Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Coronavirus -The Race To Find The Source In Wildlife


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Cabinet Approved A Proposal TO Purchase 128 MW Electricity From Private Sector

Cabinet has approved a Cabinet paper

 submitted by Minister of Power and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera to purchase 128 Mega Watt of Electricity to add to the National grid in view of providing uninterrupted  electricity supply to the consumers .

Minister Amaraweera has submitter the Cabinet paper according to a request made by Ceylon Electricity Board to do so it has been revealed .

Due to the current dry weather prevailing  in the country the water levels of most of the power generating reservoirs are receeding and the Water Management Secretariet has already restricted the water supply to the Electricity Board due to this situation Electricity Board has stated.   

Iranian Deputy Health Minister Tested Positive For Corona Virus As Outbreak Worsens



Teachers And Principals Of Government Schools To Report Sick Tomorrow (26)

Teachers and Principals attached to All
government schools in the island are scheduled to report sick tomorrow (26)by demanding solutions for 06 of their service demands including removal of salary anomalies according to Ceylon Teachers Union.

Teachers and Principals representing 30 Teachers Unions will be participated this one day sick note campaign and the teachers and Principals are scheduled to hold a protest march tomorrow during the trade union action .

Ceylon Teachers Union had held three rounds of talks with The Eduction Ministry officials and conducted a protest campaign  on 14 th of february in colombo demanding  solutions for their demands the Union has stressed .

CTB Today (25)Deployed 16 New Semi Luxury Buses On The Southern Expressway Extension To Hambanthota

Ceylon Transport Board (CTB)has today
(25)deployed 16 new semi luxury buses on the newly opened extension of the Southern Expressway to travel to and from Colombo.

Accordingly these semi luxury buses will travel daily to Colombo from Hambanthota ,Tissamaharamaya ,Ambalanthota, Embilipitiya Kataragama and Tangalle  it had been announced.

However Minister of Passanger Transport Management Mahinda Amaraweera had instructed the CTB To introduce another low fare Bus service on the extension for the benefit of Those Passangers who cannot bear the high cost of the semi luxury bus service .

The Bus fare of the Colombo -Hambanthota Semi Luxury Bus service is Rs.880 according to reports. 

A 16 Year Old Boy Has Died After Falling From The Rooftop Of Central Bank Building

A 16 year old boy has died after falling
on to the ground from The rooftop floor of the Central Bank building  at Colombo Fort this evening  (25).

The deceased was a son of a senior Bank officer attached to the Central Bank it has been revealed .

Police are currently conducting an investigations to find out whether the death is a Suicide or an accident .

The magisterial Inquiry had been performed regarding the body by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne this evening .Afterwards the body had been sent to the Colombo National Hospital .

A Sudden Fire Erupted At A Marshy Land In Rajagiriya

A Sudden fire had  erupted at a
forest area of a marshy land in Buthgamuwa Road ,Rajagiriya this noon(25) under hot weather conditions  it has been reported .

Although 04 fire trucks with fire fighters belonging to Kotte Municipal Council had sent to douse the fire the fire fighters not been  able to  reach the site earlier.

However with the help of a Bell-212 Aircraft belongs to Sri Lanka Airforce fire fighters had doused the fire after battling for nearly five hours.

The cause behind the fire has not yet been revealed and Welikada Police are conducting an investigations over the incident. 

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Bakery Owners Association To Reduce Prices Of Bread And Bakery Products By Rs ,5 From Tomorrow -Prices Of Rice And Vegetables Are Still High

Price of a loaf of Bread and other
Bakery products scheduled to  be reduced by Rs.5 with effect from midnight tomorrow night (26) the All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association has today (25) announced .

This price reduction is scheduled to be implemented in view of the concessions given by the Government to Bakery industry according to the Association.

However the concessions mainly tax reductions had been announced  around two months back and the Bakery Owners are  attempting to give the benefit of that to the consumers only now when a Parliamentary Election is around .

The prices of Rice ,vegetables and fruits are being sky rocketed in the local market these days according to reports . 

Tenerife Hotel In Spain With Around 1000 Guests Had Been Locked Down After An Italian Doctor Tested Positive For Corona Virus


278 Sri Lankans Stranded In England Had Been Brought Back To Sri Lanka

A special Sri Lankan Airlines flight carrying 278 Sri lankans stranded in England due to Corona  pandamic had touched down the Katunayak...