Friday, July 15, 2016


WHO To Announce That Sri Lanka Has Eliminate Filaria Disease On 21st Of July

The world health organization (WHO) is due to officialy announce on 21st of July  that Sri Lanka has eliminate filaria according to the Director General Of Health Services Dr.Palitha Mahipala.

Through this Sri Lanka will become the second country  in the south east asian region after Maldives that eliminate filaria.

WHO has announced a world wide programme to eliminate the disease filaria from it"s member countries by the year 2020.To achieve that target a country needs to keep the micro worm rate below 1% and Sri Lanka has achieved that by keeping that rate below 1% Dr.Mahipala has stated during a special press briefing held at Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday (15).

Although Sri Lanka has eliminate the filaria  disease which dominated mainly in eight districts belonging to  Western,North Western and Southern Provinces over the decades A large number of filaria patients have been reported this year from Galle District the Anti Filaria Campaign has announced.

Out of the 32 filaria patients reported from the islsnd this year 24 patients have been reported from Galle the Campaign has stressed.


Traders Are Allowed To Increase The Prices Of Some Essential Food Items Subjected To Price Control

According to the gazette notification issued by government today (15) by announcing the controlled prices of 16 essential food items ,the authorities have allowed the traders to increase the prices of around 09 of the essential items  which are subjected to price control  by not more than Rs.5.00.

Accordingly Mysore Dhal,Dried Sprats (thai and dubai),Green Gram,Chikpeas,Wheat Flour,White Sugar,Dried Fish (Katta/Salaya)Dried Chilies  and Maldive Fish if packed the trader can increased the prices of them not not more than Rs.5.00 by considering the net weight .

An Elephant In Somawathiya National Wild Life Park Was Shot And Killed

An elephant roaming in Somawathiya National Wild Life Park had been shot and killed by a hunter it has been reported.

The body of the elephant has found from pallegodalla paddy field near the wild life park the authorities have stated.

During last six months of this year more than 70 elephants have been killed according to wild life officisls.


Seventeen Female Tea Pluckers Have Been Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack

Seventeen female tea pluckers attached to pitarathmale tea estate in haputhale have been injured and hospitalized today (15)due to a wasp attack it has been reported.

The tea pluckers were attacked by wasps while plucking tea leaves and they were admitted to Haputhale and Diyathalawa Hospitals for treatment.The condition of one of the injured reported as critical.

Convenor Of Inter University Students Federatiion Has Been Released On Bail

The convenor of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) Lahiru Weerasekera who was detained and remanded over violating a court order has been released on bail  today (15) by the
Colombo Fort Magistrate .

The convenor of IUSF was released on bail after being produced before Colombo Fort Magistrate.The accused was detained by fort police on 08th of July over viloating a court order during a  protest march held in Colombo organized by IUSF.

The case against him postponed until 05th of August

Sri Lanka Navy Have Detained Four Indian Fishermen While Fishing In Sri Lankan Waters

Sri Lanka Navy with the assistance of coastal guards have detained four indian fishermen while they were  illegally fishing in Sri Lanka's sea area in south of Mannar today (15).

Sri Lanka Navy had also detained the fishing trawler the detained  fishermen were in.

The detained fishermen and their trawler have been handed over to the fisheries department office in Mannar for future action according to the navy..


Water Board Has Announced A 12 Hour Water Cut To Be Imposed In Several Areas In Colombo Tomorrow (16)

The national water supply and drainage board has today(15) announced that a 12 hour water cut will be imposed  in 13 areas of Colombo District from 12 noon to midnight tomorrow (16).

Accordingly the water supply to maharagama,kottawa,boralasgamuwa,pannipitiya,homagama,pelenwatta,rukmalgama,maththegoda,meepe,godagama,padukka,hanwella and kaluaggala areas due to an urgant repairs at kalatuwawa water purification plant.

The water will be supplied to kaduwela area during the water cut period at a low preassure the water board has announced.

A School Prinicipal In Polonnaruwa Detained Over Bribery Charges

The bribery commission officials have today (15) detained a prinicipal of a school in polonnaruwa (in north central province)area while soliciting a bribe of Rs.2750 at his office in the school.

A former teacher of the school had handed over the bribe to the principal through a security guard for sign several documents of her.


Image result for FILARIASISThere are eight different types of thread-like nematodes that cause filariasis. Most cases of filaria are caused by the parasite known as Wuchereria bancrofti.

Depending on the area which the worms affect, filariasis is classified as-
  • Lymphatic filariasis (Elephantiasis) – which affects the lymphatic system, including the lymph nodes.
  • Subcutaneous filariasis- which affects the subcutaneous layer of the skin.
  • Serous cavity filariasis- which affects the serous cavity of the abdomen.
Filariasis is not a life-threatening infection but it can cause lasting damage to the lymphatic system. The disease causes no symptoms in the initial stage. Therefore, most people initially are not aware that they have filariasis. Lymphedema with thickening of the skin and underlying tissues is the classical symptom of filariasis.

Filariasis is usually diagnosed by direct demonstration of the parasite in the nocturnal blood sample or skin specimen. 

 While medicines like diethylcarbamazine (DEC) are available to treat filariasis, the gross swelling of the leg makes a person look noticeable and ugly. Hence, it is better to protect from the bites of filarial-spreading mosquitoes by using mosquito repellent creams, mats, coils, aerosols and prevent breeding of mosquitoes with better practice of hygiene and sanitation.

No Reports On Sri Lankans Among Those Affected Due To Yesterday's Terrorist Attack In France-Sri Lanka's Foreign Ministry

Image result for french city niceThe Sri Lanka's Foreign Ministry has today(15) says that still there are no reports on any Sri Lankan National being affected due to the yesterday's(14) brutal  terrorist attack in French City "Nice" which killed more than 80 persons including Children.

Sri Lankan Embassy in France is keeping in touch with local authorities since the attack to find about  if there are any Sri Lankan affected due to the terrorist attack which st rucked towards the crowd who were watching the Bastille Day fire works in the City of Nice the Foreign Ministry has stated.

Around 20 persons were reported as critically injured due to the terrorist attack.

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