Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Proposal To Increase The Minimum Traffic Offences Fine Of luxary Vehicles To Rs.10,000

While opposing the budget proposal made to increase
the minimum traffic offences fine to Rs.2500 the All Ceylon Motor Cyclists Association has requested the President Maithripala Sirisena to increase minimum traffic offences fine for luxary vehicles to Rs.10,000.

The Association has also requested all Motor Cyclists in the country to wear a black arm band tomorrow (15)as a protest against the budget proposal on incresing the minimum traffic offences fine to Rs.2500.
The Association has stated that the new minimum fine is more than the monthly petrol expense of  most of the Motor Cyclists in the country.

Lanka Private Bus Owners Association to Launch An Island Wide Private Bus Strike Tomorrow(15)

Lanka Private Bus Owners Association has announced an island wide private bus strike tomorrow(15) by demanding to withdraw the budget proposal made by Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake  to increase the traffic offences fine to Rs.2500.

As traffic violations caused most of the road accidents in the country at present Finance Minister has suggested to increase the traffic offences  fine through  the budget.

However the Lanka Private Bus Owners Association has opposed the  proposal  and demanding
To withdraw it.

Earlier the president of the Lanka Private Bus Owners Association  Gamunu Wijeratne has stated his Association will withdraw their buses from 30 routes in Colombo City if the authorities not able to take action against reducing Colombo City Traffic.


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Today(14) Is World Diabetes Day

Today (14) is World Diabetes Day.This year's theme of the Diabetes Day is "Eyes On  Diabetes".

According to the Intetnational Diabetes Federation around 415 million adults were living with Diabetes in 2015 around 5 million deaths reported annually due to  Diabetes.The number of Diabetes patients is expected to be  increased  to 642 million or one in ten adults  by the year 2040 .

It has been reported that one in two adults with Diabetes is undiagnosed.Around 12% of the total global expenditure on health is currently spent on Adults with Diabetes.

The number of people with Diabetes in low and middle income countries will continue to grow by posing a threat to sustainable development.By 2040 the number of people living with Diabetes in Africa  is expected to be double.

International Diabetes Federation warns with increasing levels of poor nutrition and physical inactivity among children in many countries type 2 Diabetes in childhood has a potential to become a global  public health issue which leading to serious health outcomes.

In Sri Lanka Diabetes is on the increase and according to the Ministry Of Health the number of people with Diabetes increased  by five times during the last two years.Due to the bad food habits.Excessive consumption of Alcohol,Smoking ,Lack of exercise ,High intake of Sugar are identified as major risk factors caused for spreading Diabetes in the country.

To make an awareness among people on Diabetes Health Minisry officials have conducted a Diabetes walk yesterday (13)  from Independence Square to BMICH in Colombo under the patronage if President Maithripala Sirisena.A physical excersise session also held prior to the Disbetes Walk.At BMICH an exhibition held regarding the Diabetes.


Most Of The Drug Companies Which Opposed Price Reduction Of Drugs Now Expressed Their Support- Ministry Of Health

Most of the western Drug Companies in Sri Lanka which opposed earlier to the price reduction of 48 essential drugs in the market implemented under the National Drug Policy  have informed  the Ministry last week that They will support to make the price reduction  work according to the Health

One of the major drug importing companies based in Colombo wrote to the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala last week  that the company informed it's distributors and traders to sell the price reduced drugs to the new prices.

The officials of the  above mentioned Drug Company had gone to Health Ministry with ambassadors of four European Countries in Sri Lanka  on 21st of October the day that the Health Ministry issued the Gazette Notification on  reducing the prices of 48 essential drugs and requested the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha  Senatatne not to reduce the prices of drugs imported from Europe under the price reduction mechanism the Ministry Has stated.

 However Minister has refused the request it has been revealed.

Four Persons Arrested Over A Robbery In Wellawatte

The officials of the special crimes investigation unit
attached to the  Mirihana Police had today(13) arrested  Four persons over a robbery at a shop in  wellawatte area(Colombo).

The police officers had also taken into custody stolen items including a cash  around Rs.245,000 and a three wheeler in possession of the suspects.

The suspects are identified as residents of Nugegoda and Eppawela areas.

A Youth Was Killed And Two Others Injured Due To An Accident At Weeraketiya

A youth was killed and two others were injured and
hospitalized due to two motor cycles they were riding  collided with  each other at weeraketiya area(Southern Province) today (13).

The deceased had succumbed to his injuries after admission to weeraketiya hospital in critical condition.
Other two injured a rider and a pillion rider are receiving treatment at the same hospital according to reports.

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Cases Filed Against 316 Premises During The Two Day Dengue Control Programme In Colombo District

During the special Dengue Mosquito Control Programme conducted on 10th and 11th of November in Colombo District, 867 premises were issued notices and cases filed against 316 premises for maintaining Dengue mosquito breeding places in their premises  according to the National Dengue Control Programme.

Altogether 12,056 premises were inspected during the two day programme and 506 premises were identified as maintaining mosquito breeding places.The health officials had corrected 1565 premises which are proned to breed Dengue Mosquitoes.

Schools,government institutions and construction sites have been identified as main Dengue Mosquito Breeding Places in Colombo District during the two day programme according to the National Dengue Control Programme.

HIV Positives Are At Risk Of Committing Suicide 36 Times More Than Normal Persons- A Study Reveales

A study has revealed that HIV positives are at risk of committing suicide 36 times more than that of normal persons due to the stigma and discrimination they have faced from the society.

As HIV/AIDS is no longer considered as a deadly disease due to the highly effective drugs and treatment available for the disease lead a HOV/AIDS patient to live around 70 years , there should be a full stop to the stigma and discrimination against these patients the director of National STD/AIDS Control Programme Dr.Sisira Liyanage has stated.

Addressing a Media Briefing held at Hotel Ramada last Friday (11) evening on "Stripping Off Obstacles For HIV Prevention:Achieving Triple Zeroes In 2030 Dr.Liyanage has stressed that make awareness on HIV/AIDS amongst the high risk groups in the country is essential when minimizing   the spreading of the disease .

Addressing the briefing Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala has stated that although 4200 persons in the country are estimated as living with HIV/AIDS  virus only 1000 out of them are identified as receiving treatment for the disease."We should work for other 3200 persons living with the virus too to receive treatment "he has stressed.

Seventy Judicial Officers To Be Transfered With Effect From 01st Of January

Seventy Judicial Officers including Chief
 Magistrates,Magistrates District Judges and Additional District Judges have  been transfered with effect from  01st of January 2017 as per the Annual Transfer List the Judicial Services Commission Secretariet has  announced .

Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya and Mount Lavinia Magistrate A.M.M Sahabdeen are among the seventy Judicial Officers in the transfer list.

The Judicial Officers in the list can appeal against their transferes on or before 25-11-2016 the Judicial Services Commission has stated.


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