Saturday, January 30, 2016


SINHALA QUOTES සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල


Ministry Of Health Has Requested The Public To Destroy Mosquito Breeding Places To Avoid Spreading Zika Virus Infection In Sri Lanka

The Ministry Of Health,Nutrition And Indigenous Medicine has requested the public to destroy mosquito breeding places including dengue mosquito breeding places to avoid spreading of "Zika Virus Infection" which spreading in South and Central American Countries these days, in Sri Lanka.

"Zika Virus Infection" is  spreading through two varieties of mosquitoes namely  "Eadis Egypty" (Dengue Mosquito) and "Eadis Vittatus"which have already been  bred in Sri Lanka .The disease  is mainly affecting pregnant mothers and through a mother infected with Zika Virus Infection, The fetus will be infected  and as a result the babies are born with brain defects the doctors have said.

This infection is already spreading in Brazil and eight other South and Central American Countries as an epidemic and United States has already advised pregnant mothers to avoid travelling those countries due to this infection.

The only solution to prevent spreading of "Zika Virus Infection" which has similar symptoms as in Dengue and Chikungunya Diseases, in Sri Lanka is to destroy mosquito breeding places and keep the environment free from mosquitoes  the local epidemiologist have said.



Wellawatta Police Have Arrested Two Persons With 10.2 Kilo Grammes Of Wallapatta In Their Possession

Wellawatta Police have today(30) arrested an Indian National and a Sri Lankan at Chappal Street near Wellawatta(In Colombo) with 10.2 Killo Grammes of Wallapatta(Agarwood) in their possession.

Police have arrested the suspects as per a tip  received by Police Officers .

The two suspects ,42 year old Indian and 32 year old Sri Lankan have been produced before the Mount Lavinia Magistrate Court this evening according to reports.


Two Persons Got Killed And Two Injured Due To A Car Crash On Eppawala-Kekirawa Main Road

car crash in sketches සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵලTwo persons got killed and two  injured when a Car they were in veered off the road and crashed into the tree near 15th mile post on the Eppawala-Kekirawa(In North Central Province) main road today(30).

According to the Eppawala Police all four inside the Car have been admitted to the Eppawala Hospital following the accident and  two of them including the driver had succumbed to their injuries.

Eppawala Police are conducting an investigation on the incident.

Four Persons including Son Of Former President Yoshitha Have Been Remanded Until 11th Of February

 Four persons who were arrested by Police Financial Crime Division this evening including Yoshitha Rajapakshe who is  the second son of former president Mahinda Rajapakshe ,former president's media coordinating secretary Rohan Weliwita ,The brother of minister Arjuna Rantahunge ,Nishantha Rantahunge and Kavishan Dissanayake have been remanded until 11th of February after being produced before  Kaduwela Magistrate Court .

All four suspects have been arrested by Police Financial Crime Investigation Division this evening after recorded their statements regarding the alleged financial irregularities occurred at private sports channel carlton sports network including misusing of state resources.

Four Persons Including Former President's Son Yoshitha And Media Coordinating Secretary Have Been Arrested By Financial Crime Investigation Division

Four Persons including yoshitha rajapakshe  the second son of former president mahinda rajapakshe, ,the media coordinating Secretary of former president rohan weliwita and brother of minster arjuna rantahunge, nishantha ranathunge  have been arrested by the Police Financial Crime Investigation Unit short while ago in connection with financial irregularities occurred at the private television channel carlton sports network(csn).

Earlier in the day financial crime investigation unit has recorded statements from all the four arrested.The suspects are due to be produced before Kaduwela Magistrate Court this evening  according to sources.


BEST WAY TO MANAGE STRESS සඳහා පින්තුර ප්‍රතිඵල

Police Financial Crime Investigation Division Has Recorded Statements From Former President's Son Yoshitha and Media Coordinating Secretary

The Police Financial Crime Investigation Division has today(30) recorded statements from the second son of Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe,Yoshitha Rajapakshe  and the Media Coordinating Secretary of Former President Rohan Weliwita regarding the link with Private T.V Channel Carlton Sports Network(CSN) and alleged financial irregularities  occurred at the Channel respectively.

The statement from  Former President's second son Yoshitha Rajapakshe who is attached to Sri Lanka Navy has been recorded at Navy Headquarters in Colombo by the Financial Crime Investigation Division Officials regarding his link to the CSN Channel.

Earlier in the day Financial Crime Investigation Division has recorded a statement from former president's Media Coordinating Secretary Rohan Weliwita regarding alleged financial irregularities occurred at the T.V Channel.

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