Thursday, October 29, 2015


Still 26.5% Of The Sri Lankans Engage In Smoking-Dr.Palitha Mahipala

Image result for smokingAlthough the Government is trying hard to eliminate smoking amongst the Sri Lankan Public around 25.6% of  the Sri Lankans are still engage in Smoking according to the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala.

Due to the Cigarette Smokers people prone to passive smoking too
are on the increase Dr.Mahipala has said.


Stroke Amongst Women In Sri Lanka And In The Globe Is On The Increase- Dr.Udaya Ranawake

The Stroke amongst women in Sri Lanka as well as in the globe is on the increase according to President of National Stroke Association Of Sri Lanka Consultant Neurologist Dr.Udaya Ranawake.

Six out of the Ten Stroke Deaths reported from Sri Lanka and in other countries are women Dr.Ranawake has said.Almost 10% out of all hospital deaths reported annually in Sri Lanka have died due to Stroke which is the second highest cause of hospital deaths here he has been revealed.

A recently concluded survey has revealed 1% of the 21 million Sri Lankan Population have been suffered from stroke at some stage in their lives and prevalence of Stroke in Sri Lanka is among highest in the world Dr.Ranawake has stressed.

"Although Stroke is on the increase in Sri Lankan Society we are still having only 7 stroke units at local hospitals with less than 50 beds.Some patients suffering from stroke are being treated at  beds located in hospital corridors which is an unfortunate incident.We are also having a shortage of Neurology Specialist Doctors in government hospitals and there's only 34 neurologists available for 21 million Sri Lankan Population " Dr.Ranawake has further said.

While addressing a Media Seminar held yesterday(29) regarding  "World Stroke Day" which fall yesterday Dr.Ranawake has revealed this.

Addressing the seminar Consultant Neurologist of the Stroke Unit in Colombo National Hospital Dr.Padma Gunaratne has said a special programme has been launched to educate public on Stroke ,in  Sinhalese known as "Agathaya" call  "FAST". FAST meant F- FACE ,is the mouth dooping? ,A-ARMS, can both arms be lifted?, S-SPEECH ,Is the speech slurred ?Can the person understand you?,
T-TIME, waste no time.Go to the hospital immediately .

Stroke appeared as a result of a brain attack and the most common effects of the stroke are Paralysis on one side of the body and loss of ability to speak,Sudden severe headache for no reason,Sudden change in vision ,Sudden difficulty in swallowing,Sudden Difficulty in walking,dizziness , loss of balance and Sudden Weakness of numbness of face,arm and leg are the main symptoms of the disease.

High Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Cholesterol,Obesity ,Depression have been identified as major risk factors which cause the disease.



Police Have Used Tear Gas/Water Canons To Disperse University Students Protest In Colombo-39 Have Arrested

The Police have used Tear Gas and Water Canons to disperse a Protest Of  University Students near University Grants Commission(UGC) at Ward Place in Colombo this evening and arrested 39 Students including two  Buddhist Monks who have participated the protest.

Police have used the Tear Gas And Water Canons to disperse the Students Protest as the protesters have blocked the Ward Place which caused a heavy traffic jams on many roads in Colombo according to Police.

The Protest was organized by University Students to demand the government to solve many issues faced by State Universities.


Ministry Of Finance Had Implemented 90% Leasing Facility For Motor Vehicles

The 90% leasing facility for motor vehicles replacing the previous 70% leasing facility will  be implemented with effect from today(29) according to Ministry Of Finance.

The Central Bank is due to instruct all government and private banks officially regarding the new leasing facility for motor vehicles the Ministry has said.

The Central Bank had directed all Banks,Leasing And Financial Companies on 14th of September to implement maximum 70% leasing facility per vehicle.

Earlier vehicle owners can lease a motor vehicles at 100% of value of the vehicle which led the increasing of  vehicle imports  and traffic jams in Colombo Roads.

Former President Rajapakshe Had Given A Statement To Presidential Commission Of Inquiry Over An Allegations Leveled Against Him

The former President Mahinda Rajapakshe has today(29) arrived at Presidential Commission Of Inquiry To Investigate And Inquire Into Serious Acts Of Fraud,Corruption And Abuse Of Power,State Resources And Privileges (PRECIFAC) and gave a statement regarding allegations of failure to pay money to a state owned television station ITN for broadcasting political advertisements during the recently concluded Presidential Election. 

The Commission Officials have earlier visited the former President's House at Mirihana(In Colombo) to get a statement from him over the allegations.


Two Sri Lankan Tele Drama Artists Have Been Questioned Over A Complaint Regarding Fraud And Corruption In Sri Lankan Air Lines

The Presidential Commission Of Inquiry To Investigate And Inquire Into Serious Acts Of Fraud ,Corruption And Abuse Of Power,State Resources And Privileges(PRECIFAC) had today(29) recorded statements from Two Popular Local Tele Drama  Artists namely former Parliamentarian Upeksha Sarnamali(Paba) and Bandula Wijewera over a complaint regarding fraud and corruption occurred in Sri Lankan Air Lines.

Yesterday(28) the Commission has summoned the  Civil Aviation Minister of previous government and State Minister Of Law And Order in current government Piyankara Jayaratne over the fraud and corruption occurred in Sri Lankan Air Lines Catering Limited.

The former chairman of the Sri Lankan Air Lines Nishantha Wikramasinghe who is also the brother in law of former President Mahinda Rajapakshe is also scheduled to be given statement regarding the same complaint .

Around 22 Tourists Mostly Sri Lankans Have Been Injured When The Tourist Bus Carrying Them Met With An Accident In Thailand

The Crashed Tourist Bus
Around 22 Tourists  mostly Sri Lankans were injured when their Tourist Bus turned turtle into a Ditch at Ratchburi's Photharam District in Thailand this evening according to Foreign Media.

The Tourist Bus carrying 34 Passengers was returning from the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market when the Driver has lost control while overtaking another Vehicle.Police and Rescue Workers have rescued all  tourists trapped inside of the Tourist Coach and rushed them to Photharam Hospital.

There were four Tourist Coaches taking over around 100 Sri Lankan Tourists to the Floating Market and one of them was crashed into a ditch According to the reports.

The Governor of the Ratchburi District Surapol Sawaengsak has rushed to the accident scene and directed relevant authorities to take good care of the injured tourists.The Governor has arranged vans to take unhurt tourists to their destination .

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