Been Released On Bail

Colombo Additional Magistrate
Priyantha Liyanage had today (05)ordered to release former Defense Secretary HemasirI Fernando and Inspector General Of Police (IGP) HemasirI Fernando on conditional bail according to an order given by Colombo  High Court.

Accordingly Former Defense Secretary HemasirI Fernando has been released on two surety bails of Rs.2.5 million each and a Cash bail of Rs.250,000 .IGP who is under compulsory leave had been released on bail afterwards.

Both of them were arrested and remanded four months ago over the charges of neglecting  their duties and failure to avoid Easter Sunday attacks  after they have received an Intelligence information regarding the attacks on 21st of April last year  and murder charges.

The case against the two Former officers had been taken in to consideration by Colombo Additional Magistrate today. After giving the release order Additional Magistrate has informed the Former Defense Secretary and IGP to provide statements whenever Criminal Investigations Department (CID)request them to do so .
However  Additional Magistrate had imposed a foreign travel ban on them it has been reported. The case is scheduled to be taken up for hearing on 06th of May .

Turkey Plane Skids Off Runway And Splits In Istanbul

278 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 278 Sri lankans stranded in England due to Corona  pandamic had touched down the Katunayak...