Monday, January 19, 2009

Sri Lankan Lead Health Trade Unionist Sacked From His Post

A Well Known Health Sector Trade Unionist Ravi Kumudesh lost his Secretary Post of the Health Services Trade Union Alliance(HSTUA) Which Himself was a Founding Member.Mr.Kumudesh Who is also the Secretary of the Medical Laboratory Technologists Union and of the Profesions Supplementary to Medicine Sacked from the Secretary Post in the Alliance Due to his Inability to Make The Other Unions he hold posts to participating the Trade Union Actions Organized by the Alliance.
Health Services Trade Union Alliance which Compromised by Health Trade Unions Representing 28 Categories Appointed Two Joint Secretaries To the Vaccant Secretary Post After Sacking kumudesh.

Supreme Court Ordered To Cancel Route Permits Of The Private Buses In Western province Who 's Crew Not Wearing Uniforms

Supreme Court Ordered the Western Transport Authority Today(19) To Cancel the Route Permits of the Private Buses Who's Crew fails to Wear Uniforms Issued to them and Issuing Tickets to the Passengers By 15th of February.Transport Ministry Issued New Uniforms to The Bus Crew in Early January.

Majority Of Government Patients Avoid Buying Prescribed Drugs Due To The Higher Prices

It is Revealed that Most Of the Sri Lankan Patients Going to the Government Hospitals are Avoid of Buying the Expensive Drugs Prescribed By the Doctors to Buy from the Private Sector Due to the Financial Problems they are facing.Doctors are Prescribing Expensive Drugs while Same Kind of Drugs are Available for Lower prices.
Doctors are Prescribing Expensive Drugs for the Patients for Diseases like Diabetes e,Hypertension,Cholesterol,Heart and Kidney Diseases.Some Tablets are Expensive as Rs30 -50 Per Tablet and Most of the Government Patients are not able to Borne the Expenses.
The Result of this is Developing their Diseases Further Hospital Sources said.
Meanwhile The Ministry Of Health says that The Patients Find Difficult to Buying these
Drugs Prescribed by the Doctors is due to they are Prescribed From Trade Names.Due to The Ban Imposed by the Ministry for Prescribing Drugs for the Patients In Trade Names Patients can Request the Doctors to Prescribe the Drugs by Generic Names Instead of Trade Names Ministry Further said.

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