Friday, May 31, 2019



Athuraliye Rathana Thero Continues His Fast Began Yesterday (31)At Mahamaluwa ,Sri Dalada Maligawa

Parliamentarian Athuraliye Rathana
Thero who had begun a continuous fast near the Historical Sri Dalada Maligawa  last morning (31)demanding the removal of Governors Azath Sally(Western Province) ,M..L.A.M Hisbulla (Eastern Province)and Minister of Commerce Rishad Baduideen from their posts and appointing an independant Investigation Board to inquire on illegal sterilization charges levelled against Dr.Safi ,continues his fast for the second day today (01).

Rathana Thero Had began his fast yesterday around 10.15 a.meeting at the Mahamaluwa in Dalada Maligawa after participating  religious observances at the Maligawa.

Rathana Thero Had informed his demands and regarding the fast to President  ,Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers through letters it has been revealed .

Popular Radio Artist ,Cinema/T.V Actress Chitra Wakishta Has Been Passed Away

A Veteran popular Radio Artist ,Cinema and Television actress Chitra Wakishta has been passed away yesterday  (31) at the age of 83.

Late Actress became popular for her characters she has dubbed in popular Radio dramas like "Muwanpalassa "and "Vajira".She had acted in several popular Sinhale films like 'Golu Hadavatha""Yuganthaya "and "Parasathu Mal" and Tele dramas including "KopI Kade"(Coffee shop).Funeral to be notified later

May she attain supreme bliss of Nibbana".

All Male And Female Employees Of State Institutions Made Compulsory to Wear Shirt /Trouser /National Dress ,Indian /Kandyan Sarees Respectively When Report To Work

Ministry of Public Administration and
Disaster Management has directed all Male employees  in State institutions should wear Shirt /Trouser or a National  dress and females should wear  Indian or kandyan (Osariya)sarees when report to work as a step to ensure security in State institutions .

This step has been made compulsary in  state institutions through a circuler signed by the Secretary of Ministry of Public Administration And Disaster Management J.J Ratnasiri that  had been sent to all Ministry Secretaries ,Provincial Counci General Secretaries  and Department heads .

However those state institution employees who have an official dress like drivers ,Nurses, family health officers etc.can wear their official dresses to work the circular has stated.

According to the public administration circular 13/2019 issued in this regard dated 29-05-2019 ,pregnant mothers can wear a suitable dress as they like when report to work  and those who made their dress according to a religious custom can wear a cover in addition to the dresses mentioned above but exposing their faces .

Srate institutional heads are being advised to implememt these measures strictly. 

Presidential Election Will Be Held Between 15th of November To 09 th Of December -Election Commission Chairman

The Presidential Election will be held on a date between the period  09 th of
November to 09 th of December this year the Chairman of the National Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya has revealed.

The closest date the Presidential Election can be held is 15 th of November and if it takes longer the date  will be 07 th of December the Election Commission Chairman has stressed .

This information has been provided to The president ,Prime Minister and to the speaker he has stated whilst revealing if someone is trying to delay the election due to recent Easter Sunday attacks it will be a worst crime then the attacks .

Meanwhile President Maithripala Sirisena now in India has told Indian media today that Presidential Election in Sri Lanka will be held on 07th of December .


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