Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ministry Of Health To Take Legal Action Against Ilegal Drug Companies

l  Ministry Of Health has decided to take legal action against the Drug Companies which are supplying Drugs to the local market without getting registration from the  National Drug Authority.Ministry has already identified some Drug Companies who are selling their drugs through the Generic name not registerd in the Authortiy.

Sri Lankan Teanage Pregnancy Rate Is In Rise

It has been reported that the Pregnancy rate among teanage girls in Sri Lanka is 8 percent.These Pregnancies are one of the causes for the increase of illegal Abortions in Sri Lanka according to the Medical Specialists.

According to them more than 1000 illegal Abortions are performed throughout the Country daily and most of them are performed at illegal Abortion centres through the  non medical professionals.Most of the females who go to these centres for abortion ended up at Government and Private Hospitals for treetment due to the unhygenic equipments used for the Abortions which caused bleeding doctors stressed.

Florida Sets New State Daily Record On Corona Infections