Monday, May 2, 2016


Government Dental Surgeons Association Urged The Government To Close Down The Private Medical Collage In Malabe

The Government Dental Surgeons Association has  urged the government to close down the Private Medical Collage in Malabe as the Medical Collage still  not yet recognized by Sri Lanka Medical Council and take a legal action against who supported to build and open the Private Medical Collage.

The Private Medical Collage in Malabe is an illegal institute according to the Dental Surgeons Association.


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Sri Lanka To Setting Up A Special Panel To Chase After Sri Lankan Nationals Whose Names Are In The "Panama Papers"

Image result for panama papersSri Lanka will setting up a special panel to chase after Sri Lankan Nationals whose names are in the "Panama Papers" a leaked documents on global tax evasion according to Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake.

Sri Lankan Government will investigate on each and every Sri Lankan whose names are likely to be revealed when the Panama Papers becomes publicly available on 09th of May the Minister has stated.

The Finance Minister has accused the previous government for failing to investigate on 46 Sri Lankans whose names were revealed during a 2013 probe known as the offshore leaks revealed  by International Consortium Of Investigative Journalists .

Two Persons Drowned In Kaluwala Canal At Pitigala

Image result for drownedTwo Persons were drowned  in Kaulwala Canal  at Pitigala,Bambarawana (In Southern Province) while bathing there according to the Police.

The deceased have been identified as residents of Vanchawala,Galle of the ages of 34 and 53 years

Pitigala Police are conducting an investigations on the incident.


Colombo Public Health Department To Register All Wesak Alms Giving Centers(Dansal) Due To Be Held In Colombo During Wesak

The Colombo Public Health Department has given a time period from today(02) up to 20th of May for all Wesak Alms Giving Center (Dansal) Organizers in Colombo City to register their Alms Giving Centers at the Public Health Department according to Colombo Chief Medical Officer Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni.

Accordingly all Wesak Alms Giving Center Organizers should fill a form available at the Colombo Public Health Department and get a registration card for their Alms Giving Centers at their earliest and those organizers who fail to get registration will not allow to hold alms giving centers for Wesak Dr.Wijemuni has stated.

As Wesak Full Moon Poya Day falls on 21st of May ,the Public Health Department  expects Alms Giving Center organizers in Colombo to register their centers at the department before that day he has stressed.

Meanwhile Dr.Wijemuni urged the Alms Giving Center Organizers this year to avoid serving foods and drinks contains  sugar like Ice Creams and Soft Drinks during Wesak in view of reducing the spreading of non communicable diseases in the society.

Government Doctors To Stage Protest Campaigns In Front Of 14 Government Hospitals Tomorrow(03)

Government Doctors attached to 54 Government Hospitals are due to stage protest campaigns in front of 14 Hospitals at 12 noon tomorrow(03) as a protest against assault of medical students who  had staged a protest march  against Private Medical Collage in Malabe last Friday(29) according to Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA).

Accordingly the protest campaigns are scheduled to be held in front of  14 Government Hospitals including Colombo National,Ragama Teaching and Anuradhapura Hospitals it has been reported.These protest campaigns are due to be held without interfering with the  patient care services of Hospitals GMOA has stressed.

During a press conference held at Office of the Government Medical Officers Association today(02) the Office Bearers of the Association had urged the government to take over the Private Medical Collage in Malabe to Government and formulate standards for the Medical Collage.


A 17 Year Old Youth Has Drowned In The Sea Of Thalalla

Image result for drownedA 17 year old youth has drowned in the sea of  Gandara,Thalalla(In Southern Province) while bathing there today(02) according to the Police.

The drowned youth has been identified as a resident of Devinuwara Area and the Police with assistance of residents in the area and Sri Lanka Navy Officers have launched a joint search operation to find the drowned youth.

Gandara Police are conducting an investigations on the incident.

Value Added Tax(VAT) On Certain Items And Services Has Been Increased From 11% To 15% From Today(02)

Image result for vatThe Value Added Tax(VAT) on certain items and services has been increased from 11% to 15% with effect from today(02) according to Inland Revenue Department.

The Finance Ministry has issued a list of exempted items from  VAT  and according to it essential items like rice,powdered milk,wheat ,pharmaceutical products/drugs and services like electricity ,health and education  are exempted from VAT.


Police Media Unit Has Been Temporarily Suspended

Image result for suspendedThe activities of the Police Media Unit attached to Sri Lanka Police have been temporarily suspended with effect from today(02) according to sources.

The Police Media Unit activities have been suspended according to the instructions given by Inspector General Of Police Pujitha Jayasundera the sources said.

Around 23 Persons Were Injured And Hospitalized Due To A Wasp Attack At Sigiriya Rock

Image result for swarm of waspsAround 23 Persons who went to historical Sigiriya Rock this morning were injured and hospitalized  due to a swarm of Wasps attacked them it has been reported.

The injured were admitted to Sigiriya and Dambulla Hospitals for treatment .

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