Monday, July 15, 2013

Sri Lankan Businessman Was Arrested In Katunayaka Air Port With Hidden Foreign Currencies

A Sri Lankan Businessman who is involved in motor spare parts business has been arrested by Katunayaka Air Port custom officers yesterday (15)night  as he tried to flee to Singapore by carrying 115,000 Euros and 21,000 Swiss Francs hidden  in his rectum custom officers have custom officers suspected over the way the businessman was walking  they have arrested him and scanned him at negombo base hospital where the hidden money have been detected.

Muslim Congress To Contest Alone In Provincial Council Elections

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress(SLMC) has decided to contest the forthcoming provincial council elections alone SLMC has announced today(16)Muslim Congress is due to contest the elections in Northern,Central and North Western provincial councils.

TNA Has Nominated Former Judge As Their Chief Ministerial Candidate For Northern Province

The Tamil National Alliance(TNA) has nominated former Supreme Court Judge  C.V Vigneshwaren as their chief ministerial candidate for the upcoming  northern provincial council election.TNA leader R.Sampanthan has announced this decision at his office today(15).

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