Friday, November 30, 2018




President And Appointed Premier Handed Over Permanent Appointments To 7000 SamurdhI Officers

President Maithripala Sirisena and
Mahinda Rajapakshe had confirmed the temporary appointments of 7000 Samurdhi Officers during a ceremony held in Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium yesterday (30) according to sources.

Earlier appointed Minister of Housing in minority government Wimal Weerawansha has told the media around 14,000 temporary Samurdhi officers would be confirmed. 


New Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe Has Instructed Finance Ministry To Reduce Sugar Tax Imposed On Soft Drinks To Reduce Diabetes, From 50 Cents To 30 Cents

The 50 cent Sugar tax imposed on Soft drinks and  by the Good Governance government recently as a step to prevent spreading non communucable diseases including diabetes  due to be reduced to 30 Cents under the instructions of Appointed Premier and Finance Minister Mahinda Rajapakshe according to the Ministry of Finance .

During a meeting held between local Soft drinks and Biscuit manufacturers and appointed Premier Rajapakshe yesterday  (30)at Prime Minister's office Premier Rajapakshe has instructed the Finance Ministry to reduce the Sugar Tax of 50 cents imposed on  per 1 Gramme of Sugar contains in Soft  drinks  to 30 cents .

Soft Drink Manufacturers are due to reduce the prices of their soft drinks as a result of  the concession they have received from the new Premier they have stated during the meeting it has been reported .

 Premier Rajapaksha has also instructed the Finance Ministry to remove the Sugar tax imposed on Carbonated Drinks upto 6 Grammes of Sugar and for Fruit drinks upto 9 Grammes.

There will be no Sugar tax imposed on sweet products including Biscuits under the appointed government Premier Rajapakshe has assured the Local sweet manufacturers when they told him regarding such a plan recently.

All these decisions had been taken according to advice of National Economic Council the Finance Ministry has stated. 




Lanka Indian Oil Company Has Reduced The Prices Of Petrol And Diesel By Rs.5

Lanka Indian Oil Company (LIOC ) has
also reduced the prices of Petrol and Diesel by Rs.5  coincide with the price reduction made by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) with effect from midnight last night (30).

Accordingly the new prices of  a liter of LIOC Octane -92  Petrol is Rs.143 ,Octane -95 Petrol Rs.162 ,Super Diesel Rs.131 and Auto Diesel Rs.106.

The Meeting Held Between UNF Leaders And President Ended With Salient Progress-MP.Mano Ganeshan

The meeting held between leaders of
United National Front (UNF)and President Maithripala Sirisena at President's office in Colombo last evening (30)to find out a solution for the current political crisis has ended with a salient progress according to the leader of Tamil Progressive Party belonging to UNF ,MP Mano Ganeshan.

A further discussions to be held between UNF Leaders and President tomorrow (02)to find out a solution MP Ganeshan has tweeted last night .

Two Police Constables In Batticaloa Had Been Shot And Killed -A Police Team.Lead By IGP Arrived In Batticaloa To Observe The Investigations

The two Police Constables whose bodies
had been recovered near the Vavnathivu Police post in Batticaloa had been shot and killed by someone according to Police .

However the killers have  not yet been identified .The bodies of the two Police Constables had been recovered last morning near a Police post at Vavnathivu, Batticaloa .

A Police team lead by Inspector General.Of Police (IGP)Pujitha Jayasundara had left Batticaloa yesterday  (30) by a helicopter to observe the ongoing investigations of the killings of Two  Police Constables.

They have met the Police Heads in Batticaloa last evening and discussed on the security situation in the area it has been revealed.

The investigation over the killing of two police Constables  is being carried out by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

Court Of Appeal Has Postponed The Hearing Of A Petition Requesting To Issue A Writ Order Against New Premier Until This Monday (03)

The Court of Appeal has yesterday 
(30)ordered to postpone the hearing of the petition filed at Supreme Court by 122 MP'S.  representing   United National Front (UNF ), Tamil National Alliance and Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna requesting to issue a writ order announcing the new Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe has no legal power to hold the premiership.

Submission  of facts from petitioners and respondents had been done during yesterday's hearing before the Court of Appeal Judge Panel Comprising of it's chairman Preethi Padman Surasena and Arjuna Obeysekare .

The submission of facts regarding the petition will continue on Monday as well before giving a verdict regarding the petotion. 

The Petitioners requested the court to.issue "Quo Warranto "writ order declaring the newly appointed Premier and his Cabinet are illegal .

President Has Accepted New Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe Does Not Have Majority In Parliament -TNA

President Maithripala Sirisena has
requested the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to pass a proposal in Parliament on 05th of December requesting president to appoint new prime Minister as appointed Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe does not have the majority in Parliament During a meeting held in President's official residence this evening  (30).

At the meeting President has accepted that new Premier Mahinda does not have the majority of support in Parliament according to TNA.

Therefore President requested to pass a proposal to appoint a new prime minister according to due procedure TNA Has stressed.


Prices Of CPC Petrol And Diesel To Be reduced From Midnight Tonight

Prices of Petrol and Diesel of Ceylon
Petroleum Corporation (CPC)are scheduled to be reduced by Rs.5 with effect from midnight tonight  (30)according to the appointed Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Gamini lokuge.

Accordingly the prices of a Liter of Octane -92,Octane -95 Petrol  and Auto and Super Diesel will be reduced by Rs.5 he has stated.



Court Of Appeal Taken Up For Hearing The Petition Filed Against The Appointment Of New Premier And Cabinet

Court of Appeal has begun the hearing

of the petition filed at the Court by several political parties demanding to issue a writ order announcing appointed Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe has no legal right to hold premiership and the appointments of new Premier and his Cabinet illegal ,this noon  (30).

The Petition had been filed at Court of Appeal by United National Front ,Tamil National Alliance, Janatha Wimukthi Peramuna and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress with the affidavits of 122 MP's.

However the lawyers appeared before the court behalf of Appointed Premier Mahinda Rajapakshe have requested the Court to dismiss the petition without taking up for hearing.

The way the opposition has passed the no confidence motion is illegal and the convening of the Parliament before the court hearing of 07th of December is not valid they argued. Speaker has illegally suspended the standing orders and taken the vote for the No confidence motion they have stressed .


Bodies Of Two Police Constables Recovered In Batticaloa

Bodies of two Police Constables had
been recovered this morning  (30)near the Police post at Vavunathivu ,Batticaloa it has been reported.

The deceased Police Constables who were 28 and 35 year old restidents of KalmunaI and Galle areas died mysteriously according to reports.

The investigations over the death of two Police Constables handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department  (CID).

All Island Curfew Schedule To Be Changed From Tomorrow(06)

Government has amended  the current curfew schedule implemented in the country daily from tomorrow (06)according to the President's ...