Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sri Lanka Standard Institute Released The Stock Of Pakistani Cement To The Market

The Sri Lanka Standard Institute (SLS)today has given A green light to the consignment of Cement imported from Pakistan by releasing the consignment to the local market.Standard Institute recently suspended the releasing of this Cement Stock which was imported from the Lucky Cement Corporation in Pakistan by stating that the Company is supplying  sub standard Portland Cement.

However the Chairman of  Sri Lanka Standard Institute Mr.Kanchana Ratwatte has said that the consignment of cement was released to the market due to it met the required standard.

The Banning Of Sending Government Hospital Lab Tests To The Private Sector Not Implemented

Although the Health Minister had orderd to stop sending Laboratory Tests performed in Government Hospitals to the Private Sector three weeks ago authorities have not taken any step to implement that decision yet according to the Government Hospital Sources.

The sources added that still the majority of Laboratory Tests can be performed at Government Hospital Laboratories including Full Blood Count,Fasting Blood Sugar,UFR (Urnine Test) and many more tests are sending to the Private Sector per the request of the Doctors.Even the Ministry Of Health still not able to issue a circular banning of sending those Lab Tests to the Private Sector Government Hospital spokesman said.

Government already has spend Millions of Rupees for the Lab Chemicals and Lab Equipments available in Government Hospital Laboratories annually.But due to the sending majority of the tests to the Private Sector the mentioned facilities are going waste according to him.

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